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SUN 2 JAN, 2005


Danny and Frankie are excited when Warren's picked for the Weatherfield County FC first team. Warren's hungover but Jamie manages to cure him. Violet brings the offending dress back but Shelley insists she keeps it. Tracy pops into the taxi office and insists on giving Steve a packed lunch which she's made. Steve tells her to leave him alone and gives the lunch to Eileen. Craig and Rosie listen to hardcore goth-rock music in Craig's bedroom then they go shopping to a clothes shop called "The Abyss". Tommy and Angela take the mickey. The Baldwin family (including Mike and Adam) plus Candice get ready to go to the football match to support Warren. Charlie gives Shelley another dress but this time it's the right size. Warren's disappointed to find himself on the subs' bench. Craig and Rosie arrive back in matching long black coats. Warren gets called on at the very last minute. The whistle blows and Warren kicks the ball in frustration. The referee books him with a yellow card. Shelley tells Charlie she's changed the dress for a smaller one, she's now on a diet and intends to wear it for Valentine's Day. Charlie's secretly pleased as this is what he intended to happen.

MON 3 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Tracy comes and asks a tried and depressed Steve for a job. He claims they already have somebody. Mike brings his son Adam to the factory and asks Danny to find a bit of work for him. Danny puts him in charge of getting the girls cakes and tea. While in Roy's Rolls Adam chats with Sarah, Candice and Warren. He invites Sarah to go skating with him that evening. She accepts. Patrick reports for work on crutches following an accident. Unable to drive, he attempts to assist Eileen on the switch but fails. Vince annoys Roy by ripping a voucher out of one of the café newspapers. Audrey is tired since her neighbours are working on their house during the night. She accepts Fred's offer to stay with him for a few days while Ashley and Claire are away. Rosie and Craig have dyed their hair jet black in the Websters' bathroom. Rosie claims they won't be able to wait for it to wash out as the world is ending on 17th March. Ian opens a bottle of wine and invites Sally to stay for a drink. She agrees but delays her dinner with Kevin as a result. As Jason walks Violet to the bus stop, he asks her to move in with him. She is gobsmacked. During their drink Ian comes on pretty strong with Sally and he tells her he is falling in love with her.

MON 3 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Ian continues to tell Sally how he doesn't love Justine and is in love with her. Sally leaves, but doesn't manage to tell Kevin. When she gets home and sees Rosie in full Goth get-up she freaks out and runs off sobbing. She can't now bring herself to talk to Kevin about Ian and Rosie won't forgive her. Jason, waiting for a response from Violet, tells her he loves her. However she reacts badly to a comment about Todd and slaps him and walks off. Candice and Maria continue to rib Audrey about staying with Fred. Sarah and Adam go on their skating date. Audrey sets things straight with Fred before they sit down for dinner. Vince winds Roy up when he drops off some sandwiches for the builders, and dupes Roy out of a pound by standing on it when Roy drops the change. Sean persuades Violet to take Jason up on his offer. Vince comes to the café for the pound and worries Roy. Kevin and Sally go out for dinner on Ian, but Sally is becoming increasingly upset. Fred seems lonely. Audrey is getting worried and agrees to sleep in Ashley's bed so she can stay with him for the evening. Violet agrees to move in with Jason as he brings her a key stuck on a violet cream sweet.

WED 5 JAN, 2005


Hayley is hurt when Roy says that she's bullying him in front of the customers in the cafe. Ken isn't too pleased when Adam says that he doesn't want to go to University. Ken thinks that Sarah has influenced him on his decision. Candice and Maria spy on Audrey and Fred. Eileen is furious with Jason for asking Sean to leave. Jason and Violet definitely want to move in together. After much consideration, Audrey accepts Fred's offer when he says that she can stay with him while she has builders in her place.

FRI 7 JAN, 2005


Ken's still on Adam's back about going to University. He talks it over with the Baldwin side of the family whose words of wisdom are few and far between! Later, Adam takes Sarah out with Candice and Warren. Roy continues to have trouble with his nuisance customer, Vince. When Vince leaves his phone in the cafe, Roy puts off taking it back. Eventually, under duress from Hayley, Roy returns to phone and surprisingly receives much gratitude from Vince who even offers to buy him a pint in the Rovers later . . . Rosie and Craig both get into arguments with their respective fathers about their new looks! Tommy is not happy that his son's taken to wearing nail varnish . . . later, the two plot to get their tongues pierced. Craig goes in first and after he does so, Rosie chickens out! Craig returns home and despite his best efforts to keep the piercing to himself, the fact that he can barely talk through the pain gives him away! Meanwhile, Ian asks Sally to stay late after work to go throu

SUN 9 JAN, 2005


Roy is in a buoyant mood to start the day, but is upset when Vince extorts 47p from him saying it was missing from his phone's credit when Roy brought it back to him. Frankie has a go at Vince when he starts eating his own sandwiches in the café. Roy later has a go at Rosie when she eats her own chocolate bar, scaring her and her sister. Tommy drives Craig to the piercing parlour but Craig agrees to take his stud out to stop a fight. Jamie is surprised to find out Adam has being watching Warren practise. Candice and all the Baldwins go to see Warren play for Weatherfield County FC, driven there in Underworld's van. He wins the "Man of the Match" award and scores in a 2-0 win. Fred and Audrey again feel old age is coming on them. They agree to spend more time together even when Ashley comes back. Roy breaks down to Hayley saying that Vince reminds him a being bullied at school.

MON 10 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Tommy confiscates Craig and Rosie's tickets for a "Stench of Death" concert. Kevin thinks Tommy's being too hard and they should let them go to the concert. Hayley finds Roy hiding in the flat. She tells him he's got to stand up to Vince and show him who's boss. Ken, Deirdre, Tracy, Blanche, Wanda and Adam go for a pizza. Adam thinks Wanda is hysterical. Hayley accuses Vince of being a bully and makes things worse by mentioning how Roy wanted to be a librarian. Wanda asks if she can move back into the Barlows' house. Ken and Deirdre refuse her. Shelley's finding the dieting a struggle. Charlie buys them both membership for a local gym. Katy sits her exam but worries that she's failed it. Roy apologises to Kevin for the way he treated Rosie and promises her some free food in the café to say sorry. Angela reminds Tommy he was a punk when she met him. Tommy relents and gives Craig and Rosie their tickets back. Vince takes the mickey out of Roy for wanting to be a librarian and insists on eating his own sandwiches again. Roy can't cope, he has a panic attack and phones the police to report him.

MON 10 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Ashley and Claire arrive back from their honeymoon. The police have a word with Vince and make him apologise to Roy. It's obvious they find it funny and Roy feels humiliated. Ashley tells Fred he's welcome to carry on living with them but Fred's uncomfortable. Charlie wants to take Shelley to bed but she's too tired from the gym. Charlie sulks and makes Shelley feel guilty. Danny and Mike buy Adam a pair of football boots to take back to school while Ken buys him a dictionary and thesaurus. Chesney sees the police car outside the café and thinks Roy must have been serving up rat sandwiches. Claire finds an earring on the sofa. She and Ashley worry Fred's got involved with another woman. Vince intimidates Roy and forces him to cook him a fry up even though the café is closed. Deirdre clocks Charlie saying something to Shelley and Shelley looking upset. Adam leaves to go back to school. Vince gets Roy up against a wall then pushes him over. Roy’s in tears. Charlie arrives and rescues Roy. He fires Vince. Hayley arrives to find Roy distraught and tearful.

WED 12 JAN, 2005


Sally and Kevin decide they're going to book a holiday abroad. Sophie's excited but Rosie, in Goth mode, thinks there's no point as the world's going to end on 17th March. Hayley gives Roy a stiff talking to and insists he must work in the café as usual. Justine admits to Sally that her marriage isn't what it was. Sally feels uncomfortable. Charlie's surprised when Shelley says she's going to the gym by herself. Adam returns from Scotland saying he wants to leave school. Mike and Ken are furious but Blanche feels sorry for him. Ashley tells Fred about the earring. Fred explains it's Audrey's and assures Ashley he hasn't got a girlfriend. Ashley's relieved. Sarah checks with Adam that he hasn't come back because of her. Adam assures her he just sees her as a mate. Roy flips and throws everyone out of the café, convinced they're all laughing at him behind his back for being bullied. Fred overhears Ashley and Claire discussing all his failed relationships. Fred feels very lonely. Ian tells Sally he's in love with her. Sally insists there can never be anything between them. She's shocked when Ian says she must give up her job as he can no longer work with her.

FRI 14 JAN, 2005


Roy refuses to open the café as he feels embarrassed and humiliated. Tracy suggests to Steve they should go out for the evening. Tired of repeating himself, Steve tells her he's not interested. Hayley confides in Fiz how worried she is about Roy. Steve forms a plan and, to Tracy's delight, changes his mind and promises they will go out for the evening. Tracy's walking on air. Ian insists Sally stay late at work so they can discuss their relationship. Steve takes Tracy to the Clock Restaurant. Tracy's in heaven thinking she's finally captured the love of her life and the father of her child. Ian tries to persuade Sally to leave Kevin for him. Sally refuses. Tracy's gutted when Steve spells out to her that he feels nothing for her and never will. He gives her a red rose as token of his indifference. Fiz tells Roy what a strong person he is and that he mustn't let a bully like Vince win. Roy takes this on board and promises to reopen the café. Hayley's grateful. Mike and Ken row over Adam's future. Adam declares he's going back to school to get away from them as they're all bonkers. Ian suggests to Sally they could have an affair, their families needn't know and that way Sally could keep her job

SUN 16 JAN, 2005


Katy's over the moon when she discovers she's pregnant. Kevin can see Sally's stressed over something but she covers, saying she's fine. Katy tells Violet she's pregnant. Sally arrives for work intending collect her P45 and leave but Ian persuades her to stay one more day. Martin, David, Katy and Craig go bowling. Martin feels very old in their company. Steve takes Amy to the park and quite enjoys playing dad. Roy's back in the café. Cilla and Les take the mickey but to Hayley and Fiz's delight, Roy stands his ground and throws them out. Katy's frustrated, she wants to tell Martin her news but can't get him on his own. Sunita tempts Shelley with some chips. Charlie catches her eating them. He pretends not to care but Shelley's embarrassed by her lack of self-control. Sally admits to Ian that she doesn't love Kevin and only married him again for the sake of the kids. Sally's about to leave but changes her mind. She closes the office door and taking Ian's face in her hands kisses him passionately.

