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Chris and Elmo are having breakfast in Hooper's store when they see Professor Buck Awe setting up a new school for chickens on Sesame Street. The school bell rings and Professor Buck Awe invites Elmo to stay for the day. Buck Awe begins by introducing himself, but the chickens begin clucking and won't stop and listen to him. Elmo shares a strategy he learned in preschool; he sings a song about listening with your whole body – ears are for hearing, eyes are for watching, mouth is quiet, and body is calm. The chickens are now quiet, so Professor Buck Awe continues with the first lesson, learning the alphabet.When he asks who knows the alphabet, the chickens start clucking again. Chris overhears and explains that they're talking all at once and need to raise their hand. Elmo sings another song that helps show the chickens how to do it. It works! It's now snack time. Professor Buck Awe comes in holding all of the snacks and the chickens run up to him all at once, accidentally knocking him over. Chris and Elmo explain that he needs to teach them to stand in line and wait their turn. Elmo has another song that will help. The strategy works, but the school bell rings again and school is over.Professor Buck Awe feels like he didn't teach the chickens anything and says that he will be closing the school. Elmo and Chris explain that he taught the chickens how to listen, raise their hands, and stand in line, all very important things to learn in school. Professor Buck Awe realizes he did teach something after all and decides to keep the school open. Elmo can't wait to go back to chicken school.



It's a beautiful day on Sesame Street and everyone is out riding their bikes, including Bert and Ernie. They walk up to Luis who really likes Bert's old bike and asks if Bert is still riding with training wheels. Ernie keeps telling him that he's had them for so long he doesn't need them anymore, but Bert says they help hold his bike up. Luis says that it's okay because some people do take longer to learn how to ride a two-wheeler than others. Ernie understands and asks Bert if he's ready to for a ride.As they head off, Bert falls down. One of his training wheels breaks off and Luis says that he will try to fix it. Bert decides to wait until his bike is fixed, so Ernie goes for a ride in the park without him. While Bert waits, Ernie comes back and tells Bert that there is a circus with trained pigeon performers and a Hawaiian Luau with people doing the hula dance wearing Hawaiian leis made out of paper clips!Ernie tells Bert to come with him, but Bert says he can't without his training wheels. Luis comes out of the bike shop and tells Bert that he doesn't have the right part to fix his bike. Bert still insists that he needs training wheels because he can't ride without them. Luis explains that he just can't ride without them yet. All he has to do is try and not give up. Ernie assures Bert that he just needs to believe in himself and that he'll be with him every step of the way. Will Bert have the courage to ride without the training wheels?



Abby, Elmo, and Big Bird are ready for a meeting of the Sesame Street Snazzy Society. Their club president, Segi, arrives and they start the meeting. The first snazzy thing to do is the Snazzy Shuffle, the snazziest dance they know. After their dance, the next thing they do is read a snazzy book with the snazziest character in the whole world, Snazzy Jazzy and the Snazziest Toy. Segi begins reading: Snazzy Jazzy had five snazzy golden one dollar coins and she decided to buy the snazziest toy in the toy store. She picked a yo-yo and a ball but those weren't snazzy enough. The next toy she picked was a teddy bear but it wasn't snazzy enough because it was too brown.Segi freezes and stops reading. Big Bird, Elmo, and Abby ask for her to keep reading but she says that she can't and leaves. Mando sees Segi and asks what happened. Segi explains that her skin is brown and according to Snazzy Jazzy's book, brown is not snazzy. Mando tries to reassure her that just because it's in the book doesn't mean it's true, but when she doesn't believe him, he calls for Leela and Chris to help.Together they explain that they all have different color skin but their skin color is one of the things that make them unique and special. Segi grows more confident in herself and loves her skin too. She now knows that she's snazzy enough. Abby, Big Bird, and Elmo come looking for Segi, because they can't have the meeting without her. Mando asks if he, Leela, and Chris can join too, so they all start the club again with the Snazzy Shuffle.



