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Angie tries her best to be cheerful and normal around Curly but he is full of resentment that he can't have her. She tries to make their living together bearable but he makes it as hard as possible. He tells her that he can't cope without having a physical relationship with her and he's being torn apart watching Neil and her. She has no option but to move out. Derek is called as witness for the Brookes' against Rita as he witnessed Ted's will. He is distraught that he's being involved. Lisa and Des find a terrace in Withington with a large garden and decide to put an offer in on it. Some first-time buyers are interested in No.6. Doug arranges to meet Tracy to get his money back. Tracy lets Debbie Dawson believe that she's seeing Doug as his girlfriend. Derek worries that he'll have to tell the court about Ted's slurred speech. Curly tells Angie that he doesn't want her to leave and he'll try harder. She is relieved and agrees to stay, saying she'll keep her personal life away from the house. Tracy apologises to Maggie and is forgiven. Tracy is thrilled when Maggie gives her her job back. Ken is pleased everything's been sorted out. Alma tells Mike that Mark is always welcome at the flat. Doug invites Deirdre out for a posh meal. Angie is annoyed when Curly buys her red wine as she knows he knows the effect it has on her. She realises that she doesn't trust him and is going to have to move out. Lisa buys a bottle of wine at the Rovers to celebrate getting a buyer for the house. Vera is in the pub but refuses to talk to her. She steps out of the Rovers and drops her purse in the Street. As she bends to pick it up she is hit by a car driven by John Hargreaves. Doug and Des witness the accident. Des cradles Lisa as she lies unconcious in the Street. Vera and Jack are stunned to see Lisa lying there.

17 MARCH 1993


Carmel tells Sally that Gail wants her to take David to a birthday party. Sally is uneasy about letting him go and says that she'll have to phone Gail first. Carmel accuses her of thinking she's a liar but leaves when Sally takes David back and demands she leaves. Gail is shaken when Sally summons her. Sally feels they should bring the Police in so Gail tells her that Carmel is obsessed with Martin and that she's saying her baby is his. Gail is determined that Carmel isn't going to wreck her marriage. Reg tells Maureen he wants to take her out again. Denise is surprised when Neil says he can't wait to divorce her. Gail calls on Carmel at her bedsit. Carmel denies trying to take David. Carmel tells her that she started everything by inviting her into her house; she willed Carmel to take Martin off her. Carmel suggests Gail sees a psychiatrist. Neil tells Angie he's finished with Denise and wants to make a fresh start with her as mates. She refuses as she knows she couldn't trust herself. Carmel pleads with Gail to let Martin leave. Gail shoves her off her, Carmel falls down a flight of stairs and lies on the floor, groaning and clutching her stomach.

2 APRIL 1993


Reg meets elderly, wheelchair-bound Maud Grimes again for the first time in many years but tries to deceive her by getting Maureen to introduce him as 'Norman Watts'. Phyllis is jealous of Percy's involvement with Olive Clarke. Maud finds her glasses and suddenly recognises Reg and is furious that he's in her house. She refuses to believe he's any different to how he used to be. Ken takes the Redmans to Brittany. Vicky returns for Easter with her friend Gabriella Lloyd-Williams. Vera advertises the Nova for sale in the local paper but no one shows any interest. Steve is put out that Vicky has brought a friend for the holidays but Vicky assures him she'll get rid of her. Maud feels Maureen is a fool to take up with Reg again. She wheels over his foot in her wheelchair. Maureen feels it might be for the best if she gets out of Reg's life again. Des tells Vera he's going to have to tell the truth in court. Vera tells him the truth is he killed Lisa.

30 APRIL 1993


Alf refuses to sell up the Corner Shop, feeling Audrey only wants to spend his money. Reg feels that Maud will always stop him and Maureen from consummating their love. He tells Maureen they'll take the afternoon off and spend it in his flat. Percy spruces himself up to be with Olive Clarke. He tells her she's a handsome woman. Phyllis accuses Olive of chasing Percy because his picture was in the magazine. The McDonalds celebrate when Richard Willmore accepts them as trainee managers. Jack is sickened. Derek sets about refitting the stockroom light. Mavis feels he'll electrocute himself. Derek is puzzled when water drips through his drill hole. Hanif is pleased when Denise lets him kiss her. The Wiltons realise the water is coming from Reg's flat and fears he might be ill and have left the bath running. They rush to the flat and bang on the door. Reg and Maureen are stopped from making love and Maureen is caught up in the bed as the water gushes out of it. Reg is furious to discover Derek has drilled into the water bed. Doug has no rent for the Duckworths, telling them he's got a car deal on and they'll have the rent soon. Maureen feels humiliated and refuses to have anything to do with Reg anymore.