MON 17 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Sally's in turmoil. As she listens to Sophie testing Rosie on her maths and Kevin joking with them, she feels guilt-ridden. Cilla's furious when Schmeichel eats her make-up bag. Sally suggests they book a family holiday after work. Kevin's pleased. Katy whinges to Angela about how Martin treats her like a child. She's about to tell Angela she's pregnant but stops as Tommy arrives. Shelley's concerned when she realises Charlie's ripping off the insurance company over the work he's doing for Dev. Chesney's very upset when at Cilla's insistence, he's forced to take Schmeichel back to the kennels. Kirk promises to look after him. Justine calls in the garage upset because Gemma's been caught smoking at school. Thelma Clegg gets Kirk to shampoo her poodle, Lou Lou. She's so impressed she gives him £20 and asks him to call round the house regularly. Dev's pleased when Charlie assures him the Corner Shop will be finished on time. Ian makes Sally promise to stay late the following evening. Martin's worried about his job. He's been given a warning for late reports. Katy tells him there's more to life than work and blurts out that she's pregnant. Martin's stunned.

MON 17 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Martin's shocked, saying he needs time to think he leaves Katy by herself upset. Sally, Kevin and Sophie excitedly choose a holiday in Crete. Rosie pretends she's not interested. Kirk tells Les and Cilla about the £20 he got from Thelma Clegg and how she's asked him if he'll call at her house in future. Fiz isn't impressed. Shelley quizzes Charlie about ripping off the insurance company. Charlie's furious, and telling her she's paranoid he storms out. Again Shelley blames herself. Katy finds Martin in the Rovers. Tommy and Angela can see she's upset but don't know why. Martin apologises for storming out and takes her home. Charlie returns in a good mood. Shelley's nervous and apologises for earlier. Charlie accepts her apology and Shelley forces a smile. Martin points out to Katy how having a baby will ruin her career, they only have one income and his job isn't secure at the moment. To Katy's horror Martin suggests she should have an abortion. Katy walks out very upset

WED 19 JAN, 2005


Kirk goes off to walk Lulu but Fiz isn't convinced that their relationship will remain entirely professional. She calls on Sean to investigate. Together they go to see what's really going on. Meanwhile, Thelma wants to show off her Mexican belly-dancing costume to Kirk. She gives him a bit of a show and gives Sean a bit of a fright when he peers through he window! Later, when Kirk emerges from Thelma's house, he gets a smack from Fiz and an ear bashing to go with it! Sally has a close call when Kevin calls her as she's in the process of making out with Ian! She later tells Ian that she doesn't enjoy the lying . . . Katie and Martin talk things through. He's still not entirely convinced that he's ready to be a dad - he says he feels old. But soon Katie brings him round to her way of thinking, she tells him that if he thinks he's too old now then imagine what he'll feel like when he thinks Katie's old enough?! Everything seems to be well again. Martin even gets a bit excited and Kat

FRI 21 JAN, 2005


Sally and Ian are almost caught in the act when Kevin decides to be spontaneous and personally delivers a recently fixed car to the Davenport showroom. But Kevin is left clueless, in fact for him everything seems to turn out OK - Ian insists that Kevin and Sally should take Sally's work car home for the weekend and on top of that Sally presents Kevin with a big fat bonus cheque! Katy worries that Martin has left her for good. He barely speaks to her in the morning and later ignores her phone messages. Seeing Martin miserably drinking alone in the Rovers, Violet tries to smooth things over but only seems to make matters worse when Martin realizes that Katy has made her pregnancy public knowledge . . . Candice persuades Maria to go out with her and Warren's football team. Maria is reluctant but seems to enjoy meeting the hunks of the team! Meanwhile, back in the Rovers, Tyrone explains to Tommy that he's trying to give Maria her freedom so that she'll fall in love with him. Tommy doe

SUN 23 JAN, 2005


Charlie accuses Shelley of telling Dev about his insurance scam. In a heated row, he rips the earrings he gave Shelley out of her ears. Katy and Martin agree to give it another go for the sake of their unborn child.

MON 24 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Charlie lies to Shelley saying he slept at the yard last night. Charlie apologises to Dev for the insurance scam hoping to get back the Swinton and Ashton jobs. He's gutted when Dev says he's sorted another builder out. When Violet notices Shelley's ears, Shelley covers saying she's allergic to the earrings Charlie bought her. Katy tells Martin she's no intention of going to university as she's going to be a mum instead. Martin's worried. Tyrone tells Vera that he and Maria won't be coming to Blackpool. Stuart calls in the Salon. Maria's flattered when he asks her out for a drink and leaves his phone number. Jamie gets Danny to agree to the factory girls having a suggestion box. Vera has a go at Maria and calls her a trollop. Vera suspects Maria's leading Tyrone up the garden path. Jack tells her to keep out of it. Maria lies to Tyrone and arranges to meet Stuart behind his back. Jamie suggests Danny should make him assistant manager at Underworld. He's upset when Danny refuses, telling him he's useless. Again Charlie manages to turn the tables, blaming Shelley for their row the night before. Shelley's very unhappy. Sunita and Dev re-open the Corner Shop after its alterations. Maria meets Stuart for a drink. He kisses her passionately.

MON 24 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Jamie's dented the works van and is dreading telling Danny. Warren lets slip to Leanne that Stuart's taken Maria out. Sunita attends the Weatherfield Traders' Association meeting instead of Dev. When the President resigns, Sunita's shocked to find herself nominated. Leanne tells Jack and Vera that Maria's two-timing Tyrone. Charlie and Shelley make up again. Charlie assures her he's not the sort of man who would hurt a woman. Jack calls to see Warren to ask him if it's true about Maria. Fred, Audrey and Rita discuss the President's resignation and Fred shows them the presidential medal which he's looking after. Danny blames Jamie for crashing the van and makes him pay for the damage. Stuart takes Maria back to his flat. He wants to take her to bed. Although tempted, Maria refuses as she doesn't want to hurt Tyrone. Shelley's mortified when Charlie says he'll give £5 to charity for every pound she loses on her diet and puts a poster up behind the bar. Tyrone tells Jack how he wants to have kids with Maria. Jack gently breaks the news to him that Maria's seeing someone else behind his back. Tyrone's devastated.

WED 26 JAN, 2005


Danny insists they invite Leanne and Candice round and all have dinner together. Gail gets Sarah to invite Scooter round for tea so she and Audrey can meet him. Fred suggests to Dev he should put himself forward as President of the Weatherfield Traders' Association. Dev agrees, thinking Sunita will be relieved. Tyrone tries to pluck up the courage to ask Maria the truth about where she was last night but bottles out at the last minute. Scooter arrives at the Platts' house. David enjoys watching him snog Sarah on the doorstep. Leanne and Frankie start arguing over dinner. They end up having a pizza fight. Danny makes them apologise and shake hands with each other. When Dev tells her he's standing as President so she can withdraw her nomination, Sunita's cross and tells him she'll be standing too as his rival. Gail and Audrey quiz Scooter about his job on the skips. They both decide they like him. Maria goes round to Stuart's flat again. He tells Maria how special she is and she basks in the flattery. He asks her to stay the night.

FRI 28 JAN, 2005


Maria's spent the night with Stuart and feels guilty about Tyrone. Gail calls in the garage to see Sally. Sally and Ian flirt with each other and Gail becomes suspicious that they're having an affair. Dev and Sunita both put in the their nominations for President of the Weatherfield Traders' Association. Maria's trying to get hold of Stuart but he's not answering his mobile. Sunita hopes Dev wins the election. Dev pretends that he wants Sunita to win but Sunita can see he's bluffing. Maria goes round to Stuart's flat and is shocked to find he has a girlfriend called Cindy. Stuart cruelly tells her she was just a one-night stand. Maria's gutted. Tommy and Angela wind Craig and Rosie up by pretending that they're going to go with them to their Goths' concert. Maria arrives back upset. Tyrone calls round and Maria tells him the truth, that she's been two-timing him with Stuart and that he was just using her. Tyrone forgives her and proposes to her. Maria finds herself agreeing to marry him. .

SUN 30 JAN, 2005


It's the morning after the night before for Tyrone and Maria and while the neighbors seems skeptical, they are both determined that they will get married and that they'll live happily ever after. Although Maria's face often tells a different story . . . Norris, Ken and Roy all get into an argument over what to read and one thing leads to another when they decide to establish a book club. However, not all of the members are up to Norris' standards when Liz decides to join! They spend much time arguing which books to read! Sally decides to confide in Gail over her little affair! But Sally doesn't get the support she wanted as Gail warns her to be very careful. Sally tells her that nobody's going to know except for the three who already do so nobody will get hurt. Gail isn't so sure.

MON 31 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Gail tells Sally that she can trust her not to say anything to anyone about her affair but she can't trust her not to offer an opinion. Sally reassures Gail that there's nothing to worry about. Later, however, Rosie comes home from school for lunch with Gemma (the Davenport's daughter) who tells Sally that her mum's been crying for no reason at all. Sally worries that she might have been caught! Sally goes to work and seeing Ian decides to confront him about these latest revelations. At first, Ian puts off the conversation but the issue is forced onto him again when he gets a phone call from Justin that (as his assistant), Sally answers. Having hung up the phone, Ian reassures Sally that Justine is just getting over emotional about a broken plant pot . . . Sunita asks Shelley if she'll break her diet for a couple of hours and help her taste test a new range of foods. Shelley agrees thinking it'll be no big deal but later, Charlie comes home to find Sunita feeding Shelley fatty foods

MON 31 JAN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Katie's revelation disrupts the mood even more and an argument erupts! Having had enough of her daughter provoking her, Angela slaps Katy! Katy storms out followed by Tommy. Angela tells Martin how sorry she is and goes on to tell him how much kids change your life. Martin reassures her that he knows all this and that he's full prepared for fatherhood again. Meanwhile, Tommy's conversation with Katy is less civilized! Katy shouts at her father on the doorstep and eventually slams the door in his face. Tommy goes home and promptly throws Martin out. Later, while Martin and Katy gather their thought in their flat, Tommy and Angela reminisce on the last 20 years and she tells him how proud she is that Tommy didn't hit anyone while Tommy tells her how proud he is that she did hit someone! Shelley tries to calm Charlie down but he soon storms out and off to the pub where Liz works. He doesn't get any sympathy there, although he does gain the attention of a young girl selling knock-off raz

WED 2 FEB, 2005


David hears second hand from Craig that Katy is pregnant. He doesn't believe it at first but later tells Gail who phones Martin for a comment. When Gail calls, Martin is in a hurry on his way to work but tells her that it is true. By the time, Martin and Katy get round to see Gail and the kids, David is beyond the point of forgiving his dad. While Martin tries his hardest, Katy fishes for sympathy from Sarah saying how scared she feels about having this baby. Sarah tells her she should be scared! It's the day of the big election at the Weatherfield traders association! Dev is quite confident of a win until Fred does a little bit of private polling and discovers that most of the voters find him "slimy"! Outraged, Dev, along with Fred, try to come up with a winning strategy. However, they can't think of one in time and so Dev settles for staying ahead in his marriage and gracefully resigns from the race at the last minute. Sunita later thanks him. Following Dev's resignation, the race

FRI 4 FEB, 2005


Sally feels guilty after a heart-to-heart with Justine. Craig and Rosie consider sleeping together. Cilla sells Schmeichel to one of her friends.