Sesame Street is having the greatest number lover convention of the year, Numeric Con, where everyone gets together to celebrate their favorite number. Leela is dressed as her favorite hero, Princess THREE-ah, and Elmo is dressed as The Dark NINE. There is so much to do at the convention, so Leela helps Elmo create a plan to focus on the things he wants to do most.As they check things off of Elmo's plan, Elmo also helps the number character Doctor TWO figure out how many aliens he's traveled with by counting by twos, and he shows the FIVEarine how to sign his autographs with the number five using just one crayon. When Elmo is ready to do the last thing on his list, count to 10 with his favorite number hero, The Green LanTEN, he finds out that The Green LanTEN has already left the convention.Elmo gets upset because it was part of the plan, but Leela explains that Elmo helped solve everyone else's problems, so maybe he can solve this one too. She suggests that he could be flexible and just change his plan. Elmo agrees and tries to come up with a new plan so that he can finish his plan.



Big Bird is very excited because his pen pal, Penelope Penguin, is visiting Sesame Street. Suddenly, Penelope rushes in and gives Big Bird, Chris, and a customer a great big hug. Penelope just can't help herself; she gets so excited when meeting new friends. Chris explains that it's great to feel enthusiastic, but next time maybe she can give a ‘Penguin pound' with her flipper instead.Big Bird introduces Penelope to his friends Elmo, Rosita, and Telly, who are playing basketball. Just as she's about to run over to give them a hug, Chris stops her and she remembers to give them ‘Penguin pounds'. They invite Penelope to play, but instead of passing she hogs the ball and scores. She thought if she scored everyone would want to be her friend, however the group is upset that she didn't share the ball. Chris then suggests a strategy to help Penelope, to stop and think about how others would feel if she didn't control herself. She gives the strategy a try and it works. Penelope becomes a team player and passes the ball to Rosita.To celebrate, Chris gives everyone ice cream. Penelope thinks something is missing and places fish on everyone's ice cream without asking. In her enthusiasm, she then eats everyone's ice cream. Penelope doesn't understand why she can't control herself and tells Chris that she has a hard time making friends. Chris reassures her that she can make friends; she just needs to remember to stop and think. Will Penelope remember to use this strategy to make friends?



Maria and Luis are looking at pictures from Maria's quinceañera when Zoe and Abby walk over. Maria explains that a quinceañera is a party that some Latinas have when they turn fifteen. Just then, the number fifteen walks in and says that she's never had a quinceañera so Abby and Zoe plan to give her a quinceañera party. The number fifteen thanks them and only asks that there is fifteen of everything at the party.With help from Mando, Abby and Zoe first start with party decorations. They find fifteen balloons, fifteen streamers, and fifteen jewels for the throne. Next, Abby and Zoe look for some food. They find fifteen tamalitos and fifteen empanadas, but the number fifteen says that would make thirty things to eat all together, not fifteen. Mando helps Abby and Zoe solve the problem by compromising. They add some of the tamalitos with some of the empanadas to make fifteen all together.The last thing for the party is fifteen dancers. Abby and Zoe find all the dancers they can, but there are only fourteen. Abby and Zoe both want to dance but that will be one dancer too many. Mando helps Abby and Zoe again by helping them come up with a compromise. They realize that they can both be dancers by taking turns. They now have everything for the quinceañera so the party begins.



Luis helps adjust Telly's bike before he goes on a bike ride. When he finishes, a little chicken comes over very excitedly. She wants to go on a bike ride too. Luis doesn't have a bicycle that's the perfect size for her, so Little Chicken becomes sad. Telly comes up with the idea of building one that's the right size.Luis agrees and takes out a diagram, showing all the parts of a bicycle they will need. With enough spare parts, Luis is able to put the frame for the bicycle together. They still need the wheels, handlebars, and a seat. Telly goes off to find things that will be the right size. In Hooper's Store, he finds two mini pizza pans to use for the wheels and a mini rolling pin to use for the handle bars. They just need to find something for Little Chicken's seat.Telly sees Alan in Hooper's store packing a lunch bag. He also sees a small to-go container on the counter that he thinks will the perfect size for Little Chicken's bicycle and asks Alan if he could have it. Luis puts the to-go container on the bicycle and it's all finished. Little Chicken is very excited for her new bike. Lastly, Telly helps her find a helmet and they are finally ready for a bike ride!



