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12 JANUARY 2007 EP 1


After last night Charlie's taking no chances. He tells a clearly scared Tracy that by the time he comes back from court that afternoon he wants her out of the house. The Barlows prepare for court, but Ken doubts that Charlie will be locked up. Roy is rushed off his feet at the café, as Becky hasn't turned up after her date. When Rob finally drops her off he gives her the impression he won't call again. Becky's clearly upset but puts a brave face on things. Tracy's genuinely upset at being told to get out. When Charlie leaves for court, Claire comes round to see her. Seeing what Charlie has reduced her to, crying to Claire, Tracy's nerve is strengthened and Claire is left thinking that she'll leave him. Charlie returns from court, having only been given community service. He's menacing to Tracy, and plays his music loud acting like the lord of the manor. As they start to argue, the music and shouting raise Claire's suspicions. Tracy doesn't want to leave, so Charlie packs her bags for her. With a plan forming, Tracy tries to get Charlie to kneel and propose to her. Charlie laughs her off and goes to get her bags. In a last attempt to get Charlie into position, Tracy gets him to sit for a lap dance. Charlie's intrigued and sits to watch the show. With the music loud, and Charlie in position, Tracy picks up an ornament and smashes it across his head, but the first hit fails to kill him.

12 JANUARY 2007 EP 2


A stunned Charlie tries to get up, but falls to his knees. Tracy comes down hard again with the ornament. She grabs a knife from the kitchen and comes for Charlie. The noise from No.6 causes Claire to rush to the Barlows' house for help. Deirdre, Peter and Ken knock on the door causing Tracy to rethink her actions. She places the knife in Charlie's hand and cuts herself with it. As the commotion begins to build outside, Peter threatens to break the door down. Tracy strews her clothes everywhere and makes it look like a struggle has taken place. She phones 999 and opens the door just as Peter is about to break in, saying she thinks she's killed Charlie. As the police and an ambulance arrive, people start to collect on the Street and the rumour that Charlie is dead starts to circulate. Tracy tells her family that Charlie came at her with a knife when she told him she was leaving. Trying to claim self defence, she wonders whether the second hit will harm her defence. Blanche has missed it all however, as she fell asleep in the bath. Norris tries to get some information from the police, but things are up in the air. Sarah calls Jason to let him know about the attack. The paramedics discover a pulse on Charlie. The crowd continue to talk about Charlie. Norris is worried because Charlie owed five weeks on his papers. There isn't much sympathy from Audrey, as Jason arrives to see the carnage. The police take Tracy in for questioning, as Charlie is brought out on a stretcher. The onlookers are mostly surprised, but Tracy can't believe that Charlie is still alive.

25 MARCH 2007


Deirdre and Tracy sit in the Barlows' living room the night before the trial. Neither of them can sleep. Deirdre voices her suspicions about Tracy and questions how truthful she's been about Charlie's murder. All the pent-up emotion of the last few weeks comes tumbling out. Upset and overwrought, Deirdre blames Tracy for Samir's death whilst Tracy blames her mother for the way she turned out. Deirdre tells Tracy that whatever she's done she will stand by her as she loves her but she needs to know the truth. Eventually Tracy cracks and confesses everything. Deirdre's shocked as Tracy tells her how she planned Charlie's murder months ago and staged the entire performance. Although stunned and disgusted at what Tracy's done, Deirdre promises she'll still stand by her daughter.

20 MAY 2007


Claire is still lying at the bottom of the stairs as the fire rages in the Peacocks' house. Liz and Derek are at his brother-in-law's flat. Kirk bursts into tears at the takeaway over losing Fiz. Jamie has to look after him. Roy and Hayley have spotted the smoke coming from the Peacocks'. Everyone in the Rovers finds out about the fire and piles out onto the Street. Jamie and Kirk kick the front door down. Everyone is trying to work out if the Peacocks have gone away or not. Kirk finds Claire. Jamie and Kirk carry Claire out of the house. Eileen explains that Freddie is also inside. Jerry runs into to try and save him. Roy also runs into the burning house. The fire brigade arrives. The firefighters search for Freddie. The paramedics attend to Claire. They take her to hospital. Deirdre goes to Denise's flat to see Ken. Deirdre tells him she wants him back. He tells her that he has to spend sometime with Daniel. They end up arguing. Jerry is distraught that he couldn't get to Freddie. Eileen is distressed in the hospital. Nobody can get in touch with Ashley.

4 JUNE 2007


Paul phones Liam and tells him to meet him at the flat where all will be revealed. Paul drives like a maniac with Leanne locked in the boot. Carla arrives at the Rovers in tears. She's drunk and upset and tells Michelle that she and Paul are over for good. Janice gets a call from Leanne, however the signal breaks up. Janice tells Liam that she thinks Leanne said that she is in Paul's car. Paul crashes the car into a parked lorry with Leanne still trapped in the boot. Janice and Liam set off in search of Paul and Leanne. They're horrified when they come across the crash and realise it's Paul's car. The fire brigade cut Paul free from the wreckage and get Leanne out of the boot. Both are rushed to hospital. Sarah asks Gail if Jason can move in permanently. Gail refuses and Sarah realises David's already spoken to her. Sarah and David fight on the sofa. Ken calls in to the pub to see Amy. Deirdre grabs the chance to speak to him but he doesn't stay long. Deirdre's disappointed. Liam, Janice, Michelle, Carla and Steve assemble at the hospital awaiting news about Paul and Leanne. They're told Leanne should be fine in the morning but Paul is touch and go. Carla's furious, blaming Leanne for whole mess in the first place. Liam's confused until Carla announces that Leanne's a prostitute and that Paul was one of her clients. Liam and Michelle are stunned.