2 JULY 1993


Steve refuses to have Jim in court with him in case he mouths off. Alf is emotional on his last day. He takes the bacon slicer home as a momento. Curly is sick of Elaine Fenwick's incompetence. Don explains to Jack that he only shares the house with Ivy. Jim is upset that Steve doesn't want him at the court case. Alf throws a farewell party at the Rovers. Audrey is aghast when Vivian Barford tells him that he's been made an honorary life member of WART's. Jack and Vera are relieved when Alf leaves without mentioning their slate. Rita gives a speech and Betty makes a cake in the shape of the shop. Alf takes his overall home from the shop, overcome.

5 JULY 1993


Brendan Scott starts at the Corner Shop and changes the sign to "Best Buys". He insists on formality between himself and Deirdre and plans on changing the shop's stock. Jim insists on going to court. Brendan refuses Phyllis credit and tells her that he's stopping all such schemes. Reg tells Curly that he will be on the interview board for the manager's job. The court hearing is transferred for a hearing at the Crown Court but this might take a year to be heard. Jack invites Don to a game of cards at Curly's house. Derek is not given the position or title of "Head" Caretaker due to cuts but he will get an "auxilliary". Vera pops into the corner shop where Brendan tells her that he bought their debt to Alf. She owes him £220 and he wants it by the end of the week.

7 JULY 1993


Jack worries about his debt. Curly tells him that Brendan would probably have bought it off Alf at half the amount. Brendan puts all his prices up and Ken's rent up at the same time. Carol Copeland starts under Derek as assistant caretaker, telling him that she's not happy about moving from cleaning. Mavis doesn't like the idea of Derek working with a woman, certain that she will find him attractive. Jack tricks Alf into telling him that he sold the debt to Brendan for £75. Jack tells Brendan that he'll pay him £2 a week for thirty-seven weeks to pay the debt off. Brendan refuses to accept it, demanding the full £220 so Jack tells him that there's nothing a court will do to help; he's offered to pay and his money has been refused. Brendan is furious. Curly worries when he discovers that Elaine Fenwick knows all the board members personally. Des kids Jack that Brendan will set the heavies on him but Jack believes him. The board fire difficult questions at Curly. He is amazed when Reg demands the answer to a complicated question about seeing off rivals. Audrey tries to get Alf to spend £800 on a Spanish holiday but he keeps an eye on his money now. Reg tells Maureen he couldn't live in her house and they should sell both properties and buy something new. Curly accuses Reg of putting the boot in but Reg explains that the other board members had decided the job was Elaine's. He says that he had to ask the question to prove to the others he was right for the job. Vera is horrified when a stranger appears in the Rovers after talking to Brendan. Thinking that he's after Jack, she threatens him with a bottle but Des stops her; the stranger is his brother Colin.

9 JULY 1993


Curly is certain that Elaine Fenwick has the job and worries about his future. Audrey panics when she can't find her credit cards. She is horrified when Alf admits that he's cut them so she wouldn't be tempted to use them. Reg tells Curly that, thanks to his recommendation, he has got the job. Curly celebrates. Elaine forces herself to congratulate him but tells him that Reg obviously wants him in his pocket. Jim hears that his mother has had a heart attack and he makes plans to visit her. Steve agrees to keep an eye on the house. Elaine delights in telling Curly that she's staying at Weatherfield as his full-time assistant. Colin Barnes enjoys himself on leave from the Merchant Marine and tries to impress the local ladies. He tells Des that he needs time to think. Liz tells Jim that she's sorry about his mother and asks him to send her love. She feels uncomfortable being with him.