Bert is playing Angry Pigeons on his phone. Ernie comes in to ask if he can borrow Bert's phone for his plan – to get the whole world to dance with him. He asks if Bert would like to dance with him, but Bert doesn't want to. Bert dancing was part of his plan, so Ernie isn't sure what he is supposed to do now. Bert suggests that he change the plan. Ernie thinks that's a great idea because if he came up with the plan, he can just change the plan.Ernie asks for the audience to dance with him. He then asks Bert again if he would like to dance with him now, but Bert still doesn't want to. He explains to Ernie that if he can change the plan once, he can change it again. Ernie agrees and also asks Mando, Big Bird, Chris, Alan, and Snuffy to dance along with him. They all join in and even add in some of their own moves, creating a new dance.Between dances, Ernie continues to ask Bert join, but Bert doesn't want to dance, he just wants his phone back. When the video is complete, Ernie's last step in his plan is to put the video on the internet for the whole world to see. Hopefully Ernie's video goes viral.



Cookie Monster is taking a walk through Sesame Street and sees Abby and Elmo. They're presenting the number of the day – number six. To help talk about the number six, she waves her wand and six ping-pong balls appear. She also turns the same six ping pong balls into six different-colored ping pong balls and then changes them from six small ping pong balls to six big ping pong balls. Cookie Monster is astounded by Abby's wand.Cookie Monster starts to think of all the cookies he could make appear if he had a wand like Abby. He must have that wand. He pretends to be a magic wand repairman and a salesman to try and get the wand, but Abby thinks her wand works just fine and she likes the wand she has. Cookie Monster walks away thinking again about all cookies he can make appear with the wand. Abby and Elmo decide to play hide and seek, leaving Abby's wand behind.Cookie Monster returns in a different disguise and he sees Abby's wand on the table. Alan sees him and stops him. He asks Cookie Monster what he thinks will happen if he took Abby's wand. Cookie Monster thinks that Abby would be sad because she misses her wand and angry because he took her wand. He realizes that he would not want to lose her as a friend, even for all of the cookies in the world. Just then, Abby and Elmo come back. They need Cookie Monster's help with their last important piece of business, turning the six ping pong balls into cookies for him to eat. It seems that Cookie Monster will be getting his cookies after all.



While Elmo is going for a ride by Hooper's Store on his tricycle he sees Chris. He asks if Chris wants to go for a ride, but Chris need to work. As Elmo leaves, he notices Chris' new bicycle horn. Elmo wishes he had a horn just like that. Just then, Guy Smiley pops in and asks if Elmo is ready to play on the show ‘Calm Down and Think.' Guy explains to Elmo that if he can calm down and think and answer three questions correctly, he will win a brand new bicycle horn just like Chris'. Elmo is ready to play.Guy explains that he first needs to pick a coach who will train him to calm down and think. Elmo sees Alan and chooses him to be his coach. Alan agrees and it's time for the first question. Elmo is very excited he doesn't know how he's going to answer the question so Alan suggests that he hug himself to help him calm down and think. Elmo feels much better and is able to answer correctly. It's now time for the second question and Elmo becomes excited again. Alan explains that he needs to calm down so he can focus so Elmo tries hugging himself again but it doesn't work.Alan then suggests that Elmo use a different strategy, to take a deep breath and use focus binoculars. Elmo tries the new strategy and gives the right answer. Just then, Alan's phone rings. He needs to help Chris at the store but he says he'll be right back. Guy moves on to the third and last question. Elmo needs Alan's help to calm down and think, but then he remembers the strategies he used. Will he be able to incorporate the strategies without Alan's help?