SUN 6 FEB, 2005


Tommy punches Craig. Chesney is distraught after discovering that his mum has sold his precious dog, Schmeichel.

MON 7 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Tommy can't stop apologizing for punching Craig. Sally fears that her affair has been discovered when Rosie admits to taking condoms from her bag. Chesney runs away to search for his beloved Schmeichel.

MON 7 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Chesney continues to search for Schmeichel. Sally tries to cover her tracks and get Tommy and Rosie to keep quiet. Will Tommy tell Kevin about the condoms?

WED 9 FEB, 2005


Deidre has a rough time of it during Amy's birthday party when Blanche shows her up in front of everybody. Later, having been left alone at last Deidre spends some time alone with Ken and tells him how her mother has never treated her with any respect and has always put her down. Out of nowhere, Ken asks Deidre to marry him! Overwhelmed, Deidre says yes!

FRI 11 FEB, 2005


Blanche lets Deidre know that she disapproves of her engagement to Ken. Deidre can't believe it since Blanche was the one going on at her for years about tyeing the knot! Blanche tells her that she had hoped for a bit of romance! Later, Ken puts his foot in it when he tells Deidre all the benefits of getting married - and they're purely financial! Outraged that Ken proposed to her for all the wrong reasons Deidre calls off the engagement much to Ken's disappointment . . . Les sits by the phone waiting to hear from the supposed kidnappers! Cilla tries to persuade him to go out so that she can get on with her plans but Les isn't budging. Eventually, Cilla goes out and returns telling Les that the kidnappers rang her while she was out and that she has to take the ransom money alone . . . Les tells her that he can't let her go alone but she goes anyway. A long while later, Chesney and Kirk have joined Les in waiting for Cilla's return. Fiz shows up and she tells them that Cilla probable

SUN 13 FEB, 2005


Fiz finds out that Cilla was the on who made the ransom note. Sally gets a shock when she gets a visit from an old employee of Ian's - it seems that she's not the first person Ian's had an affair with.

MON 14 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Cilla gets a Valentines card from another man! Les is immediately suspicious and fearful that she might be seeing somebody else. Worried that she'll loose Les, Cilla gives Chesney £5 to tell his uncle Les that he sent his mam the card! Feeling rejected by Deidre, Ken decides he's not talking to her! Meanwhile, Blanche's friend Lena plots to steal Ken for herself! Steve gets two cards on Valentines Day morning. He knows that one's from Tracy and thinks that there might be a chance that the other is from Karen . . . Steve contacts Karen's family to try and get in touch - they tell him that they don't want to be put in the middle and agree that if Steve were to send a letter to Karen that they would pass it on to her . . . as Steve is about to post something in the letter box he's set upon by the factory girls and Kelly asks him if he likes his card. Steve is furious for Kelly for "playing with his mind"! Sally tells Gail about the visit from Ian's ex. Gail urges her to end the rela

MON 14 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


After going home, Sally sees that telling Kevin is not the best solution, after all she could not tell him instead! Sally has also completely changed her opinion: she says she's glad Ian's ex came round so now she knows that what she's doing with Ian is safe and that nothing bad will happen to her or Kevin as long as she keeps it quiet . . . Gail can't really see the logic there . . . It's time for Shelley's big weigh in and she's terrified that she's going to be two pounds over. Violet and Sunita try to reassure her that she's done brilliantly and she should be proud of herself. Later, when Shelley turns her back, Sunita alters the reading on the scales so that they're two pounds under so that when Shelley weighs herself in the bar she's bang on target! Later, Charlie is suspicious about Shelley's weight loss. He figures out that the scales were rigged and immediately confronts Violet. She doesn't think it's a big deal but Charlie on the other hand feels cheated and when he finds ou

WED 16 FEB, 2005


Much to Shelley's surprise, she gets her head bitten off by Charlie when she mentions his brother. He says he doesn't want to talk about it when in fact the truth is probably more like: he made the whole thing up! Fred has no luck in a game of cards with Norris, Emily and Audrey. They all gang up and fix it so that Fred can win a hand but fed up of loosing, Fred tries cheating instead much to the shock of the other players! To Tracy's delight, Steve gets the news that Karen wants a divorce! She tries to be sincere to Steve but when his back is turned sh can't help but show a little smile . . .

FRI 18 FEB, 2005


Sarah and Scooter have the place to themselves. Charlie waves goodbye to Shelley and Sunita as they go away to a health spa in celebration of Shelley's weight loss (which Shelley and Sunita faked by changing the scales). Tracy tries it on with Steve again! Jason's plans of a romantic meal with Violet turn sour when she prefers to have a girls night in with Eileen and Sean.

SUN 20 FEB, 2005


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

MON 21 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

MON 21 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

WED 23 FEB, 2005


Tommy has now become obsessed with discovering the truth behind "Platt's" after hours activities. Angela tells him he's being paranoid but starts to question that when she overhears an argument between Sally and Gail in the Rovers: Gail tells Sally that she doesn't agree with what Sally's doing and insists that for the girls' sakes and for Kevin's that she calls off this silly affair . . . Angela may have thought she was mishearing things but her worst fears seem to be confirmed when from afar she sees Sally coming out of Martin's flat. She gives him a warm hug and then heads off . . . In fact, Martin had run into Sally after her argument with Gail and seeing that his friend was upset he'd invited her inside. They have a cup of tea together. Martin mentions his affair with Rebbecca; Sally asks him if he regrets it - Martin tells her that he doesn't because it made him realize that he and Gail were not meant to be. Sally asks about his current relationship and Martin tells her that he's

FRI 25 FEB, 2005


Tommy spots martin in the street and beats him up, convinced that he is having an affair with sally Webster, tyrone spots the fracas between the two and tries to break it up. Charlie continues to play with Shelley's mind by telling her that he overheard sunita gossiping about her to frankie behind her back. He later tells her that she doesn't need any of her friends when she has him.

SUN 27 FEB, 2005


Martin tells Sally that Tommy is spreading the rumour of their affair. Obviously, Sally is less than happy because she is having an affair and she doesn't want Kevin to get suspicious. Katy shocks her parents when she tells them that she doesn't want the baby anymore.

MON 28 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

MON 28 FEB, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

WED 2 MAR, 2005


Martin goes to visit Katy and tells her that he wants to play an active role in his baby's life only to be told: there is no baby anymore! Feeling that his life has fallen apart he goes to the pub to get very very drunk . . . meanwhile, Sally is surprised to find that Rosie thinks she's telling the truth about Martin but is shocked when Rosie accuses her of having an affair with Gemma's dad! Sally quickly goes on the offensive and denies it all, telling Rosie that she mustn't go putting ideas like that into her dad's head after all she's seen the damage that this lot of lies about Martin have caused . . . Unconvinced, Rosie agrees not to share her suspicions with her dad. Also, after hearing that Katy has aborted the baby, Kevin sees that there's nothing going on between Martin and Sally. Kevin returns home and announces that he's sorry for how he acted and is pleased when Sally forgives him! Also, Sally gets a visit from an angry Gail. Having just heard the news about Katy, Gail tries

FRI 4 MAR, 2005


Tracy's incredulity turns to anger that Ray should just turn up after twenty-six years of next to no contact. Gail tells Angela and Tommy that Sally's affair isn't with Martin. Angela's horrified but Tommy's not bothered saying it was the right result in the end. Angela explains to Katy that Martin never cheated on her. Katy's devastated. Katy pleads with Martin to give her another chance but Martin's unyielding, reminding her she's killed their baby. Katy is grief stricken. Joanne and Jessie continue to talk in unison which amuses the factory girls. Ian's worried when Sally tells him that Rosie suspects they're having an affair. He suggests Sally finds another job but Sally's adamant that Rosie won't say anything. At the garage, a furious Katy vents her grief on Tommy. She's horrified to realise he's pleased she had an abortion and that Martin doesn't want her back. Ken thinks Ray turning up on their proposed wedding day is a bad omen. Deirdre assures him nothing's changed. Danny secures a couple of big orders for the factory. The girls are relieved. As the Barlows leave the hospital, Ray collapses in pain on the pavement. Incandescent with rage, Katy picks up a wrench and delivers a mighty blow to Tommy's head. Angela arrives and cradles her dying husband.

SUN 6 MAR, 2005


Katy and Angela can't believe that Tommy's dead. They deliberate for a while and finally decide, after much arguing, that they shouldn't call the police or an ambulance, but they should go home and wait for Tommy to be found. Danny bets Jamie and Warren that they can't quit having sex with Candice and Leanne for a while. Danny has the idea that Warren will score more goals if he doesn't spend the night with Candice. Tracy and Ken decide to leave the hospital but Deirdre waits at to hear news of how Ray is. Ray admits to Deirdre that he returned to Weatherfield because he is dying.

MON 7 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

MON 7 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Tommy Harris lies motionless in the garage while Katy and Angela hide away in their home still overcome with shock. Meanwhile as a new day dawns, Tyrone informs Kevin that he found the garage door unlocked the previous night and as they open the door to start work they make the grim discovery of tommy's body. Kevin later informs Angela of his find and although she seems shocked, her pain is all too clear. Police hound the street as onlookers begin to come to terms with the latest tragedy. Tracy is shocked to discover Emily has invited her father ray to stay with her for a while. Katy couldn't bear to watch as her dead father was carried away from the street forever and broke down while being comforted by mum Angela.

