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Alan gives the receptionist job to Dawn Prescott. Alec tries to fiddle his books. Alan throws an opening party. Brian tells Don that it's none of his business how he spends his evenings. Carole Burns turns up at Alan's grand opening. She threatens to create a scene, calls him a taker and introduces herself to Rita. She tells her that Alan only returned to her for her money. Alan throws her out, she slaps his face. Don tells Ivy about seeing Brian at the nightclub. Rita is convinced that Alan and Carole are finished. The brewery have disclosed Alec's payments on his entertainment job. The taxman tells Alec he could end up in jail for not declaring his earnings.



Ivy is thrilled to discover that Audrey is babysitting for the Tilsleys which means they must be going out together again. Dawn Prescott discovers that Alan also calls himself Len Fairclough on some of his paperwork. Derek makes an offer for The Willows. Alec considers putting everything in Bet's name and declaring himself bankrupt. Bet talks him out of it. Alan panics when the building society sends mail addressed to "Mr Fairclough" at No.7. Ivy discovers that Gail and Brian are going out separately. Mavis discovers Derek offered £10,000 below the asking price for the bungalow and they've lost it. Alec has to shop all his artistes who didn't pay tax or pay for their taxes as well. Alan finds Dawn attractive and gives her a lift home after taking her for a drink.



Alan makes Martin work hard installing alarms and plans to take Dawn Prescott out for lunch. Alec doesn't want to shop his clients because he could end up with no acts. Alan has to dump his lunch date with Dawn when Jenny turns up. Alec decides to pay the tax. Bet writes the £8,000 cheque because he finds it too painful. Dawn feels uncomfortable with Alan and feels his life is complicated. Derek doesn't want to buy a house because it's too expensive. Gail tells Ivy that she and Brian are leading separate lives. Their marriage is over, they don't love each other anymore.

13 FEBRUARY 1989


Emily has double-glazing installed in No.3. Ivy begs Brian to work at his marriage. Ken calls on the Stubbs' and finds Jason with a load of lager louts. Brian tells Don that his marriage is finished because of his nights out with mates and women. Ken tells Sandra about Jason's drinking. Vera decides she wants No.9 stoneclad. Sandra finds the Police at home enquiring about Jason's actions. Brian asks Gail for a fresh start. She tells him that she doesn't love him and wants a divorce.

15 FEBRUARY 1989


Sandra Stubbs refuses to let Jason out of her sight. Gail wants Nicky to have a father but doesn't want Brian. She wishes she'd never married him again. The stone-cladders start work on No.9. Sandra accuses Ken of reporting Jason to the police and rows with him in the Rovers. Brian tells Don that Gail wants a divorce. He refuses to give Nicky up. Gail tells Brian she knew when they married again that it would never work. Brian tells her to get out if she wants to go; he's not letting her take Nicky away from him - she's a rotten mother and a hard, selfish bitch. Sandra apologises to Ken for rowing with him. The authorities say Jason can't be left on his own. Brian leaves a disco with a girl. She is bothered by youths, he tries to help her and is stabbed. They run off before Brian dies on the ground.

20 FEBRUARY 1989


The police tell Gail that Brian is dead. Audrey rushes to comfort her and helps her identify the body. Alf breaks the news to the Brennans. Ivy collapses. Gail and Ivy are united in grief. Nicky wonders where Brian is. Alan asks Dawn Prescott out, telling her that Rita is just his landlady. She doesn't believe he's a free agent. Alec contacts Wally Simpson about the Middle East tour. Gail refuses to give Brian a Catholic funeral. Sandra Stubbs tells Bet that she's got to see a social worker about Jason's drinking. She thinks Jason is going to be taken off her.

22 FEBRUARY 1989


Vera loves the stone cladding and is upset that nobody else does. Wally Simpson asks Alec to take the tour immediately. Bet tells him to go for the money, she'll cope. Gail tells Don that she'll bury Brian as she sees fit; it's nothing to do with Ivy. Ivy feels that it was Gail who killed Brian by driving him out of the house. Mrs Lambert, the social worker, tells Sandra Stubbs that it's against the law for Jason to be left on his own whilst she works at the Rovers. Alec leaves on tour. Alan gives Dawn Prescott more responsibility but tells her that he'll need time to train her. Sandra resigns from the Rovers and moves to her mother's. She rows with Alf for serving Jason with the lager. Alan takes Dawn for a meal. He is shocked when Mike sees them. Ivy asks Gail not to deny her a Catholic burial. They row and she accuses her of killing Brian. Gail tells her that Brian was out with another woman when he was killed.

27 FEBRUARY 1989


Gail, Nicky, Audrey, Alf, Ivy, Don, Kevin, Sally and Phyllis bury Brian. Ivy breaks down as Brian is buried as a Protestant. Gail remains composed. Alan is given an order for a warehouse job. Ivy ignores Gail and refuses to make her peace with her. She goes home rather than to the funeral tea. Derek and Mavis plan a dinner party to impress DP. Alan tells Dawn that he respects her and fancies her. She tells him their relationship is strictly business. Don talks Ivy into seeing Gail. She rows with her but tells her that her conscience is clear. She says that she'll never forgive Gail; she's dead as well as far as Ivy's concerned.