12 JULY 1993


Colin Barnes fancies Raquel but Des warns him off. Curly enjoys being in charge and gives his troops an inspection. Brendan tells Deirdre to be more welcoming to the customers and refer to them all by their surnames. Denise has a wonderful weekend with Hanif. Audrey gets fed up of Alf following her around all day. Colin has finished stewarding and considers hanging around Des' house. Denise feels that Hanif is more interested in work than her. She is thrilled when he turns up at her flat, telling her that she's more important than a business meeting.

14 JULY 1993


Brendan transforms the shop into an old-fashioned grocery and decks himself out in boater and overall. He changes the name again to "Scott's Provisions" and starts a mature customers' voucher scheme, worth 50p given every time an OAP spends £10. Deirdre isn't happy with her mop cap and frilly apron. Colin Barnes charms Raquel and she agrees to see him on her evening off. Reg finds a buyer for Maureen's house. Curly is annoyed when Reg takes Maureen out of work to show the man around. Mrs Ruparell quizzes Denise about her attitude to men and learns that she's going out with Hanif for a laugh. Denise is stunned when Mrs Ruparell tells her who she is and that Hanif talks as if he wants to marry her. Mrs Ruparell asks her not to hurt Hanif. Joe takes Sally and the children to the park whilst Kevin works late. Deirdre has enough of customers laughing at her. When Ken finds it humourous, she takes the cap off and refuses to wear it. Maud doesn't want to leave the house. Reg keeps her out of the way whilst Maureen shows Mr Stevens round. Maud sees him and tells him that the house has mice and rising damp. Mr Stevens is put off and leaves. Denise is flattered that Hanif loves her and doesn't want to lose him. Raquel is put out to find Colin chatting Fiona up. Colin takes Fiona dancing. Hanif explains to Denise that he told his mother he loved her to get out of an arranged marriage. Denise is hurt when he goes on about how funny it is and promises he has no strong feelings for her.

16 JULY 1993


Brendan erects the new shop sign which reads "Mr Scott's Provisions". Denise is upset that to Hanif she's nothing but a bit of fun. Alma advises her to tell him her feelings for him. Alf saves the old "Mini Mart" sign from the binmen to keep. He enjoys spending all his days following Audrey around. Don is jealous of Denise's relationship with Hanif. Curly is annoyed when Reg alters the lunch rota so he can be with Maureen. He tells Reg that he will not let him take over the store and won't be manipulated by him anymore. Reg begs forgiveness. Deirdre accuses Ken of only being disappointed about Tracy because he can't brag about her. She gets upset when he comments that Tracy will probably end up working in a mop cap like her. Curly finds out that Tommy is well and that Jack doesn't want to return home. He tells Jack that he's outstayed his welcome and throws him out. Denise admits to Hanif that her feelings towards him have changed and she now loves him. Gordon Blinkhorn gets annoyed when Colin Barnes makes a play for Raquel. He is offended when Raquel tells him that he's not her boyfriend, just someone she goes out with. Des tries to defuse the situation. Hanif tells Denise that he doesn't feel the same way towards her as she does towards him. She is upset and annoyed when he asks her not to get hysterical. She throws her wine in his face causing him to walk out of the restaurant and throw a wad of money at her. She is left feeling humiliated.

19 JULY 1993


Denise turns to Don for comfort, telling him that Hanif has dumped her. Phyllis asks Colin Barnes not to cause any trouble in the Street for Des' sake. No.11 is burgled whilst it stands empty. Reg finds a buyer for Maureen's house but Maud refuses to leave. He assures Maureen that she can stay with him and he'll find accommodation for Maud. Steve and Liz are alerted to the break-in and go through the wrecked house checking what has been taken. Liz is horrified to discover Katie's picture has been taken for its silver frame. Steve agrees to move back into the house until Jim returns. Angie agrees to make Maureen's wedding dress. She delights in telling Reg that it will cost him a fortune. Deirdre finds Katie's photo discarded in the back alley. Liz is overcome that it's safe. Brendan invites Deirdre for a drink after work. She is horrified and says that she has to meet with Ken. Joe invites Sally to a day out with the children. She agrees to a weekend as Kevin will be free. Raquel fancies Colin and looks forward to seeing him again. Colin stays away from the Rovers and drinks at The Queens. He is startled when Liz breaks down in tears whilst he chats to her. Maureen tells Maud that she intends to accept the offer on her house. Maud accuses her of wanting to push her into a home. Maureen assures her that Reg is looking for a house for all of them. Reg questions Martin about residential homes for the elderly.