WED 9 MAR, 2005


The police begin their questioning regarding Tommy's death. Angela tries to divert attention from herself and Katy by playing the mourning family being constantly hassled by the police. Later, while Angela makes a formal identification on Tommy's body, Craig tells Katy that there's no doubt in his mind that this is all Martin's doing. Katy defends Martin and is almost at the point of confession when the door goes . . . Meanwhile, Tyrone, Kevin, Sally and Martin all find themselves being questioned. Martin is surprised to find out about Tommy's death . . . Nevertheless, later, David comes running home to tell Gail that his dad's been arrested! The whole street watches as Martin is taken away in police custody . . . Meanwhile, the girls at the factory are disgruntled to learn that Danny wants them to carry on working during such a traumatic event. Danny tells them that all he wants is for their order to get done and tells his workers that it would be little comfort to Angela to know th

FRI 11 MAR, 2005


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

SUN 13 MAR, 2005


Cilla asked fiz if she could look after chesney for a few days whilst she and les took off on holiday, but fiz refused. She then asked roy to take him into his care, and when hayley found out she wasn't best pleased. Angela blamed martin for what had happened to tommy, while katy tried to make gail believe that martin was guilty by getting her to admit that it's what she was thinking. David and audrey visited martin while he was still in custody and david was shocked when martin said he might as well plead guilty, even though he knew he was innocent, but david responded by telling him he wouldn't give up on him.

MON 14 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Seeing what Ray's presence is doing to Ken and Deidre, Tracy decides to confront her biological father once and for all. She tells him to get lost but is eventually convinced to come inside to hear his side of the story . . . Tracy isn't particularly surprised by what she hears but she seems moved by Ray's apologies. Later, Tracy is won round enough to let her father hold her daughter. Roy and Hayley are moved by Chesney's story that he has to do all the work at home and decide to treat him like a king while he stays with them! Chesney very much enjoys the experience but as they settle down to watch Shrek, Chesney tells them that he misses his dog so much . . . Candice is worried that Warren is going off her because they haven't slept together in over a week. He tells her that he's just been busy which she doesn't really buy . . . Later, Frankie gives Candice the real reason: the bet between Warren, Jamie and Danny. Candice is so annoyed that she decides to teach Warren a lesson. W

MON 14 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Martin seeks reassurance from Gail that she believes he's innocent. At first she seems skeptical but eventually she comes to see that Martin isn't Richard and knows that he's telling the truth. Later, when Martin steps out from some air he sees Katy across the garden fence. He tries to get her to see that he didn't do it, little does he know that she already knows that . . . for the second time that day, Katy almost lets someone else in on her little secret and for the second time Angela interrupts her and drags her daughter inside before she can incriminate herself. Tracy returns home and announces to all that things were going fine with Ray until he started talking down about Ken so she hit him! Ken seems pleased but Deidre is angry at Tracy for hitting an sick man, she goes round to see if he's OK, leaving her family in a state of shock. While Ray and Deidre reminisce and argue about old times, Ken finds himself asking Blanche why Deidre's with him, after all she has always gone f

WED 16 MAR, 2005


Ray finds himself confronted by both Ken and Norris, Ken tries to make Ray see that Tracy doesn't want him there. He's ruined her life enough and he thinks it's time he moved on (which isn't really news to Ray); Emily reassure Ray that Tracy just needs time but Ray tells her that's the one thing he doesn't have. Norris has a go at Ray for repeatedly sitting in his chair . . . After talking to Fiz, Roy and Hayley catch on to Chesney's games and inform him that they won't be falling for them any more! Martin finds himself relegated to the boundaries of society when he goes to his local for a pint. Norris won't even face him to speak to him while Martin's good friend Kevin isn't convinced of his innocence either! Furious, Martin storms out, leaving his pint. Outside, he finds himself attacked by a passing Craig who lets him know that he's not going to get away with the crime he didn't actually commit . . . Meanwhile, after the police tells Angela that they may want to do a thorough se

FRI 18 MAR, 2005


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

SUN 20 MAR, 2005


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

MON 21 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Tracy continues to be nice to Ray.

MON 21 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


When Ken is drunk, he reveals to Tracy that there's no point being nice to Ray so that she can get his money whn he dies, because he has other children (which he left Deirdre for the childrens mother).

WED 23 MAR, 2005


The residents of Coronation Street gather for Tommy's funeral. Katy has last minute doubts about whether or not she'll be able to go through with standing in a church surrounded by all the people that loved the man she killed but Angela tells her that everything will be fine as long as she stays strong for just that day - it'll be better after that . . . Katy isn't Angela's only concern, when they arrive at the church, the police show up and Angela sees them having a chat to the priest that she confessed all to! It seems that her fears are misplaced when later the priest reassures her that she can come to the church and speak in confidence to him at any time. Later, as Craig delivers a moving eulogy for his father, he breaks down and can't go on. He finds support in his sister who goes to his side and reads Craig's words. The speech talks about Craig's love for his father and how much he hopes the villains who did this are caught and made to suffer like him! Katy can't go on either and

FRI 25 MAR, 2005


It's the day of Tommy's funeral and everyone is upset. Angela is worried that the priest will discover that it was her who made the confession. Sally tells Rosie that she's ended her affair with Ian. Chesney and Roy attend a jujitsu class. The police tell Angela, Katy and Craig that they won't be put into Witness Protection again because they are certain that the Morgans had nothing to do with Tommy's murder.

SUN 27 MAR, 2005


Tracy, Ray, Deirdre, Blanche, Norris, Emily and Rita go to Southport for the day. Angela tells Katy that she will give the police evidence that will definitely put them in the clear.

MON 28 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Les and Cilla are MIA (Missing In Action). They were supposed to be home from holiday today but there's no sign of them. Meanwhile, Charlie and Shelley are back from their holidays and he's up to his old tricks already . . . Angela sets about her plan to get back on witness protection and breaks into Mr Baldwin's office at the factory to write a threatening letter to herself: "You're Next" But her plans go all wrong when Hayley comes into the factory. Angela jumps up and hides the printed paper but it's too late, Hayley has already seen the monitor - how will Angela cover her tracks? Find out in Episode 2 . . .

MON 28 MAR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Ken finds that his home isn't his own with Ray living under his roof, Chesney settles into the cafe and Sunita gets a mouthful from Shelly when she asks about her holiday! Meanwhile, Angela does her best to cover her tracks and tells Hayley that the message on the computer was to frighten the family in Sheffield away from her own family. Hayley doesn't seem convinced but Angela soon wins her round to the point where she convinces Hayley to take the note for her!

WED 30 MAR, 2005


Steve enjoys himself on a day out with daughter Amy in the park when he comes across a pretty lady after smacking her on the head with a tennis ball! Things can only get better though as they sit down and chat - maybe they'll see each other again some time? Tracy wouldn't much like that, she's going through a bit of a rough time after Ray informs her that he's going back to Amsterdam. Later, Ray tells Tracy that he's not going home after all. Tracy tells him that he doesn't have to stay on her account only to be awkwardly informed that Ray has to stay because the doctor says he can't fly and that a ferry journey would be too stressful . . . Meanwhile, Fiz is angry when she finds out that Les and Cilla plan to stay in Spain and send for Chesney when they're settled! Also, Hayley calls in to see Angela to see that the threatening letter got to the Harris' all right. Angela tells her that it did but she becomes increasingly concerned that the police aren't taking it seriously. Angela de

FRI 1 APR, 2005


Ray tells Tracy a bit about what he got up to in Holland. Steve meets up with the woman he met the other day and finds out that her name is Louise. Katy thanks her mum for everything that she's done for her. Ken and Deirdre book their wedding. Angela is arrested on suspicion of the murder of her husband Tommy.

SUN 3 APR, 2005


Angela spends a night in the cells and is interviewed the next morning. She maintains her innocence and tries to convince the police that the Morgan family were responsible for Tommy's death, but the police aren't fooled. They tell Angela that a witness can confirm that she was at the garage on the night of Tommy's death - and this witness is herself! Angela's hairs were present in Tommy's blood, and Angela is shocked. Meanwhile, Hayley feels that she has to tell the police about the letter and confesses everything. She is arrested for trying to pervert the course of justice, and the police give her an ultimatum; stand as a witness in Angela's trial, or spend a night in the cells. She chooses the first option but is devastated at having betrayed Angela. Katy and Craig struggle to cope without Angela, and Katy begs Martin to take her back, but he refuses. Tracy spends the night with a man from the bar, but neither of them are prepared for the response they get from Tracy's family

MON 4 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


On his second date with his new woman, Louise, Steve tells her that he's really fallen for her! They also share their first kiss . . . Meanwhile, news of Angela's arrest spreads up and down the street like wild fire, the factory girls stand by their own and dismiss any claims of Angela's innocence. At the Harris' house, forensic teams ransack the place in search of new evidence. They leave the mess for Katy and Craig to clear up. Craig remains convinced of his mother's innocence . . . Later, Angela's father turns up to take care of the kids. Angela is questioned by the detectives. They put pressure on her to tell the truth but she holds her ground telling them that she has nothing to say . . . But when the chief detective threatens to bring in her kids, Angela tells them what they want to hear: she killed Tommy . . . Continues in half an hour . . .

MON 4 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Fred falls through Audrey's garden, Tyrone decides to hire a helping hand at the garage when the workload becomes too much and in court, Angela confesses to killing Tommy. Later, the street witness the departure of Katy and Craig as they head to Sheffield to be taken care of by their grandfather . . .

WED 6 APR, 2005


Ken and Deirdre prepare for their second big day. Deirdre celebrates with her mates while Ken finds himself sitting in the Rovers surrounded by the men his bride to be has slept with in the past, but he tells them that he's not deterred because he's getting the last laugh . . .

FRI 8 APR, 2005


It's Ken and Deirdre's big day.