3 AUGUST 2007


Steve's hung-over. He sees Eileen lying next to him and panics that they might have had sex, although he has no memory of it. Eileen enjoys winding him up. Roger confides in Janice that unless Leanne starts to pay him back he'll have nowhere to live as he's already behind on the rent. Claire overhears Blanche, Norris and Emily gossiping about the fire. She gets upset assuming they suspect her of starting it. Ashley tries to calm her down. Steve chats up a woman called Shania in a bar. Eileen realises Shania is a transvestite but keeps it to herself. Sarah lays down the law with Jason insisting they go ahead and book the church even though they can't get hold of Eileen. Whilst Eileen sings "The Winner Takes it All" on the karaoke, Steve slips off back to the hotel room with Shania. When John calls round to No.13 to give Sally her English lesson, Sophie hangs around dolled-up to the nines. Claire's making an effort and tells Ashley he deserves an evening in the Rovers. Ashley's guilt-ridden knowing how he betrayed her. Steve's got rid of Shania having discovered she's a man. He's furious with Eileen realising she knew all along.

19 AUGUST 2007


David arranges to meet Mel at the cinema. Amber's put out and tells Sarah about his date. Paul takes Molly flat-hunting and offers to buy a present for Jack to give Vera on their 50th wedding anniversary. Cilla's working as a cleaner in the nursing home. She's rude to one of the residents, Frank Nichols. Liza the manager reprimands her. Sally, Kevin, Rosie and Sophie leave for their holiday in Greece. Sarah scuppers David's date with Mel. She tells Mel how David's got a crush on her and how he's a bit of a psycho. Mel's grateful for the warning. David waits at the cinema for Mel but soon realises he's been stood up. Cilla discovers Frank Nichols is very wealthy. She starts being lovely to him and makes sure she reveals her stockings when she's cleaning the window. Audrey tries to talk to Ashley again and warns him off Casey but Ashley closes the door on her. Jack gets out some cash to give to Paul. Paul sees the tin contains money and all of Jack and Vera's pension books. He makes a mental note. David arrives home hurt and angry. Sarah enjoys telling him that she was responsible for ruining his date.



Gail forces David to apologise to Mel and Jerry in the takeaway in front of an audience. David's totally humiliated and Sarah's delighted to watch him squirm. Paul tells Leanne he's going to raise the £20,000 and become her partner in the restaurant. Leanne's disbelieving but agrees on a 60/40 split if he does. Cilla and Frank enjoy being rude to each other in the nursing home. Cilla makes sure she shows plenty of thigh. Frank offers her the job of being his full-time carer. Jerry invites Eileen out on a date. After mulling it over Eileen suggests they go to the Italian on Wednesday. Sarah gleefully tells Jason about David's public humiliation. Jason feels a bit sorry for him. Liam arrives at the Italian only to find his client can't make it. He ends up having lunch with Leanne. Leanne's hopeful they can patch things up but Liam realises he can't forgive her and leaves. David's hatred for his family is heightened when he overhears Gail, Audrey and Sarah discussing his lack of love life and questioning his sexuality. Paul secretly makes a phone call and orders a driving licence in the name of "Jack Duckworth". Jason sees David on the factory roof. Jason goes up to talk to him. David scares him by telling him how he could shoot his family from there if he had a gun.



Cilla is packing for Las Vegas and leaving tonight. Chesney is upset that she's going so soon. Paul enjoys winding Molly and Tyrone up. They hate him. Eileen is worried, she can see how upset Jodie is but Jerry doesn't see it. Cilla gives Kirk £1,000 each for Chesney and Fiz. Cilla and Chesney keep pretending that Les will be back soon. Tyrone is upset when Jack rings to speak to Paul but doesn't want a word with him. They go to look at a flat. They decide to take it but Molly realises how unhappy Tyrone will be leaving Jack and Vera so when Paul asks if they're moving she says they are staying. Paul is frustrated. Leanne is thrilled with a review of the restaurant but feels deflated when Roger mentions the loan again. Cilla tells Chesney that she'll send for him but he knows she won't. Cilla buys everyone's drinks in the Rovers. Fiz discovers Cilla's plan and storms into the Rovers to give her some home truths but Cilla doesn't care. Cilla strops out and takes the money she was leaving for Fiz. Janice accuses Roger of only sticking around until he gets his money. Roger tells her she's wrong. They make up. Cilla leaves, she is upset to leave Chesney. She says Chesney will be better without her. Kirk comforts Chesney.