21 JULY 1993


Angie hears that Hanif has dumped Denise and offers her an ear to talk to. Denise is grateful. Maureen wants Maud to be part of the wedding and tries to include her in the preparations but Maud feels in the way. Martin tells Maud that Reg was asking about Pasturegate Home. He assures her that it's a great place, explaining that he's working there at the moment. Maud accuses Maureen of wanting her put away. Maureen is furious and assures her that she won't let her be put in a home. Liz copes single-handed at The Queens but has a rush order. Colin Barnes helps her out, saying that he's used to bar work. Joe tells Sally that he's finalising his divorce. He tells her that he hopes she'll never have to go through a separation. Maureen tells Reg that she'll never put her mother in a home. He tells her that Maud broke them up once but he's not going to let her do so again. Ken meets parents at the school. He assures the Platts that Nicky is settling in well. Maggie is alarmed when Mike arrives at the school to hear about Mark's progress. Angie tells Denise that she's better off without Hanif. Ken tells Maggie and Mike that he's disappointed in Mark's progress and puts it down to too many distractions. He says Mark spends too much time with Mike but Mike says it's probably because he's worried about Ken chasing after Maggie. Maggie walks out refusing to listen to any more.

23 JULY 1993


Alma is annoyed that Mike didn't tell her that he was going to the school to talk about Mark. Des refuses to accept regular money from Colin Barnes so that he can throw him out if needed. Mike tells Maggie it's clear that the Comprehenive is not right for Mark. She becomes confused when he offers to pay for Mark to go to a Public School. She tells Mike that she doesn't want Mark to leave her and throws him out. Alma finds it impossible to concentrate at the cafe and cuts her hand with a knife. Liz takes Colin on at The Queens full-time. Tanya fancies him and is put out to see he's friendly with Liz. Mike apologises to Alma about keeping her in the dark. He tells her that he's offered to send Mark away to school. She is aghast when he says they can pay for it with her earnings. She refuses and walks out of the cafe, saying that she quits. Raquel feels that Gordon Blinkhorn doesn't compare with Colin and begins to go off him. Alma accuses Mike of playing with people until he gets bored with them - he's bored with her and he'll soon be bored with Mark. He assures her that he loves her but Mark needs his help. Liz finds Colin exciting and enjoys having him around. Maureen tells Reg that she'll be happy if they can find a way for Maud to live with them but yet live separate lives. Tracy goes into the Rovers for the first time, eating with Deirdre. They tell Ken that Mike wants to send Mark away to school. Liz tells Colin all about her separation. He makes it clear that he likes her and kisses her on the cheek. She is stunned to see Andy has arrived back and saw the kiss.

26 JULY 1993


Audrey gets details of a bungalow in Lytham St Annes and insists to Alf that they go and view it. He refuses. Derek goes jogging in a bright yellow suit, to the residents' amusement and Mavis' embarrassment. Gail asks Audrey to look after the kids as Rosie Webster is sick and Sally can't. Curly takes Andy on as a temp at Bettabuys. Brendan badgers Jack for the debt in the Rovers. Colin Barnes goes in the Rovers where Andy tells Steve that he was the man kissing Liz. Steve tells him that he's Des' brother. Andy confronts him when Colin makes a remark to Jack and Don about Liz. They are seperated but the incident is witnessed by Mavis who later tells Des. He also finds out that Colin is working at The Queens. Jack decides to enter The Queens' Friday talent contest. Alf and Audrey go to Lytham and view a bungalow. Derek buys a rowing machine. Alf likes the bungalow and decides to buy it. Audrey is delighted.

28 JULY 1993


Alf puts an offer in for the bungalow and tells Audrey that he can't wait for them to start afresh in Lytham St Annes. She is thrilled. Jack wants to enter the talent contest at The Queens but doesn't have any money. He tries to win Vera round by washing-up but she refuses to give him any money. Derek's back goes whilst he's on the rowing machine. Jack decides to take some support from the Rovers to help him win the £50 contest money. No one is interested. He manages to convince Vera that he will win so she subs him. At Bettabuys, Andy tries to talk to Amy Nelson but she avoids him. Derek is told to rest for a week. He knows that his sudden interest in exercise is to blame. Alf's offer is accepted. Audrey is thrilled, especially when they discover that someone is interested in their house.