It's Pickled Pepper Day at Hooper's Store, a day when all of the specials start with the letter P and are made with pickled peppers. Alan ordered his peppers from Peter Piper, but when Peter Piper shows up he doesn't have them. Peter Piper wants to do something with more pizzazz and it has to start with the letter P. Peter goes off to try to find something else to pizazzier do, so Telly agrees to help pick the peppers instead.Alan gives him a picture of a pickled pepper so he can find the right one in the pepper patch. There are three customers in the store and Telly needs to pick a pepper for each customer. Telly finds the right peppers and starts to run back but accidentally runs into Peter pogoing with a pair of penguins and drops the peppers. Peter realizes that pogoing is still not pizzazzy enough so he goes off again to try to something else.Meanwhile, more customers enter the store and there are now six customers who need peppers. Telly sets out to pick peppers again, but when he returns, he runs into Peter pirouetting with a perky pachyderm and drops the peppers. Peter finds pirouetting not pizzazzy enough either. The crowd at Hooper's keeps growing and they are now in need of a peck of pickled peppers- that's a lot of peppers. Peter Piper is the only person who can pick that many peppers but will he stop his pursuit of something pizzazier to help?



Big Bird is spending time reading to his teddy bear Radar. Suddenly, Radar falls out of his nest. Big Bird quickly leaves to get Radar and when he comes back, another bird is sitting in his nest. Her name is Minnie Mynah and she says that Big Bird left his nest empty, so the nest is now hers. She says the bird rule is finders keepers, losers weepers. Big Bird suggests that they share the nest, but Minnie doesn't want to share.Big Bird finds another nest but it belongs to another bird. He knows how it feels to have another bird take your nest, so he gives it back. Chris comes over and suggests that Big Bird ask for his nest back. On Sesame Street there are different rules: you don't take things that don't belong to you. Chris tries to reason with Minnie, but she still says that the nest is hers because of the bird rule. Chris decides to speak to the Supreme Bird Court who made up the bird rule.The Court listens to both sides of the story and they make their decision: the rule clearly states finders keepers losers weepers, so the nest now belongs to Minnie. Chris tells Big Bird that he needs to speak up, so Big Bird asks the Court how they would feel if they lived in a nest and another bird took it away. The Court realizes that they would feel sad and angry too. Minnie also understands but will that be enough to change her mind about Big Bird's nest?



Elmo made a present for Rosita just because she is a really good friend. Rosita thanks Elmo and as she is about to open the present Elmo's mother calls him for lunch. Elmo asks Rosita not to open the present until he gets back. Rosita says that she will wait but tells Elmo to hurry up because she is very excited.After Elmo leaves, Leela and Alan explain that Rosita needs to try to resist and control herself from opening the present. They come up with a strategy of sitting on her hands and tell her to repeat to herself "I'm sitting on my hands so I cannot open my present." But it only works for a short time. Abby then pops in and says she knows of another strategy to help Rosita – a dancing spell. But Abby's spell accidentally makes Alan and Leela dance. Panicked, they ask Abby to quickly say another spell so Rosita doesn't open her present. Abby magically freezes everyone, but they can't stay like that forever.Abby thinks of another strategy her mother taught her – to imagine that the present is something else. Leela and Alan suggest imagining it as something she wouldn't want to touch like a porcupine or a block of ice. That strategy works for a while but Rosita still can't resist. Will Rosita be able to control herself?