A nostalgic look back at Ken and Deirdre's on-again-off-again relationship that's been going on for 25 years! Includes interviews with key cast and crew members (including William Roache and Anne Kirkbride)

SUN 10 APR, 2005


The people at the wedding leave the Registry Office for photographs. Ray offers his congratulations and a kiss for Deirdre. Fred makes them all line up for a picture. Lena Thistlewood returns to the garage and sees what Maria and Tyrone are up to in the office. They see her and bluster excuses. Lena pretends to be overcome with shock and demands a brandy. Charlie manipulates Shelley into suggesting that she makes the first move in making it up with Sunita. Steve is nervous of Tracy arriving in the Rovers for the wedding party. Louise however is unfazed. The wedding party arrives and Ray buys the first round. Chesney is downcast about the passport photographs. Not knowing what they are intended for, Roy offers to take better ones himself. Lena blackmails Tyrone and Maria into a free MOT and haircut. During the party, Ray tells Rita of his regrets over leaving his family. Rita points out though that he's been given a chance to make it up. Louise tells Tracy to move on and leave her and Steve alone. The party at the Rovers gets into a swing. Ray and Mike make cuttings remarks to each other about Ken while Shelley proposes to Sunita that they have a talk and arrange to meet for a drink the next day. Tracy apologises to Ray about being a bitch earlier. Ray asks his daughter for a dance. She soon agrees but he quickly tires and she goes to fetch him a drink. Deirdre sits down with Ray and comments it was weird him being there, but she's still glad her came. Ray smiles warmly at her and tells her that so is he. As Deirdre leaps up to join the hokey kokey Ray, unseen, clutches his chest in pain and groans. Blanche sits down and talks to him, not noticing that he has passed away. She finally realises that something is amiss. The party are alerted to it and gather around in a deadly hush as a tearful Tracy embraces her dead father, weeping "not yet...Dad'".

MON 11 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Tracy tries to come to terms with Ray's death, but decides to go it alone and insists that Ken and Deirdre go on their honeymoon. When Jamie potentially looses his looses his dad's van and stands Leanne up all in one go, Danny decides to take his son's girlfriend out to dinner! They have a very nice time and by the end of the evening are even confessing to one and other that if they weren't involved with other people and if they were seeking a relationship with an older man or a younger woman respectively, then the other would be exactly the kind of person they'd choose! Feeling low, Martin finds himself wandering aimlessly up and down the street, when he rests for a moment on the wall outside the house he used to call home, Gail invited him inside - he agrees. Soon afterwords, a taxi pulls up on Coronation Street. Katy's come back!

MON 11 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Steve almost stands Louise up on their last night together when he gives Tracy a shoulder to cry on. But even though he's late, Louise agrees that they should spend their last night together . . . Danny and Leanne both lie, or at least tell half truths, to avoid being caught out by their respective other halves! While Katy prepares an overdose of sugar next door, Martin enjoys an evening in the place that he still calls home with the people who are still his family. Sarah and David both suspect that there might be something going on between Martin and Gail - especially when Martin is still to be found in the house the next morning! In truth, Martin simply spent the night on the sofa safe in the knowledge that he was surrounded by those he loved . . . Later, when Gail's gone to work and David's gone to school, Martin, Scooter and Sarah hear music coming from the supposedly empty Harris house next door. They go and investigate. Martin peers through the front window and can make out

WED 13 APR, 2005


Katy is rushed to hospital after her overdose and she spends the day being pumped with medication but by the end of the day the hospital staff are forced to admit that there's no change in her condition . . . Later, Martin reads Katy's suicide note and learns the truth . . . Meanwhile, Danny's worried that Leanne might have mentioned their dinner to Jamie and when he finds out that she hasn't makes her promise to keep her mouth shut.

FRI 15 APR, 2005


Martin goes to see Angela in prison, where he reads Katy's letter that to her. Tracy and Blanche have trouble putting the coffin together for Ray so Tracy asks Charlie if he can help her. Craig returns to Weatherfield and is shocked to hear about Katy. Shelley asks Fred if he'd consider selling the Rovers to her and Charlie.

SUN 17, 2005


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

MON 18 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Craig is forced to hear the truth about what happened to his dad, but he refuses to believe it - especially from Martin . . . Martin ends up having a fist in his face from Craig! Candice offers some comic relief for the Baldwin clan as she shows off her weather girl "skills". Tracy and Steve wonder where they go from here after spending the night together. Both seem to be keen (and Liz is very keen) but things go wrong when Tracy comes into the Rovers and finds Steve when he said he was working! Despite Steve trying to explain himself, Tracy doesn't want to hear it!

MON 18 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


The police question Angela over Katy's letter and tell her that they don't believe her! She isn't sure what to say so she tells them where she hid the murder weapon! Later, the police allow Angela out to see Katy in hospital. As Angela is dragged away she begs Martin to look after Katy . . . Tracy tries to make Steve jealous by flirting heavily with Nathan at the Rovers. The ply very clearly works! Sean tells Eileen that he won't be able to afford his rent for this month, she tells him that unless he pays up then neither will she! And finally, Audrey tells Fred that she doesn't see why she should cut him in to the water business that he plans to run from her back garden!

WED 20 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


The Grimshaws face an uncertain financial future, Liz tries to play matchmaker with Steve and Tracy but to no avail and Candice resigns from the salon after infuriating Audrey by doing her own hair and ignoring the customers! Meanwhile, Angela seeks help from her priest whom she confessed her sins to, as well as Katy's sins . . . Angela asks him to tell the police what she told him but he tells her that the confessional bounds him to secrecy . . . he will not break that that vow, even if she asks him to - it isn't his place . . . Also, as she lies in a coma, Craig begs Katy to get better but it seems that there's nothing he can say and there's nothing that the doctors can do as Katy's life draws to a close . . . Continued in a special episode at 10pm . . .

WED 20 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


News of Katy's death spreads down Coronation Street, everyone is saddened by the news. Martin and Angela struggle with things the most . . . Angela's father tells her that he'll stay on Coronation Street with Craig until she is released from prison . . . Also, Fred and Audrey discover that the water from her garden is actually old sewage water, in need of some cash, Sean gets a job at the bingo hall has an announcer. Tracy rubs Steve's face in it when she plans a big night out with Nathan and a pompous Candice angers Audrey when she drops by the salon for her wages and ends up insulting Audrey and the salon that she's worked so hard to build up.

FRI 22 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Ken and Deirdre return from their honeymoon. Hayley goes to visit Angela in prison, much to the annoyance of the factory girls. Craig confides in Martin when he is upset and confused. When Craig goes to the cemetery to see his fathers grave, he is upset to find it cornered off and police everywhere, not letting him near.

FRI 22 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Craig is distraught after discovering that his fathers body is being exhumed following his mums new confession. Sean is nervous on his first night of being a bingo caller. Vera makes a scene at the bingo when she doesn't win but Sean's friends do. Audrey kicks Candice out of the flat so she has to take refuge at the Baldwins. Steve is nervous when he's around Tracy.

SUN 24 APR, 2005


The Webster family return from their holiday and are shocked to hear what happened while they were gone. Gail tells Sally that she's partly to blame for what happened because of her affair. Chesney wits by the phone and hopes that his mum or Les will ring. Sick of bring laughed at for wanting to be a weather girl, Candice rings the Gazette. Vera makes a show of herself in the Rovers when she implies that Sean is rigging the bingo numbers that are called so that his friends win. Steve is shocked to hear that Tracy is considering moving to Portsmouth. After a small heart to heart, Steve agrees to make a go of it with Tracy.

MON 25 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Candice sells the next part of her story to the Weatherfield Gazette - which gives everyone on the street a good laugh! Later, Leanne pushes Candice too far and ends up covered in a pint! But it emerges that Candice has pulled the short straw - Danny kicks her out! The Websters return from their holiday. Kevin finds that there's a new man at the garage and although he's angered at first, Tyrone convinces him to give Nathan a chance. Meanwhile, Sally finds that Ian's temporary assistant seems to have moved in on her territory . . . After spending the night together, Steve and Tracy announce to their families that they are now an item. Later, they decide to go on their first official date! Craig, Angela and Martin struggle with their emotions as they bury Katy. Only a handful of people attend the service. Later, Angela throws dirt at Martin and blames him for everything that's happened but soon the prison guards drag her away . . .

MON 25 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


After causing another scene at the Bingo hall, Vera finds herself banned and her Golden Balls taken off her! Roy and Hayley try to make Chesney feel like part of their family when they catch him trying to buy cheap flights to Spain. Tracy and Steve's first date doesn't go to plan when Tracy finds herself locked in Steve's porch - but it all turns out OK in the end . . . Meanwhile, alone in the office with her temporary replacement, Sally feels like she's slowly being pushed out. But then Ian and Justine arrive and he announces that he's been having an affair! Is Sally done for? No. Because, in fact, its Ian's affair with Lisa that Justine has found out about. Lisa is ordered to clear her desk and leaves Davenport's garage . . .

WED 27 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Kevin is shocked when Sally reveals Ian's been having an affair with Lisa and when Sally tells him she doesn't think she should be working for a man like that anymore, Kevin reminds her they need the money! Later, Ian tells Sally that Justine is now more clueless about their relationship than ever. Meanwhile, Vera is still raging about the Grimshaw's bingo winnings and makes sure her feelings are heard. Later, after Sean is suspended from his job, Eileen and Vera get into a slanging match in the street! Also, Candice applies for a TV training course, Craig struggles to cope with his family breakdown, and Roy tells Hayley he's going to Spain to find Cilla.

WED 27 APR, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


When Danny goes round to Janice's flat to drop off some missing wages, he's confronted by Leanne who's just out of the shower as she gets ready for her romantic meal with Jamie. Scantily clad, she invites him in to wait and as they flirt together there's a charged atmosphere. But just as it looks like something is going to happen between the pair, Janice interrupts. The mood is broken, but when Leanne later arrives at the Rovers to meet Jamie, she can't help looking unashamedly at his dad. Sally's shocked when Justine turns to her for comfort, but when she opens her heart to Sally about Ian and his affairs, Sally is left feeling numb with guilt. When she returns to the garage, Ian is fearful that their secret is out. It's not, but for Sally her eyes have been opened. How will Ian react when Sally tells him their relationship is over? Elsewhere Steve and Tracy go public with their relationship on a date to the Rovers, and Norris wants to start up a petition to get rid of Jack's pige

FRI 29 APR, 2005


After Vera makes a scene in the bingo hall again, Sean quits his job as the bingo caller. Chesney prepares to go to Spain. Justine asks Sally to keep an eye on her husband at work.