30 JULY 1993


Derek is in agony with his back. Andy convinces Amy that they do have a lot to talk about. Curly is stunned when Elaine Fenwick catches Vera shoplifting on the security monitor. Mavis is put out when Raquel massages Derek's back. Derek thinks she's got a wonderful touch. Rather than have security pick Vera up outside the shop, Curly confronts her at the checkout and finds tins hidden in the pushchair. Vera is furious at being called a thief and swears she only put the tins in with Tommy because her basket was full. Elaine discovers Curly used to lodge with Vera and realises he stopped her from getting into heavy trouble. Mavis gets rid of Raquel as she can't take anymore of watching Derek in ecstasy. Curly lets Vera off with a caution. Elaine accuses him of letting her off and threatens to tell Head Office. Vera tells Jack about the incident and admits she was confused and didn't know what she was doing. She breaks down and he comforts her. Alma, Don, Denise and Angie go along to The Queens. They agree to cheer Jack on. Colin comperes the evening. Jack enjoys himself, calling himself "Jackie Duckworth Jnr". He doesn't go down very well. He is amazed when Angie and Denise take the stage and prove a hit. Curly tries to explain to Vera he was acting in her interest. He offers her a loan to help but she refuses his charity.

20 AUGUST 1993


Brendan is forced to make the deliveries himself. Kevin feels rough and hung-over. He is puzzled by Sally's coolness. Audrey tells Gail she's frightened by the thought of spending every day with Alf. She doesn't want to feel old. Joe tells Sally he's certain he loves her. She gets angry when he refers to Kevin as a crook. Emily is concerned for Brendan as he spends the day rushing about on the bike. He tells her he's desperate to make the shop a success. Gordon Blinkhorn is jealous when Reg tells him how she cooked Ken a meal. She is annoyed when he admits he doesn't want her learning French for the holiday as he likes her being decorative. She tells him he can go to France without her. Sally tells Kevin she's not enjoying herself and wants to go home. Colin gets fed up of Des lecturing him and reminds him about how he stole Lisa from Terry. Des tells him it's time he moved on. Brendan collapses in the shop in front of Emily, Gail and Ken. Emily realises it's a heart attack and thumps his chest. Sally tells Joe to find someone else to look after Jonathan. He begs her not to take it out on Jonathan and says he'll return home and leave them at the cottage. Emily and Martin try to get Brendan breathing but the ambulance crew announces that he is dead. The residents watch as the ambulance takes him away and Emily closes the shop



Andy tells Curly he wants a permanent job at Bettabuys. Alma is annoyed by the way Mike is spending a fortune on Mark. Deirdre is upset that after all she's done she has no security. Tanya starts at the Rovers and hints to Bet that Liz used to bitch about her. Maureen resigns from Bettabuys sick of Reg and Curly. Jack tries to chat Tanya up, telling her he's in show business. Audrey spends her day hiding from Alf. She admits to Gail that she's been fired for bad timekeeping. Maureen apologises to Curly for her behaviour. He talks the situation through with her, them both drinking red wine. Alma discovers that Oakhill School costs £1,800 a term so hits back at Mike by going on a spending spree. Maureen tells Curly he reminds her of a young Reg, she kisses him. He is amazed as she lunges for him passionately, telling him she's his.

19 NOVEMBER 1993


Andy gives a week's notice at the flat. He tells Curly he doesn't want to train at Bettabuys anymore and wants to move away. Reg hates the way he's ruined his own chances with Maureen. Curly arranges a meeting between him and Maureen. Denise is surprised when pizzas are delivered when she hasn't ordered any. She sends them back. Reg gives Maureen a silver bracelet, saying it's twenty-five years since they met. He swears she's the only woman he's ever loved. Des is furious when Tanya tells him she set Raquel up - there's no shoot. Des collects Raquel from where she's been waiting for the crew to arrive, not an Armani shoot but a shop called "R. Marney - High Class Fruit & Vegetables". He takes her back to No.6 to comfort her. Curly entertains Elaine at No.7. He is thrilled when they kiss. She is horrified when he tells her how he stopped her transfer - she belts him and storms out.