There is an awful smell and noise coming from Oscar's trashcan, so Chris walks over and asks Oscar about it. It's a P.U.gelhorn, a grouch instrument, and they're selling it on Scramazon for only eight bags of trash. Oscar would like to get one so he and Fluffy can play a duet. Including the two bags of trash from Chris, Oscar would just need three more bags to purchase the instrument.Mucklemore walks by, and Oscar asks where he found his fish hat. He explains that he purchased it at the grouch thrift shop and invites Oscar to come with him, but Chris tells Oscar to stop and think and reminds him that he needs to save his trash. So Mucklemore offers to give his hat to Oscar for the bargain price of five bags of trash. Oscar agrees and gives him all of his trash bags leaving him with zero. When Oscar sees something he wants, he's gotta have it.Goozie Orman, a grouch who has more trash than any grouch in the world, pops in and gives Oscar a strategy to use. When he sees something he wants, he should pretend it's something he can't stand, something nice or cute. Oscar gets a Scramazon alert for the new Sty-phone six and is very tempted to buy it. Goozie explains that he doesn't have enough trash to buy both the phone and instrument and that he needs to choose. Oscar thinks about it and remembers that he promised Fluffy he would get the P.U.gelhorn. Will Oscar be able to control his impulses and save enough trash for the P.U.gelhorn?



Stinky is going to be the special school plant at Elmo's preschool. At first, Stinky feels worried the other kids won't like him, but Elmo's class gives Stinky a big welcome. Chris sees that Stinky likes his special spot in the classroom so he tells him that he is leaving and that he will be back at the end of the day to pick him up, but Stinky doesn't want Chris to leave.Elmo's teacher, Mrs. Sanchez, suggests using a strategy for Stinky to feel less anxious, like saying a happy, fun goodbye. Together, Chris and Stinky sing and dance but Stinky still feels anxious when Chris tries to leave. Elmo has a strategy that might help Stinky. When Elmo didn't want his dad to go, Elmo's dad gave him a picture of the two of them. Stinky thinks of a picture he and Chris took dressed up as super heroes. They reenact the photo and Mrs. Sanchez takes their picture and sets it beside Stinky.Chris then tells Stinky that he needs to go and begins to head for the door, but Stinky still does not want him to leave. Chris tries one of his own strategies. Hopefully Chris will be able to calm Stinky down with this strategy.



Elmo is helping Leela fold clothes at the Laundromat when Oscar comes in ready to pick up his wet grimed tuxedo. Leela returns with a cleaned tux and explains that there was a mix-up with someone else's clothes. Elmo and Leela feel terrible and ask Oscar how he got the stains on his tuxedo. The first stain was of a triangle-slice of mud pie from Oscar's high school Grouch dance, the second stain was a pattern of rotten tomatoes and rotten eggs from when he was a stand-up comedian, and the third stain was of three onions rings with anchovy sauce that were big, bigger, and biggest from his grouch wedding.Elmo remembers each stain, so to make it up to Oscar, Elmo and Leela recreate the stains with help from Chris. For the first stain, Chris cuts a square mud-pie into two halves so that they have their triangle-shaped mud pie slice. For the second stain, Elmo gives Chris the pattern he needs to throw the rotten tomatoes and rotten eggs. For the third stain, they make sure that there are big, bigger, and biggest onion rings.Chris, Elmo, and Leela walk over to Oscar's trashcan and surprise him with the newly stained tuxedo. Just as Leela is about to hand it to Oscar, she accidentally drops it and Bert rides over on his bike, making a tire stain on the tux. Oscar is so happy because now he has a new, fresh stain on his tuxedo.



Chris is on his way to work when he runs into Elmo. He asks Elmo if he would be interested in going to park and ride the merry-go-round after work. But Elmo just says, "no." Elmo explains that he feels a bit cranky, grumpy, and grouchy. Oscar pops in and knows exactly what's happening; Elmo is turning into a grouch. Chris doesn't believe Oscar and assures Elmo that he's not turning into a grouch before heading off to work.When he's gone, Oscar suggests that if Elmo wants to know if he's a grouch he can take the Grouch Test. First, Elmo needs to do the opposite of what Oscar tells him to do, and, for the second part, Elmo needs to look at a close-up picture and guess what it is. Elmo passes both parts and in honor of being a grouch, Oscar gives Elmo his own trashcan to live in.When Chris finishes work and comes back to pick up Elmo, Elmo tells him that he passed the second part of the test and is definitely a grouch. Because he's a grouch he still doesn't want to ride the merry-go-round. Chris explains that not everyone feels happy all the time. There are different types of feelings and those feelings come and go. If Elmo doesn't like how he's feeling he can change that feeling. If Elmo can change his feelings then maybe he will want to ride the merry-go-round.