SUN 1 MAY, 2005


Blanche's favourite author, Mel Hutchwright, comes to Weatherfield. Cilla and Les return and go to Hayley's to pick up Chesney. Les is shocked to discover that Roy and Chesney have gone to Spain.

MON 2 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Mel admits he's been suffering from writers block but after seeing a brawl in the Rovers between Janice and Cilla he soon finds himself full of ideas! Craig visits his mum in prison and after hearing that she's pleaded guilty to the new charges that have been brought against her he finds himself hating her. He soon comes round though and is forced to say goodbye to Angela for the next four years at least . . .

MON 2 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Keith and Craig struggle to get through the day. But eventually they seem to learn to live with one another, for now at least. While Kevin dishes out a meal of burnt sausage and lumpy mash to Rosie and Sophie, Sally finds herself one again being pursued by Ian. He tries to make her see that he wants them to be together but she comes back at him, that she won't give up her family for him. He was only a business transaction to her! Mel continues to take advantage of Emily and Norris, while all they seem to get in return is disrespect for their property.

WED 4 MAY, 2005


Keith does his best to look after Craig, Candice seems surprised when Audrey won't give her £300 for a TV presenting course and while Les gets his old job back, Cilla tells him that she's going to devote her time to looking after Chesney (ie doing nothing!) Ian tells Sally that if she won't be with him, she'll be out of work. She refuses to go so Ian tries another method: he starts giving Sally a hard time about everything and later, Ian reduces Sally to tears when he forces her to wash cars.

FRI 6 MAY, 2005


Ciaran offers to help Cilla find a job in catering, she's disappointed to learn that she'll be working in a fish and chip shop. Later, Cilla gets fed up of everyone making fun of her and vows that they'll all be sorry . . . Ian continues to bully Sally in the workplace. She decides to strike back: she pours salt in his sandwich and shrinks his suit! Violet tells Jason that she's going on a spontaneous holiday to Ibiza, he's put out by this and his over-protective reaction to Violet means that he almost finds himself dumped!

SUN 8 MAY, 2005


Mike puts his foot in it when Penny gets burgled, Frankie warns him that unless he acts he could lose her . . . Meanwhile, Kevin tells Sally how pleased he is that their life isn't as complicated as the Davenports and Mel secures free food and drink for himself by announcing to the street that he's going to base the hero of his new book on somebody from the area! Also, frustrated that nothing seems to be working in her house, Cilla comes up with a plan to get some new stuff - she tells Les to ask her to marry him so that they can get loads of new stuff in the form of presents at their wedding!

MON 9 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Cilla and Les announce their engagement to the street but by the time they go for a drink in the Rovers later, Chesney has already let the cat out of the bag as to why they're really getting married - oops! Also, Candice's audition for ‘Eye in the Sky' goes worse than anyone could've foreseen when she throws up live on air and Mike tells Penny that he wants her to be the last woman in his life and asks her to move in - she accepts! Meanwhile, when Ian disappears into his office alone with a woman, Sally decides its time to get her revenge and she calls Justine who comes running! However, it turns out that the woman in the office is just the accountant and Justine arrives just late enough not to make a complete fool of herself. Later, Ian tells Sally that he wasn't impressed with her littler performance with Justine earlier and decides to take out revenge by telling Kevin! Ian speeds off and Sally follows in hot pursuit, when Sally gets home and Ian's car is parked outside she thinks

MON 9 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Candice is down but not out, she decides to take her career to the next step and replies to advert in the newspaper for a TV weather girl. Also, Les and Cilla go on a charm offensive and when Charlie refuses to fix a leak in the corner shop he finds himself having a public brawl with Dev, but it's Dev who ends up with a bloody nose when he gets a smack from Charlie! Sally's battle with Ian continues but when he takes in one step too far, they decide to call a truce. Ian tells Sally that he can get her a job at another garage and they can tell Kevin that the whole situation just got awkward after Ian's affair - Sally accepts . . .

WED 11 MAY, 2005


Keith gets frustrated with David when his football keeps finding its way into the Harris' back garden - the ball gets popped! Meanwhile, Cilla gives Rocky his cards at the chippy then hires her old pal Yana to take over as assistant friar and Betty lets Shelley and Charlie know of her disapproval over his recent violent behavior. Also, when Sally is told that she can only get the job that Ian set her up with if she sleeps with the boss she storms out enraged! She decides that enough is enough and tells Kevin that Ian's been propositioning her - she said no of course! Kevin storms out to find Ian when Rosie emerges from the living room having heard the whole thing! She screams at her mum for lying to her dad. As Rosie tells Sally that she has to lie to Kevin to protect their marriage, at Davenport's, Kevin smacks Ian! Ian reacts by telling Kevin the whole truth - at first Kevin thinks he's lying but Ian soon brings Kevin round, after all, why would Ian lie? Kevin returns home. Sally a

FRI 13 MAY, 2005


It's a very sad day in the Platt household when David goes to feed Barney the rabbit only to find him stone cold . . . it turns out he passed away in the night. Later, David is surprised when it appears someone or something has stolen Barney's body. But the mystery is soon solved when Keith comes round from next door having mounted Barney's stuffed body on a board. Everyone seems to see the funny side except for David . . . Meanwhile, Candice announces that she's got a new job, Mel confesses that he broke one of Emily's figurines and Charlie tells Shelley that she can't do anything right when she tries to talk Dev out of going to the police . . . Also, Sally is confused when Kevin keeps giving her the cold shoulder. She decides to confront him about it. He tells her what Ian really told him the other night - Sally acts outraged but Kevin can see right through it and tells Sally that he believes Ian! When Rosie and Sophie hear their parents fighting downstairs they jump to their mum's

SUN 15 MAY, 2005


Jamie secretly goes to see his mum, Carol, who he hasn't seen since he was a child. She is pleased to see him and after a heart-to-heart, they both decide to meet up again. But while he's been away, Danny and Leanne have had a drink together. But it doesn't just end there, with desire sky-high, Danny leans in for a kiss – will Leanne delve in? Meanwhile, Kevin is still full of doubts over Sally's fidelity and the tension is palpable in the Webster household as Sally herself tries to bury her guilt. Elsewhere, Candice is busy bragging about her new job as a weathergirl, but later Tyrone and Maria spot her in a window leaving a crimson Candice forced to confess the truth!

MON 16 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Leanne is convinced that Jamie was with another woman yesterday and out of anger at him she books an afternoon with his dad! But when Jamie tells Leanne that he was seeing his mum yesterday, Leanne forgives him and calls off her date with Danny. Also, Diggory Compton opens his new bakery on Rosamund Street but gets into trouble for advertising in the corner shop and at the Rovers, Mel manages to get lunch out of Audrey, Adam Barlow returns having left school he wants to move in with Mike and the Websters sort out their differences when Kevin stands up for Sally to Justine - he tells her that nothing went on between Ian and Sally. Meanwhile, Charlie gets a smack in the face for sleeping with a client's wife! Jason takes pleasure out of his employer's pain but Charlie is really angered when he sees Dev enjoying his black eye! So, when Shelley asks Charlie what happened to him, Charlie tells her that Dev hired someone to hit him!

MON 16 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Adam confesses that he didn't leave school voluntarily - was expelled! Also, Diggory is barred from the corner shop, Norris finds that the typing from Mel's room is coming from and tape player and Sally almost confesses the truth about her affair with Ian to Rita. Meanwhile, while everyone else is reluctant to believe Charlie's lies about Dev, Shelley falls for it hook line and sinker yet again. Later, when Dev and Sunita drop by for a drink at the Rovers they're slightly confused by their icy reception. Sunita soon finds herself in a slanging match with Shelley resulting is Shelley coming out from behind the bar and smacking her! While folk try and pull Shelley away from Sunita, Dev hustles his wife out of the pub . . . the punters seem to enjoy the show!

WED 18 MAY, 2005


As the rift between Shelley and Sunita grows, there's more trouble on the horizon when Betty overhears Charlie threatening trouble with Dev and then asking Jason for a gun. He's actually talking about a sealant gun for a job but Betty gets the wrong end of the stick and a stunned Charlie can't believe it when the police arrive at the Rovers to arrest him for possession of a firearm. How will Charlie get out of this one? Mel's sunk into a depression as his writer's block continues and despite Norris' encouraging noises it seems he's got something else up his sleeve. He takes a precious figurine from Emily's but just as he is about make his escape Norris appears with news that the book club may have a solution to his money problems. But has Norris just caught Mel out? Danny's unhappy as Adam gets his feet under the table at Underworld. So when Penny offers a solution to his problems he can't conceal his delight. And Hayley is worried that Roy is acting strangely until Frankie tells

FRI 20 MAY, 2005


Betty feels guilty when Charlie shows her the 'gun.' Ken is weary about the book club paying for Mel's novel to be published. Fred is only interested in the profit that can be made. Liz tells Maria and Tyrone that she is visiting Jim; whom is due out of prison some time next year.

SUN 22 MAY, 2005


Mel tells Norris to get the Book Club members to make their cheques out to Lionel Hipkiss, Mel's publisher. Jamie and Leanne go for lunch at Carol's house in Birmingham. Carol burns the lunch and drinks too much. Leanne's shocked at the squalor of the house. Upset Liz tells Deirdre that Jim's attacked his cell mate and had his sentence extended by two years. She decides their relationship is over. Liz tells Steve she's going to divorce Jim. Steve's upset. The Book Club meet and hand over their money to Mel. Mel reads a passage from his new tome,The Canary's Last Song. Jamie thinks the lunch with Carol went well but Leanne points out she's got a drink problem and needs help. Ken arrives at the Book Club and exposes Mel for the fraud that he is. Mel's real name is Lionel Hipkiss and he has a track record of taking money from people for potential book publication, only for nothing to appear. Emily, Blanche, Roy, Rita, Audrey and Norris are shocked and demand their money back. Norris manhandles Mel out of the door after he has told the group what he really thinks of them. Jamie blames himself for his mother's mental state as he chose to live with Danny and Frankie over her. Leanne tries to console him.

MON 23 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Jamie tells Leanne that he wants to help his mum overcome her drinking problem. While Jamie is away, Leanne gets close to his dad Danny. Leanne accidentally tells Danny about Jamie's secret meetings with his mum. Shelley is sick of the gossip about Charlie so she and Charlie decide to sack Betty.