Denise invites Don to her party but he is staggered when she also invites Ivy. The Hortons call at No.9 and invite the Duckworths to spend Christmas with them but Vera refuses, explaining that Terry will be home. The Hortons realise that Terry could stop them seeing Tommy again. Denise's friends celebrate her birthday. Tracy is indignant when Bet stops her from drinking lager in the Rovers. Fiona takes Craig and her to Denise's party. Denise is put out when taxis keep arriving to take her to the hospital. Don refuses to go to the party as Ivy's there. He stays at the Rovers and drinks with Bet. He tells her that he's sick of soldiering on. He tells her about his relationship with Ivy. Ivy has a great time at the party washing-up and feeling useful. Bet tells Don that she's been feeling old and depressed. He tells her that she's still attractive. She bolts the doors and leads him upstairs.



Don and Bet spend the night together. When the phone rings at 6.00am, Denise screams down it. Bet feels uncomfortable when Denise tells her that she suspects Don of making the calls because she rejected him. Joe calls on Denise, telling her that she's been reported for not declaring all her earnings. He goes through her books and finds they're in order. When the phone rings Denise blows a whistle down it. Steve is upset to see Alison with another man but he just turns out to be a friend from work. Deirdre gets upset when Ken and Craig get on, talking psychology. She tells Ken that she's desperate for someone to show an interest in her. She is touched when he tells her that she'll always have him. Denise accuses Don of making her life a misery, calling him a frustrated old man. He tells her that she's wrong and upsets Bet by saying some women find him desirable. Jeff Horton visits Terry in Strangeways and offers him a large sum of money if he'll let Tommy live in Blackpool with him and Doreen.



Raquel gets a job hostessing a party for a bathroom fittings company. Craig asks Steve to print him some cheap T-shirts for his band. Vera cleans out Joss Shackleton's flat. Steve shows Alison around the workshop. Raquel breaks down when the company send her her outfit for the night - an elf's costume. Tanya thinks it's hysterical. Percy is stunned when Emily tells him that she'll be spending Christmas Day feeding the homeless with Bernard. Deirdre is horrified at the thought of having Craig around at Christmas. Vera keeps Joss's old pot dog. Rita re-accepts Reg's offer on Highbank Avenue. He gives Maureen her engagement ring back. Tanya sees Steve kissing Alison. Raquel enjoys the party as it was full of children. Don urges Denise not to get rattled over the calls. She tells him that she thinks kids are making the calls. He offers to sleep on the sofa to give her some company and she's grateful.



Denise appreciates Don staying with her. Mavis offers to help Emily's Crisis at Christmas campaign but is horrified when Emily arranges for her to look after an OAP on Christmas Day. Denise tells Bet that she feels Tanya might be making the calls. Bet confronts Tanya but Tanya swears her innocence. Bet tells her that she doesn't like her attitude and wants her to change it. Curly hosts the Bettabuys staff party and tries to stop everyone drinking. Deirdre is put out when Tracy and Craig invite noisy friends to the house. Elaine Fenwick gets drunk at the party and is all over Curly. She invites him up to her hotel room. The Wiltons are stunned when they're told that their OAP is Percy. Maureen surprises Reg by booking a room at the hotel for the night so they can consummate their love. Curly is annoyed when Elaine falls asleep before anything happens. Wanting nothing to come between them, Reg confesses to Maureen that he has slept with Brenda Fallingthorpe from Head Office. She is relieved and admits that she slept with Curly. Reg is stunned.

10 DECEMBER 1993


Denise is grateful for all the support that Don is giving her. Elaine Fenwick has no memory of the Bettabuys' party. Curly is bemused when she slaps his face for telling her that they nearly went to bed. Denise confronts Hanif and accuses him of making the calls. She is stunned when he tells her that he's forgotten her and got married three weeks' ago. Reg accuses Curly of seducing Maureen. Curly swears it was a one-off but Reg warns him that he intends to make life a misery for him. Percy refuses to spend Christmas with the Wiltons so Mavis invites Rita; Rita tries to get out of it. Vicky arrives to spend Christmas at the Rovers. She is hurt when Steve is cool towards her. Denise doesn't want the police involved with the calls so Hanif offers to use one of his contacts. Deirdre has enough of feeling in the way and asks Craig to leave.