Everyone is getting ready to celebrate Friendship Day on Sesame Street! Elmo and Zoe are practicing a dance they want to perform. Zoe shows Elmo the steps a couple of times but he falls trying to do the last step. Zoe shows him one more time, but Elmo still can't do it. Zoe becomes frustrated and says that he is the worst. Zoe takes a couple of deep breaths to calm down and tells Elmo to try it again, but Elmo is no longer there. She finds him, but he's upset and doesn't want to dance with Zoe anymore.As Elmo leaves, Abby comes by and Zoe explains that Elmo is upset with her, but she doesn't know why. Abby uses her memory spell so they can replay what happened. Abby points out that when Zoe called Elmo the worst it hurt his feelings. Zoe says that she just got frustrated and said it; it didn't mean anything. She finds Elmo and tries to explain that she didn't mean ‘the worst.' Elmo then tells Zoe that it was a word he didn't like, and it hurt his feelings.As he walks away, Leela and Chris explain to Zoe that words can really hurt, especially when you say something mean to somebody. She needs to be careful with the words she says. Zoe didn't know that a little word can hurt so much and now understands. She apologizes to Elmo, saying that she would never want to lose him as a friend. Elmo forgives Zoe and they get ready for their Friendship Day dance. They go through the steps and Elmo falls again, but rather than getting frustrated, Zoe encourages Elmo to not give up. Now that Zoe is more encouraging Elmo is sure to get the last step.



Telly is helping Alan out at Hooper's Store, and he just prepared today's special signature sandwich. Suddenly, the old woman who lives in a shoe drives up to the window and asks if they can make lunch for her children. Alan and Telly need to know how many sandwiches to make, but the children are all moving around. Telly comes up with the idea of playing the game Freeze Dance to keep the children from moving.Once the music stops the children freeze and Telly counts seven of them. The old woman explains that she has more than seven children and calls the girls into the store. As the old woman steps out, Alan and Telly use Freeze Dance to count the girls and add them to the boys that they already counted. They count twelve children all together, so Alan and Telly start to make one sandwich for each child. They each say their name and step up to the counter in front of one of the sandwiches.When the old woman returns, she asks if Alan and Telly can watch the children a little while longer and give them something to drink. Alan and Telly use freeze dance again and divide the children into three different groups depending on what flavor smoothie they want, banana, strawberry or peach. As the children finish their smoothies, the old woman returns. She and the children thank Alan and Telly for their help and delicious food, and she mentions that she'll be back again to try the signature sandwich herself.



Page: A painter, Vincent Van Stop, is looking for a new assistant on Sesame Street to help him paint his famous signs and Bert would like the job, but first he will have to take Vincent Van Stop's Painting Challenge! It's a test to see if Bert will be able to paint a sign like Vincent Van Stop. This is terrible for Bert because every time he takes a test he gets nervous.Bert's first challenge is to paint the sign ‘Road,' but Bert paints the word ‘Poad' instead. Chris explains that Bert just confused the letters R and P, so Vincent Van Stop gives him another chance to paint the sign ‘Restroom'. Chris suggests that Bert look at the letters carefully and remember that the letter R has a little line and the letter P has no little line. But Bert makes the same mistake again.Vincent Van Stop agrees to give him one last chance. Bert is really not sure he'll be able to paint the last sign correctly. Chris reassures Bert and explains that if he feels nervous, he needs to take a deep breath to calm down and repeat to himself that the letter P has no little line and the letter R has a little line. For the last sign, Bert needs to paint ‘Randy's Russian Restaurant.' Can Bert do it? Tune in to find out.



