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1 JANUARY 1990


As the residents see in New Year, Deirdre realises Ken has spent the day with Wendy and she throws him out. Alec tells Bet he wants to find his daughter. Jim agrees to pay the excess on the new window with Alf claiming the rest on the insurance. Steve and Andy donate their Christmas money. Tracy tries to contact Ken at Wendy's to no avail. Wendy takes Ken in. Alf and Jim make up as the twins try out a JCB on the deserted building site, but it goes out of control and crashes into the shop, smashing the window.

23 FEBRUARY 1990


Derek goes to Bedford. Audrey learns from Maurice Jones that he has not sold the shop to anyone. Derek tries to contact Mavis or Victor by phone and when he fails he decides to return to Weatherfield. Audrey discovers that Jack was lying and makes him apologise to Alf. Tina hides Jamie Ramsden at the Rovers. A furious Derek arrives home to find Victor massaging Mavis's foot trying to cure a headache.

27 APRIL 1990


Curly has the work done on the car. Reg arranges to transfer Renee Dodds to Bolton but tells Curly he has to tell her. Gail tells Alma that she is not going to Birmingham but Liverpool to have an abortion. Alma tells her that she has had one in the past. Renee swears vengeance on Reg over the transfer. Deirdre entertains Dave to a meal. Ken rows with the Duckworths in the Rovers over the car. When Mike steps in, Ken hits him. A fight ensues and Mike lays into Ken, knocking him flat on his back. Deirdre and Dave share a passionate kiss.

25 JUNE 1990


Tracy is annoyed that Ken is teaching at her school. She is upset at the stick she is getting. Curly worries about the Taylors meeting the Duckworths. Ken apologises to Tracy for working at the school. Alf tells Audrey that she's down in the books as getting a salary, for tax purposes. He admits it's £2,000 a year. She calculates she's earned £10,000. She demands the money. Deirdre sees headmistress Mrs Jeffers. She advises Deirdre to take Tracy on a holiday. Alf gives Audrey a bank book. Tracy is delighted when Deirdre tells Dave that he can't come with them to Scarborough. Vera puts Jack on his best behaviour for the Taylors, but the strain is too much, they row and he ends up calling her a trollop in front of their guests.

27 JUNE 1990


Vera and Jack row over who's fault the previous row was. Derek decides he needs good quality soil for the garden. Kimberley snubs Vera at work, upset at her parents being exposed to the row - "Daddy" needed two cups of cocoa before he recovered. Mrs Jeffers asks Ken to keep his personal problems out of the school. Steve goes down with stomachache. Andy jokes that it's from the food at the cafe. Ken innocently mentions this to Percy, who spreads the word. Alma and Gail ban Percy from the cafe. Vera worries that Curly thinks she's common. Jack comforts her. Derek purchases a "load" of soil for the garden. The Taylors offer Curly their spare room to rent and railroad him into accepting

17 AUGUST 1990


Peter Ingram is in Intensive Care, having had a heart attack. Vera sprays 'Get lost you Yupis' with shaving foam on Des' car. Alec refuses to give Tina a pay rise. Ralph Dobson announces that Ingram is dead. Vera accuses the Barnes' of pulling her stone cladding off. When Steph insults her she throws a piece of the cladding at their house but it misses and smashes the Wiltons' window.



Mike plans to win Jackie Ingram's friendship and later influence her over the factory. Jim buys a load of spares but Liz refuses to have them in the house. Ivy tells Gail about "Martin"'s car crash and "Elizabeth". Gail is worried. Martin is annoyed that Ivy has upset Gail. Betty is put out by Alec thinking Liz is wonderful. Phyllis tries to get Percy to join an art class with her. Deirdre plans to name Wendy as co-respondent. Percy refuses to go to the art classes. Betty tells Bet that she's scared she's going to lose her job. The Kawasaki arrives. Deirdre tells Ken she'll drop the divorce if he moves out of the Street. Don orders Ivy to drop the spiritualism. Martin rows with Ivy in the Rovers. Bet is stunned as she listens to the row and Alec finds her crying in the living room.

24 DECEMBER 1990


Alma moves back to her flat. Marie and Jamie Ramsden arrive at No.5. Alma refuses to tell anyone about the split and resigns herself to a lonely Christmas. On the way to the WART dinner, the Roberts' car breaks down. Ivy is shocked when Marie goes out on the town for the night. Mrs Watts phones Brenda Taylor and tells her Curly and Kimberley are not spending Christmas with her. Kimberley breaks down. Kevin tows the Roberts to the dinner. Kimberley confesses to her parents. Curly is thrown out when the Taylors accuse him of seducing their "little girl". Sally goes into labour on her own. Don takes her and Liz to the hospital in his cab. Jack buys a dog, Boomer, from Bert Latham for Vera's Christmas present. Liz delivers the baby in the back of the cab on Rosamund Street.

31 DECEMBER 1990


Sally returns home with baby Rosie. Phil and Deirdre fly off to Paris. Ken lays on a feast for Tracy. Mike tells Alma that he's selling the flat and moving in with Jackie. Tracy is forced to tell Ken that Deirdre is in Paris. He blows his top and tells her that he wants Deirdre back and he hates being humiliated. He upsets Tracy who says that she's sick of him and that he only feels sorry for himself. She tells him that he's pathetic and he's not even her father. She spends the night at friend Debbie Dawson's house. Rita considers going to a tea dance with Emily. Ken remembers the past and, as the residents see in the New Year next door at the Rovers, he opens a bottle of pills...

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Season Thirty-one