MON 23 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Leanne's betrayed Jamie. Can she keep Danny quiet? Steve rings his dad, Jim, in prison to discuss his mum, Liz. Violet returns from her holiday in Ibiza. Charlie gets a firmer grip on Shelley when they both agree that they only need each other and can't let anybody get in between them.

FRI 27 MAY, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

SUN 29 MAY, 2005


Sarah's offered her job back at the bakery. Charlie continues to manipulate Shelley. He tells everyone that she has chicken pox and that she doesn't want any visitors. Mike and Penny prepare to go away golfing. Danny and Leanne arrange another liaison. Danny is furious to discover that Jamie told Frankie about his meetings with his real mother. Is a reconciliation on the cards for Leanne and Jamie?

MON 30 MAY, 2005


On her first day as a bus driver, Claire runs over Chesney's best friend Schmeichel!

WED 1 JUN, 2005


Les and Cilla find out dogs aren't included on the NHS while Jack and Vera's holiday comes to an abrupt end!

FRI 3 JUN, 2005


Unbeknownst to Jamie, Danny visits Carol in Birmingham and Claire goes behind Ashley's back to offer the Battersbys the money for Schmeichel’s treatment.

MON 6 JUN, 2005


Sally's depressed as she keeps getting job rejections. She suspects Ian's been blackening her name with all the local garages. Fred, Betty and Ciaran become increasingly suspicious about Shelley's chicken pox. Bob's stayed the night with Liz. They bump into Steve who's disapproving. Diggory chats up Sunita and offers her a job just to wind Dev up. Shelley panics when Fred tries to get into her room and Jason's fixing the guttering outside her window. Charlie sends Fred away with a flea in his ear. Deirdre's worried about Shelley and decides to tell Bev what's going on. Sally asks Diggory for a job but changes his mind when he suggests she'd be expected to work late - it reminds her of Ian. Liz is delighted to receive a bouquet of flowers from Bob. Kevin tells Sally the factory are looking for machinists. Sally's upset pointing out she used to be Supervisor at Underworld. A delighted Sunita tells Dev she's pregnant. Dev's overcome with emotion. Bev storms into the Rovers, slaps Charlie and forces her way into Shelley's bedroom. On seeing Shelley's black eye, Bev's furious with Charlie thinking he's been beating up Shelley. Shelley tries to explain how she walked into a door but no-one believes her. Bev pleads with Shelley to get rid of Charlie but Shelley refuses and instead forcibly throws Bev out of the Rovers in front of all the locals. Bev's very upset. Deirdre calms her down with a brandy and tells her she's welcome to stay on their sofa. Dev offers Sally a part-time job in the Corner Shop. Sally accepts. Dev and Sunita agree to keep her pregnancy a secret until she reaches three months. Leanne and Danny kiss passionately and are about to rip each other's clothes off when Janice arrives back. They manage to cover up their antics. Norris enthusiastically tells Ken about the book he's writing. Shelley's very upset after the row with Bev but when Charlie then accuses her of phoning Bev on the quiet and dramatising the whole situation in front of everyone she's astounded. As Shelley protests her innocence it falls on deaf ears and Charlie packs his bags. Emotionally distraught Shelley pleads with him not to go but Charlie insists he must blaming her for everything and calling her a pathetic mess.

WED 8 JUN, 2005


Convinced Charlie is physically abusing her daughter, Bev, reports him to the police. Cilla persuades a reluctant Les to take her out for a slap up meal. Tyrone and Maria make the most of Jack and Vera’s absence. Will Dev sack Sally on her first day in the job?

FRI 10 JUN, 2005


Maria tells Tyrone to make Kevin believe that he's been offered another job so that Kevin wil ltreat him better. Steve meets Bob again and he is still unhappy about his relationship with his mother. Sunita almost confesses to Hayley that she's pregnant. There was no need for Sunita to be so secretive because Dev decides to make an announcement in the Rovers. Violet is very worried about Shelley, especially after she runs out of the bar because she can't handle the public. Deirdre convinces Bev to let the dust settle with Charlie. Following advise from Kevin, Danny offers Sally a job at Underworld.

SUN 12 JUN, 2005


Shelley tries to emerge from her room but has a panic attack before she even reaches the bottom of the stairs. Later, prompted by Charlie, Shelley gives it another go but when she spots her mother at the other end of the street, she panics again and returns to her room. Meanwhile, Tracy boils over when she catches Steve chatting up old flame Louise at the Rovers and Rosie tells Sally she's gone vegetarian.

MON 13 JUN, 2005


Steve tells Liz that he's beginning to regret getting together with Tracy while Tracy starts to get really serious and arranges with Blanche to kick the Baldwins out of number 7 so that she and Steve can't start living there as a proper family! Later, when Liz learns that Steve has agreed to move into number 7 with Tracy she starts laying into him only to be warned off telling Tracy how Steve's really feeling because he's worried Tracy will take it out on baby Amy! Meanwhile, after getting the news that they're being kicked out, the Baldwins start to look ahead to a new house (well, Frankie's keen anyway!) and Claire decides that maybe she wasn't ready for a bus and decides to try out for a job at Street Cars!

WED 15 JUN, 2005


As he tries to get over the death of his grandfather, Roy faces the possibility that he might have to face his father at the funeral . . . Frankie convinces Danny to go house hunting so he has to take the morning off work but there's nobody he can leave in charge. He tells Janice to let Adam know what's going on when he gets in. As Danny heads out, Sally gets in and Janice decides to have some fun by telling Sally that she's in charge! Sally takes to her new job very well but when Danny gets back, Sally gets an earful. Unable to take her co-workers torment any longer, Sally resigns. Later, Sally continues to have trouble with Rosie's eating habits and Danny sees to it that Jamie will be out on Friday night so that he and Leanne can have a quiet night in! As Shelley prepares to face the big wide world she spots Charlie talking to Bev across the street. Later, she confronts Charlie about not calling to warn her that her mum was still in town, how can she possible leave her room now?

FRI 17 JUN, 2005


Roy attends his grandfather's funeral. Sally returns to work at the factory and refuses to be bullied by Janice and the other girls. Blanche decides to go private for a hip operation but it's going to cost £10,000! She decides to sell number 7 to raise the money - much to Tracy's objections. Charlie starts to lose patience with Shelley who still won't come out of her room, he takes his frustration out on Bev and threatens her . . . But Ciaran sees the whole the thing!

SUN 19 JUN, 2005


Steve agrees to buy the house for himself, Tracy and Amy. Shelley continues to have anxiety attacks.

MON 20 JUN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Steve and Tracy begin preparations to change Amy's legal father from Roy. The onyl problem is that Roy doesn't agree. He suggests that Amy is DNA tested to make sure that Steve is her real father. Charlie vows to get rid of Bev. The taxi driver applicants have test drives with Dev for the job of the new taxi driver at Street Cars. Dev meets up with an old 'friend.'

MON 20 JUN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Sunita and Dev continue to argue because he doesn't want her to work now that she's pregnant. Shelley suffers from a panic attack when she goes out in public with Charlie. Steve and Tracy confront Roy over taking his name off of Amy's birth certificate as her legal father. Steve is happy when Roy is at breaking point and is close to agreeing for the arrangements to start for Steve to be Amy's legal father. Dev isn't too happy with Eileens suggestion of two new drivers because he only wanted Claire to have the job. Bev sees Shelley in a terrible state. Charlie grabs Shelley because he needs money off her to pay for the taxi, but she flings her bag at him and runs into the back door of the Rovers as quickly as she can.

WED 22 JUN, 2005


Roy finally agrees to take his name off Amy's birth certificate. Blanche tells Steve that he can buy her house but he tells her that he doesn't ant to buy it. Bev gets Ciaran on her side and they both agree that if Charlie hurts Shelley, they'll come down on him like a ton of bricks. Following an argument between Gail and Sarah, Scooter packs his bags to leave because he doesn't want to cause trouble and he feels unwelcome. Shelley is still shaken. When Charlie is in need of some love, he tries to seduce her but she doesn't give in. Will Shelley ever pull through?

FRI 24 JUN, 2005


Tracy is happy when her and Steve go to court to finalise the arrangements to make him Amy's legal father. However, Tracy's bubble is burst when Blanche informs her that Steve isn't going to buy her house. When Tracy discovers Steve's true feelings she runs out of the court and says that she's leaving Weatherfield so that Steve can't see Amy again. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to sway Ciaran from Bev by playing dirty tricks.

SUN 26 JUN, 2005


At Jamies 25th birthday tea, his real mum, Carol, arrives. Carol informs everyone that Jamie and Danny have both been to see her. Fred finds that a rival butchers has a poster of him in their shop window. Gail finally gives into Sarah and lets Scooter move in. When Gail gets back from the shops, she's shocked to see all of Scooters stuff already in her house, and Sarah and Scooter have gone out without even beginning to sort his stuff out. Steve isn't feeling guilty about how he treated Tracy, he is saddened that Tracy took his daughter away. Steve asks his mum if she will find out, from Deirdre, where Tracy is staying so that he can talk to her. Dev shows Eileen a possible house for him, Sunita and their baby, it only has six bedrooms!

MON 27 JUN, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Carol stuns the Baldwins by turning up unexpectedly at Jamie's birthday dinner. Sean plays a trick on Eileen and Violet while Fred's reputation is threatened by a rival butchers marketing campaign and how will steve cope now that Tracy has left with his daughter Amy.

MON 27 JUN, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


The Baldwins are shocked by Carol's arrival. Danny tells her to get out. Frankie feels sorry for her and invites her to join them for dinner. Fred's angry when he discovers one of Eddie Maddocks' defamatory posters stuck to his window and resolves to consult his solicitor. Sean, Eileen and Violet play a trick on Jason with Elsa, the stuffed cat. Tensions are running high at the Baldwins'. Carol becomes emotional realising she doesn't belong as they're not her family. Danny accuses her of making trouble. Carol gets drunk and starts shouting at Frankie for pinching Danny from her. Jamie gets upset and offers to drive her home. Frankie discovers Danny has secretly visited Carol in Birmingham warning her to stay away from his family. Danny throws Carol out of the house. Frankie and Jamie drive Carol home. Carol's vitriolic accusing Frankie of ruining her life and Jamie of choosing his dad over her. Jason tells Violet he loves her and suggests they get married but Violet says it's too soon although she does love him. Leanne stays with Danny. They have sex in Danny and Frankie's bed. Warren and Candice arrive home but Leanne and Danny manage to cover their tracks.