Papa Bear is a parent volunteer at Baby Bear's school today. He greets Baby Bear's teacher, Ms. Goodwitch, with a bear hug because that's how they say hello at home. Baby Bear explains that they only say "good morning" to one another at preschool; they don't give bear hugs.At preschool, Papa Bear also learns that even if you know the answer you raise your hand and wait for Ms. Goodwitch to call on you, if you want the same crayon as your classmate, you don't growl, you take turns, and you cannot eat everyone's snacks like you're scavenging for food in the woods. Baby Bear explains that school is different from home, and there are things he does at home that he doesn't do at school. Papa Bear apologizes.Papa Bear doesn't want to embarrass Baby Bear anymore so he begins to leave, but Baby Bear is not embarrassed and Ms. Goodwitch explains that when Baby Bear first started preschool, he had to learn the school rules too. She then says that she needs help at story time and asks if Papa Bear would like to read the story of the three bears. Who better to read it than their parent volunteer, Papa Bear.



Elmo is going to the movies for the first time with Chris and his new friend, Jack B. Nimble, who loves to jump. Leela helps Elmo practice sitting in his seat and paying attention. He needs to watch with his eyes, listen with his hears, and sit on his bottom when he's at the movie.When Chris, Elmo, and Jack get to the movie theater Jacks jumps into a seat. The usher walks over and explains that there's no jumping in the movie theater, so if he wants to watch the movie he needs to pay attention and sit in his seat. Jack gets worried because he doesn't think he'll be able to sit down for the entire movie. Elmo has a strategy that could help. He tells Jack to watch with his eyes, listen with his ears, and sit on his bottom. Jack tries but can't resist jumping, so Chris gives him another strategy to use – imagining that there is a big stop sign telling him to stop. Jack tries, but he just can't resist. The usher comes over and explains that if he can't control himself, he'll need to leave.Elmo doesn't want Jack to leave and Jack doesn't want to leave either, but he comes from a jumping nursery rhyme and it's hard for him to sit down for so long. Elmo thinks it's too bad Jack doesn't come from a sitting down nursery rhyme. From that Jack gets an idea and creates a new rhyme so that he sits in his seat. Chris then encourages Jack to repeat the new rhyme whenever he feels like jumping again. Jack keeps repeating the new rhyme to himself and it works. He is able to sit down for the rest of the movie. The usher is so happy that he jumps into a guest's arms. Jack reminds him that there is no jumping in the movie theater and explains that he has a strategy that might help.



Big Bird and Alan's favorite writer, Mother Goose, is visiting Sesame Street, and she brought some of her nursery rhyme creations to perform. Their first guest is Little Miss Muffet, but every time she sees "the tuffet" she feels anxious because she knows a spider will appear. Alan gives her a strategy to help her feel better – belly breathing. Miss Muffet takes a slow deep breathe in through her nose and out through her mouth but she still feels a little anxious.Big Bird then asks Mother Goose if she can make up a new rhyme for Miss Muffet so she doesn't have to feel anxious. Mother Goose is not sure if she'll be able to do it but, with Alan's encouragement, she makes up a new rhyme. Miss Muffet and the spider now play tag, and Miss Muffet no longer feels anxious.Mother Goose has one more guest to bring out, Little Jack Horner. He recites his rhyme, but every time he sticks his thumb in the pie he's disappointed that it's a plum again. Alan also gives Jack a belly breathing strategy, and Big Bird thinks a new rhyme would help solve this problem too. Mother Goose is not sure but, with a little more encouragement, she is able to make up a new rhyme. Instead of pulling out a plum, Little Jack Horner pulls out delicious guacamole instead. Mother Goose feels excited every time she writes a new rhyme. In fact, she is so excited that she writes a new rhyme about Alan and Big Bird, her two helpful friends.