13 DECEMBER 1993


Reg does a spot check on the store, finding plenty to fault. Alf refuses to honour the OAP vouchers that Brendan issued. He upsets Betty by refusing hers, causing her to storm off. Phyllis invites Percy round to her house for Christmas but he says he's busy. Deirdre feels helpless as Tracy packs her bags and leaves with Craig. Tracy tells her that she's never coming back. Ken is shocked but promises Deirdre he'll try to get Tracy to move back in. He is stunned when Deirdre tells him she doesn't care if she returns or not; the more she makes an effort the more Tracy resists her. Deirdre determines to get on with her own life. Vera visits Terry in Strangeways for the last time before his release and makes plans for their future together. Maureen threatens to let everyone know about her fling with Curly if Reg doesn't stop ignoring her. Kevin is optimistic about the court case when he realises that Steve is going to take the blame. Maureen tells Reg that Curly is only half the man he is and begs him to understand. She talks him round by pointing out that she is vulnerable and needs him. Reg saves face by refusing to give Curly the satisfaction of stopping the wedding. Denise tells Don about Hanif having her calls traced. She tells him that she wants the nutter nailed

15 DECEMBER 1993


Kevin goes to court assuring Sally that he'll be let off lightly and that Steve has promised to pay his fine. The McDonalds and Websters go to court. Deirdre is certain that Tracy will be able to take care of herself. Ken is surprised when Deirdre invites him to tea. Kevin is stunned when Steve's barrister blames him for leading Steve astray. The judge sentences Steve to two hundred-hours community service and fines Kevin £800. Kevin is furious at Steve letting him be treated so badly. He refuses to let Steve pay his fine, saying that he no longer wants anything from him. The McDonalds celebrate. Don advises Denise to stop the search for the caller as the police might get involved. She refuses, enjoying the thought that she is after the caller rather than the other way round. Steve has a £200 fine and no licence for six months because of the traffic offences. Phyllis and Betty are furious by Alf ignoring the vouchers. Percy takes up the cause. Deirdre and Ken are both surprised when she feels so comfortable with him she calls him "love". Liz has to cover with Vicky when Steve takes a phone call from Alison. Kevin feels that he's going to have to work all his life just to survive. He accuses Sally of pushing him too hard all the time.

17 DECEMBER 1993


Sally's sick of Kevin's whinging and realises that she needs a break. Joe takes her and the kids out to celebrate Rosie's birthday. Once again he offers Sally a home with him but she insists she loves Kevin. Steve can't make deliveries for Mike now he's banned from driving but Mike's puzzled by how readily the lad accepts a drop in wages. Percy and Phyllis bring in the Gazette to investigate Alf's refusal to accept discount vouchers from OAPs. Alf's furious and threatens to sue. Denise discovers which number the mystery phone calls have been coming from and when she challenges Ivy, Don confesses. Ivy refuses to acknowledge it was love for Denise that drove him to do it and begs him to remember that he's still married to her.

20 DECEMBER 1993


Jack and Curly are hanging out a banner to welcome Terry home. Vera takes Tommy to Strangeways to meet his daddy, but Terry's in-laws get there first. They take him for a breakfast and offer him £5,000 as a one-off payment for Tommy and then £2,000 a year until her reaches sixteen. Terry signs an agreement and then goes home where Vera is delighted to see him again. Denise pays her borrowed money back to the Brennans. Don leaves to stay with his daughter. Denise reveals to Bet that Don had been making the funny phone calls - Bet is amazed.