13 MARCH 1989


Jenny prepares for her joint eighteenth birthday party with Joanne Cresswell at the Mortlake Hotel. Tom Casey tells Kevin that he'd like him to stay on at the garage as manager. Rita goes to the building society and discovers Alan would have needed the deeds to No.7 to mortgage it. Arthur Dabner takes Emily to lunch and she has her hair done specially for the occasion. Rita discovers Alan has photocopied the deeds. Percy is put out that Emily is going out with Arthur. Bet interviews Tina Fowler for the barmaid's job. Before they go to the party, Rita tackles Alan about his fraud. He struggles to keep calm. Jenny phones home when Rita and Alan don't show up at the Mortlake. Rita tells Alan she's contacted the building society and he's finished. She answers the phone but Alan pushes her away, hitting her. Jenny hears Rita's screams as Alan continues his attack and she gets Martin to quickly drive her home. Alan beats Rita around the room before smothering her face with a cushion. Jenny arrives home to find Rita unconscious with Alan still covering her. He rushes out of the house, Martin gives chase but Alan drives off as an ambulance is called.

8 MAY 1989


Vera makes a fuss of Curly. Mavis tells Derek she knows he's lost his job. He promises her everything will be alright. Ivy tells Alma she thinks Gail should leave the cafe to look after Nicky. Bet gets herself a solicitor. Alec is horrified as he thought she'd admit to adultery and beg forgiveness. Derek looks for a job. Jack agrees to let Curly stay for £10 a week. Rita persuades Mavis to stay on at The Kabin as she's the only breadwinner now. Colin Dearing, the solicitor, advises Bet to stay on at the Rovers. She wants to divorce Alec on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour and his relationship with Megan Morgan and her twelve budgies. Derek is determined to go ahead with buying the semi. He accuses Rita of panicking Mavis and tells her Mavis will be leaving The Kabin. As his counter-attack Alec tells Bet she's not dependable so she's fired from the Rovers.

26 JULY 1989


Mickey Lee calls on Don and tells him his dog sired the pups and he wants two of them. Ivy refuses to let Mickey take the pups. Tina threatens to hit Jack if he continues to pester her. Mike admits to Alma that he took Dawn out. Alma tells him she loves him but he tells her he's not after love. When Vera tells Jack no woman would be interested in him he tells her he took Tina out. Alma breaks down over being rejected by Mike. Mike assures Dawn he's free and single so she agrees to go out with him. Don sells Lucky and the pups to Mickey for £800. He gives the money to Ivy as the last of the money he owes her for bailing him out. She is thrilled. Vera tackles Tina about her going out with Jack. Tina tells her it was for a joke, causing Vera to go wild. She throws a pint at Tina, who ducks and Alec is drenched.



The bulldozers move in and start to demolish the factory and the Community Centre. Kevin and Sally don't like Elsie Seddon living with them as she keeps hinting about babies. Gail surprises Audrey and Ivy by cornering them and telling them her affair with Martin is nothing to do with either of them. Gail accuses Ivy of blaming her for Brian's death. Ivy thinks her carrying on will have a bad effect on the children. Jenny makes arrangements to go to Manchester Poly rather than Brighton as she feels Rita needs her. Percy is sad to see the Centre flattened. Elsie tells the Websters she's returning to Scarborough. Ivy belts Martin round the head in the Rovers. The police tell Rita that Alan's trial is coming up.



Jenny tells Rita she's being obsessed with Alan. The site workers give Tina the run-around. Alec asks her to be nice to them as he doesn't want to lose their custom. Vera invites Kimberley to tea as a surprise for Curly. Jack, in an attempt to ensure that Curly doesn't get trapped in a relationshop, tells her about Curly's past with Shirley. Eddie apologises to Tina in the Rovers but when Kevin arrives, the site workers suddenly turn on him and a fight starts. Kevin is thrown across a table and Curly is thumped in the eye.



Det. Sgt. Crichton calls off the search for Rita. Bet waits at The Strand Hotel for Rita to return. Alec tells Jenny that Rita is alive and she insists that he tells Alan. Alan is outraged to discover Rita is in Blackpool and gets the hotel address off a gullible Alec. Mr Lotterby, the Roberts' solicitor tells them there's nothing he can do; they're homeless. Alf moves Audrey into the shop flat despite her protests. Alan drives to The Strand Hotel in Blackpool to take Rita home and produce her to all the people who have suspected him of murder. He finds Bet in her room and demands to know where Rita is. A terrified Bet rows with him. He bumps into Rita outside, she remembers everything when she sees him and tries to run away from him. She dashes through the traffic, he follows and is hit by a tram and killed instantly. Bet comforts a sobbing and distraught Rita as she collapses to the ground.

22 DECEMBER 1989


Derek is off to his office party. Sally invites Jenny for Christmas but she refuses and when Rita phones her she puts the phone down on her. Mike asks Alma to spend Christmas with him but she refuses. A very drunken Derek, dressed as Santa Claus, gets locked in the Novelty Warehouse. Vera and Jack forgive Curly and Jack invites him for a drink at the Legion. On the way back Jack is convinced that he has seen Santa Claus on the roof - in reality, Derek trying to get out. A sing-song in the Rovers is led by Percy but Mavis is purse-lipped as Derek is still missing. Ken finally arrives home and reveals to Deirdre he is having an affair with Wendy Crozier.

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