Telly tells his friends Mando, Elmo, Abby, and Rosita all about a website called AreYouCool.Cool. It tells you what is trending, which means what's super cool. Mando checks out the website on his laptop and it says that the latest trend is wearing a big cowboy hat. Telly, Elmo, and Rosita run off and quickly come back wearing their big hats. But the trend quickly changes to wearing bigger hats and then again to wearing the biggest hats. Mando isn't sure about wearing the biggest hats because they look heavy. Abby, however, likes wearing opera hats and pretending to be in an opera. She starts to sing and Rosita mentions how much fun Abby is having with her hat, but Telly explains that only cowboy hats are cool according to the website.The trend changes and it's now cool to wear two sunglasses at the same time, which quickly changes to wearing three sunglasses. Mando doesn't think this is a good choice either because it doesn't seem like they can see anything through that many glasses. Abby has her own kind of glasses she likes to wear and they make her laugh every time she looks in the mirror. Mando then breaks the news that the sunglasses just became un-cool.Rosita asks how they're supposed to know what is cool if it keeps changing. Telly explains that is why they need the website, to know what they should like next. But they don't even like the music that is considered cool. Instead, Abby sings her favorite kind of music, a sea shanty. Mando explains to Telly, Elmo, and Rosita that Abby doesn't need to follow what other people do; she likes to be original. Perhaps they all should just do the things that make them happy.



Grover is trying to find something fun to do on Sesame Street today. He first helps Alan whisk blueberries into the pancake batter, but then he hears Chris and Leela playing basketball. He quickly runs over, with whisk and bowl in hand, and asks to play with them. As he mixes and dribbles, Grover overhears Big Bird practicing the trumpet with Bob. Grover asks if he could play the trumpet, too. Bob explains that playing the trumpet takes a lot of practice, but Grover says he has already mastered cooking and playing basketball so now he will master playing the trumpet.He tries to play, but no sound comes out of the trumpet. As Grover continues trying, he sees Abby and Elmo learning a new dance with Zoe. He asks if he can dance, too. Grover is now trying to play basketball, whisk the pancake batter, play the trumpet, and dance all at the same time. Everyone asks Grover if it would be easier for him to focus on one thing at a time, but he doesn't know why he would do just one thing if he can do all of these things so well.He then sees Mando painting and he wants to do that too. Mando sets him up with a paintbrush and easel. As Grover tries to do everything all at once, he falls. He just can't do it all. He starts to think that he's not good at anything. Mando explains Grover fell because he was doing too many things at the same time. He suggests that when Grover gets distracted he should slow down, breathe, and focus on one thing at a time. If Grover takes Mando's advice may he might be able to succeed.



Telly is ready to have a magical play date with Abby, but she doesn't have her wand because it is being cleaned. Abby explains that instead they can search for magic on Sesame Street using majoggles – holding their hands up to their eyes like goggles so they can focus on the magic. They see Leela outside of the laundromat using tape to take the fur off of a customer's coat. Abby thinks this is magic but Leela explains that the tape is not magic – it's just a tool that can help you do all sorts of things. Telly thinks it's cool too, but it's not magic, so they go off trying to find real magic.As they walk around, they see Gordon chasing his papers that flew on the ground. Gordon gathers his papers and uses a stapler to staple them together. Abby again thinks this is magic, but Gordon explains that the stapler is just a tool he uses so the papers won't blow away. Telly becomes upset because they only found another tool, no magic.He walks away and accidentally bumps into Luis who drops his plate of nuts and bolts. Abby runs in as Telly apologizes, but Luis reassures him and says that he has the perfect tool to pick them up. He uses a magnet to attract the metal nuts and bolts, allowing him to pick up more than one at a time. Telly thinks this is the coolest tool he's ever seen. Just then, the fairy cleaner pops in to give Abby's wand back. She and Telly can now do some real magic, but Telly is too intrigued by the magnet.

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