22 DECEMBER 1993


Curly takes advantage of Alf's trouble by publishing the fact that Bettabuys will honour the vouchers. Vera urges Jack to be supportive of Terry. She ignores the way Terry avoids Tommy. Vicky buys Steve a watch for £250 for Christmas. Andy asks his parents to act like a family and all spend Christmas together. Jim and Liz agree. Alf is defiant despite the fact that the shop is being boycotted. He is stunned to discover that Curly is accepting the vouchers. He rows with Curly in front of Gazette reporter Mark Travis and a load of OAPs. Alf gets angry and pushes a pensioner, photographed by the reporter. Derek buys a living Christmas tree. Terry buys a new suit after getting his compensation for Lisa's death. He gets Des to shake his hand in peace before goading him about the money he's received, saying that Lisa didn't die in vain. Curly stops Des from hitting him. Des remembers Lisa's death and breaks down in the Street. Curly consoles him. Tanya tells Bet about seeing Steve with another girl. Kevin gets annoyed with Sally getting at him and suggests that she leaves him if she's fed up. Derek blows all the fuses in the Street when he lights the outside Christmas tree.

24 DECEMBER 1993


Vera wraps Tommy's presents whilst Terry takes him for a walk. Gail grows concerned for Ivy so Ivy tells her about Don pestering Denise. Gail comforts her. Des gives Jack a present to give to Tommy. Terry delivers Tommy to the Hortons. They are annoyed to discover that he hasn't told the Duckworths and demand he tells them, worried that they'll be accused of snatching Tom. Jeff Horton goes with Terry to No.9. Vera is stunned when Terry explains he wants Tommy to live with the Hortons. Jack tells him that he knows he's sold his son and punches him, telling him he's no longer his son. He throws Jeff and Terry out despite Vera's pleas. Des is stunned to watch the scene as Terry, Jeff and Tommy drive away with a desperate Vera running after the car. Following Deirdre's suggestion, Alf gives a load of food to Emily for Crisis at Christmas. Bet throws a party for friends at the Rovers after hours. Bet tells Steve that she'll be after him if he hurts Vicky by seeing another girl. Ivy is distraught to find Don isn't at his daughter's house. She tells Gail she fears that he'll try to kill himself. Audrey gets drunk at Bet's party and passes out in the bar. Distraught, Vera sobs over Tom's presents.

27 DECEMBER 1993


Emily thanks everyone for their support - the food and clothes distribution went well. Vera tries to contact the Hortons in vain. Raquel and Bet do battle at the sales. Raquel is pleased to find a homeless girl wearing one of her cast-off coats. Gail supports Ivy as she reports Don as a missing person to the Police. When they can't find a taxi, Raquel gets lorry driver Charlie Whelan to give them a lift. Jack snaps and shouts at Vera, telling her to stop fooling herself about Terry's motives. Raquel is pleased when Charlie drinks at the Rovers. Steve is stunned when Vicky calls round to No.11 unexpectedly and introduces herself to Alison as Steve's girlfriend.

29 DECEMBER 1993


Jack is concerned for Vera as she refuses to eat or sleep. He tells Des the facts. Father O'Rourke comforts Ivy when she breaks down. Des is further depressed to receive his decree nisi. Bet shows off her latest revealing dress but is embarrassed when Charlie Whelan turns up. She is startled when he starts asking questions about her marital status. Don contacts Bet to see how Ivy is. He is horrified when she tells him that she knows all about the phone calls. She meets him in Manchester and tries to help. He feels that he's sick and breaks down. She tells him the best thing would be for him to return to Ivy and forget about Denise. Vicky wants Steve to get away with her for a few days but he is evasive. She is stunned when he tells her that he wants them to finish. Alison tells Steve it's obvious he's still a child and is annoyed that he could two-time someone - she finishes with him.

31 DECEMBER 1993


Steve is confident that he'll be able to talk Alison round. Vicky blames Bet for not warning her about Steve's other women but Bet points out that Vicky never listened to her warnings. Alf suffers from gout in his foot and embarrasses Audrey by going out in his slippers. Vicky gets drunk in the living room whilst the staff are busy in the pub. Ivy is relieved when Don returns. He tells her that he wants to start afresh and asks her to stand by him; she isn't sure. Des comforts Vera, telling her how much he misses Tommy. She is upset that she never let him see Tommy but he tells her that she did a wonderful job with him. Everyone gathers at No.7 to see in the New Year. Alison turns up at the party with a man, telling Steve that she meant what she said. Ivy agrees to stand by Don when he swears he won't put her through pain again. Vera tells Jack he's been right all along - Terry is no good. Jim walks Liz back to The Queens after the party. He is surprised when she tells him that she wants him to stay with her.

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