WED 29 JUN, 2005


Jamie wishes that he'd never been to see his mum. Ashley helps Fred out by taking some of the rivals' psters of Fred down. Sean plays a trick on the factory girls with his stuffed cat, only for Fiz (an animal lover) to fear for the cats safety so she calls a vet. Fiz is humiliated when the vet comes and discovers a stuffed cat, but then Sean sees love at first sight of the vet, Tim.

FRI 1 JUL, 2005


Sean is smitten with Tim. Is Tim straight or gay? Frankie is still upset that Danny went to see Carol behind her back. Meanwhile, Fred has a rival butcher.

SUN 3 JUL, 2005


Jamie suggests that he and Leanne move in together. Sean and Fiz take Schmeichel to the vet to see Tim.

MON 4 JUL 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Fred tries to talk to Shelley. Jamie's still waiting for Leanne to decide whether she wants to move in with him.

MON 4 JUL, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Janice wonders what's wrong with Leanne. Jamie announces that he's moving back in with his family. Fred suggests that Shelley sees a doctor. While Charlie and Violet are clearing up, Shelley sneaks down stairs and overhears their conversation.

WED 6 JUL, 2005


Shelley sacks Violet because she is insecure of her and Charlie. Even though Shelley is in charge, Charlie over-rules her and reinstates Violet. Claire sits on her glasses. Fred is unhappy to hear that Ashley has cancelled the fight with the rival butchers.

FRI 8 JUL, 2005


Tracy returns to Weatherfield. Tracy wants to make Steve pay for what he did to her. Deirdre celebrates her 50th birthday, but it's not what she wanted. Charlie abandons Shelley when she doesn't respond to his seduction.

SUN 10 JUL, 2005


Steve discovers the extent to which Tracy hates him and wants revenge. Charlie tries to seduce Shelley again, but she is shocked and has a panic attack. Charlie is desperate to get some love and affection - will he turn else to get it? Sarah is unaware that Scooter is serious about saving the fish. Candice informs everyone that she has a modelling audition.

MON 11 JUL, 2005 [EPISODE 1]


Charlie is still trying to come to terms with Shelleys plans to have cosmetic surgery. Candice is at her modelling audition. The judges are fierce and kick her out, and she is shocked when the judges are interested in Warren.

MON 11 JUL, 2005 [EPISODE 2]


Sparks fly when Charlie and Violet have a late-night session in the pub. Deirdre is shocked by Tracy's claims that Steve isn't Amy's father. Sarah and Scooter try to rescue the fish.

WED 13 JUL, 2005


Bev goes into Charlies yard when he's away. Bev steals some of his invoices and rings his clients to tell them that he's a cowboy. After hearing that Warren hasn't had his football contract renewed at Weatherfield County, it's the final straw for Candice and she dumps him.

FRI 15 JUL, 2005


Violet can't face going to work after her encounter with Charlie. After his unsuccessful trip to the vets to see Tim with Joanne and Jessie’s rabbit, Sean decides to borrow Betty’s cat and has another go at talking to Tim.

SUN 17 JUL, 2005


Upcoming episode



Charlie's furious at being publicly humilated. Shelley hurries back down the aisle while the congregation claps in support of her. Shelley climbs in the wedding car but Charlie throws the driver out of the way and jumps in the front seat. Charlie drives at speed with terrified Shelley in the back. Norris tells Rita he's thought of new ways to maximise their margins at The Kabin. The race between the Cockerel and the Fox takes place. The Fox wins by cheating. Martin challenges the Fox to a return match. Shelley finally sees Charlie for what he is. She accuses him of trying to control her and getting rid of all her friends. She gets out of the car and leaves him. Shelley phones Zack and tells him what she's done. He's very proud of her. Charlie pours his heart out to Jason telling him what an ungrateful bitch Shelley is. To get his own back on Les, Chesney alters the time on Les and Cilla's wedding invitation. They find themselves sat in an empty church and hurry along to the Rovers afterwards. Charlie bumps into the woman he spent the night with and calls her a slut. She tells him his bride had a lucky escape. Outside the pub, Shelley and Bev are reunited and hug each other. Shelley enters the Rovers, tucks into her wedding cake and her friends cheer.

24 OCTOBER 2005


Danny's reeling at the news that Mike's his father. His confusion turns to anger when he realises it's true. He feels betrayed. Danny thinks Harry must have known he wasn't Danny's father but Mike insists Viv was the only one to know. Ashley's angry at Claire for going back to work but Claire insists she'll be extra vigilant. Ashley and Claire make up. Norris gets a new sign made for The Kabin which reads "Cole and Sullivan". Rita's furious at Norris putting his name first. Yana distracts Diggory while Les steals a wedding cake from the bakers. Kirk asks Blanche what size girdle she wears. Blanche hits him across the arm with her walking stick. Les and Cilla hide their stolen cake under a tablecloth. They tell Kirk it's a budgie in a cage. Jimmy threatens Lloyd again and makes racist comments. Lloyd's angry and decides he's on Steve's side when it comes to Jimmy Clayton. Danny sits in the factory alone feeling emotionally drained.

31 OCTOBER 2005 EP 1


Yana helps Cilla prepare for her wedding. She gives her three kiss curls in the shape of "666" on her forehead. Les instructs Kirk to lie to the real vicar of St. Jude's to get him out of the way. Billy Brown turns up back from the army to be Les's best man. She convinces Les that he's already met Billy the night before. Billy plays along and Les is taken in. Sarah's put out when Scooter refuses to accompany her to the wedding. Les crashes the car into Status Quo's van. Les suffers whiplash and has to wear a neck brace to his wedding. Tracy insists Cilla must pay for her wedding flowers. Cilla smashes the Barlows' window intent on stealing them but fails and steals flowers from Dev's shop instead. Leanne arrives back for her dad's wedding. She tells Jamie she still loves him and still wants to marry him but he walks away. The church is locked. Billy forces a window and Chesney breaks in and lets Les, Father Abraham and Kirk in through the vestry door. The wedding takes place and Les and Cilla are married, albeit not legally. The real vicar arrives back. Kirk signals to Father Abraham to hurry up. He finishes the service at break-neck speed and then he, Les and Cilla leg it from the church. The proper vicar is astonished to see a wedding congregation leaving his church.

31 OCTOBER 2005 EP 2


The guests arrive at Les and Cilla's wedding reception to find that Status Quo have already eaten the buffet thinking it was for them. The Quo's hairdresser lets them down so Candice steps into the breach. Violet sets off for the wedding reception intent on getting back together with Jason. The DJ turns up in costume thinking he's playing a Halloween party. Sarah has a moan to Jason about Scooter. Jason tells her he's always fancied her. They go outside and start snogging. Best Man Billy Brown hands over to Kirk to make the speech. Cilla's delighted with the wedding presents - toaster, kettle, flat screen TV etc. The Quo offer Candice the job of being their full-time hairdresser and travelling the world with them. She accepts. Violet looks for Jason but he's left the reception. She leaves and tries his house but there's no reply. Jason and Sarah are upstairs in bed together. Les and Cilla cut the cake only to find they stole a cardboard display model and not a real cake. Les finds the Quo in the present room. He thinks it's their dressing room. Les starts smashing up all the presents, living the life of a hedonistic rocker, not realising the items are his. Cilla goes ballistic. Watching who he's married to, the Quo feel sorry for Les and pull him up on stage insisting he perform with them. Les is in heaven

25 DECEMBER 2005


Penny's disappointed with her present from Mike, a Road Atlas, but relieved it's something he's remembered she needs and wonders if maybe she's been wrong to worry. Carol tells Frankie she and Jamie might move out. Frankie's hurt but cheers up when Warren phones from Spain. Danny's depressed about the state of his family but Leanne tells him not to mope. The Battersby-Browns' oven breaks and they have nowhere to cook the turkey. Steve's angry when Ronnie gives him £5,000 of Jimmy Clayton's money as a present. He throws it back at her. Ronnie's seething and can't see the problem. Deirdre's pleased when Tracy comes round, they try to call a truce about Charlie. Mike, Penny, Danny, Leanne and Adam arrive at the restaurant and wait for Viv. Mike's frustrated he can't remember how many people he booked the table for. Danny's irritated to see Carol and Eric Talford there and tells Eric he's being used. After Kirk, Fiz and Chesney try to cook the turkey on the sunbed, Cilla and Yana put it in the deep fat fryer at the chippy and they all go to the Rovers. Keith and Audrey leave so Craig texts Rosie to come over, but Sally won't let her go. Ronnie's bored spending time at the Barlows' house but Steve wants to spend time with Amy. Tracy's intrigued when she notices them arguing. Adam's had too much wine and mocks Leanne for sleeping with three Baldwins. Claire's frustrated she can't get Ashley alone for long enough to give him his present. Frankie says she'll miss Jamie but he assures her he doesn't want to live with Carol. Carol tells Eric how Danny made her life a misery and makes a drunken scene at the Baldwins' table. Eric leaves in disgust. When Viv arrives Mike asks where Harry is. He's shocked and bemused when Penny reminds him that Harry died six months ago. Vera loves her present from Jack. She's bought him the deeds to a burial plot so they can rest in peace together. Jack admits he sold his body to an artist to buy her present. She's distraught and vows to buy his body back. Charlie calls at the Barlows'. Deirdre's seething but Tracy wins over and he stays. Penny tells Mike he needs help from a doctor, he says he's fine and goes for a walk. Craig joins the Websters. Sally later allows him and Rosie to go out for a while. Claire tells Ashley and Fred she's pregnant. Ashley's ecstatic and Fred's stunned. They decide to keep it quiet until after twelve weeks but Fred's already blurted the news to a delighted Bev. The Battersby-Brown clan see the chippy is on fire and scamper away into the house. Craig and Rosie find Mike sobbing on the steps to Underworld. When Jamie comes over they disappear into Craig's house. Mike couldn't find his way back to the restaurant or home and tells Jamie he forgot his own brother was dead. Scared he's losing his mind, he sobs in Jamie's arms.

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