19 OCTOBER 2007


Fiz is annoyed when John says he's arranged another English lesson with Sally that evening, so they can't go out. Rosie throws a sickie as she can't face Liam at the factory. Liam tells Sally about Rosie's crush and how he may have been a bit harsh with her. Roy and Hayley arrive back from their camping trip at the Lakes. They've sorted out their differences and have decided to sign up for a charity project in Africa. Roger fits a new boiler at the takeaway for Jodie. Jodie finds out from Jerry that he's free to go if he pays a hefty fine. Sally talks to Rosie about her crush on Liam saying he's too old for her. Maria then has a go at Rosie for failing to pass on her message. She leaves the café in tears. Roy tells Becky he wants to make amends with Christian and would like her to act as a go-between. Becky's not sure it's a good idea. John calls at the Websters' house intending to cancel Sally's lesson. He finds Rosie upset and alone. Rosie pours her heart out to him about Liam and John assures her she's an attractive girl. Rosie kisses John which takes him by surprise but he kisses her back. Ivor and George quiz Norris wanting to know if he's proposed to his lady-friend or not. Norris remains tight-lipped. John hugs Fiz and assures her that he doesn't fancy Sally

31 OCTOBER 2007


David's spent the night in his car parked on some wasteland. Gail's worried about David and phones the police to report him missing. David climbs up on to the factory roof to watch the proceedings at the Platts'. He's pleased to see the police pull up outside. Sarah's insistent that David's not going to spoil her wedding as she sets off for church. David watches his family leave for the wedding. He's furious they're still going ahead despite his disappearance and the suicide note. David drives to the canal and parks up. He leaves a message on the answerphone at No.8 saying he's going to kill himself. David drives his car into the canal. A shocked passer-by phones the police. Sarah and Jason's wedding is in full swing when the police arrive at the church. They tell Gail that David's car has been found in the canal and they're looking for his body. Gail leaves the church beside herself with worry. Sarah's still convinced that David's just trying to ruin her wedding and insists the vicar continues with the service. Sarah and Jason are married. Maria tells Gail about the suicide note which Sarah destroyed. Gail's distraught realising that David's chosen the same spot to commit suicide that Richard Hillman used to try and drown them. The wedding reception takes place at Leanne's restaurant but everybody's worried about David. Jason's shocked at Sarah's lack of concern for her brother. Jason and Sarah arrive home to find Gail fretting about David. Sarah explains she thought his suicide note was a wind-up. Gail's unimpressed. Paul kisses Leanne on the lips which takes her by surprise. David arrives home looking terrible. Gail hugs him, so relieved that her son is alive. David triumphantly admits to Sarah his plan worked - he ruined her wedding day. Sarah and Jason leave for their honeymoon in the Lakes.



It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.

25 DECEMBER 2007


Christmas Day: Ryan helps Amy to unwrap her presents, watched by Steve and Michelle. David tells Gail he already has the DVD that she bought him. Fiz finds a present hidden under the bed - she puts it under the tree. Audrey and Bill arrive at the Websters', Bill and Kevin plan an escape to the Rovers. Rosie uses the pub as an excuse to get out of the house to see John. Kirk and Chesney follow Becky into Roy's Rolls. They bring their new skateboards, a Yule log and a burnt joint of beef. Becky feels proud as she gives a card to Roy. Jason tells Sarah he agrees they should go to Italy. David is suspicious. John sneaks out of the flat to meet Rosie he takes a present from under the tree. Rosie insists that John takes her out in the car. Becky rounds up Chesney, Roy and Kirk for a game of "Murder". Steve asks Jim to stay for Christmas dinner but Jim declines. John and Rosie pull up in a quiet spot, Rosie again tells John to dump Fiz. Darryl shows an interest in Lauren, they get talking. Fiz calls John on his mobile wondering where he's got to. John lies and says he'll be home in a minute. Fiz becomes a little suspicious. Fiz opens the present she found under the bed. It contains some sexy underwear several sizes too small for her. Fiz is distraught thinking it's meant for Sally. Rosie opens her present from John to find it's some huge pyjamas. John panics realising he's muddled up the presents. Fiz storms round to the Websters' and accuses Sally of having an affair with John. Sally denies it just as Rosie walks in with a present wrapped in the same paper. Sally and Kevin realise to their horror John's been having an affair with Rosie. Kevin thumps John in the Street and Bill has to drag him off. The police call at No.13 and arrest Kevin for alleged assault. Kirk chokes on a coin and Becky gives him the Heimlich manoeuvre. Sarah and Jason tell Stephen that they would like to take him up on his offer. Tony tells Carla he's taking her to Paris. Sally's disgusted with Rosie and slaps her across the face. Roy finally gets the phonecall he has been waiting for - from Hayley.

30 DECEMBER 2007


David continues to wind Sarah up, claiming he's put drugs in her suitcase. Angry Sarah frantically searches her case. Jerry insists on a delayed Christmas dinner now his family are all back home. Vernon is nervous of Jim as Jim wishes him all the best for the wedding. Rosie is concerned that Kevin and Sally don't want to talk to her. Eileen, Gail, Audrey and Bill say an emotional goodbye to Sarah, Jason and Bethany as they leave in Lloyd's taxi for their new life in Italy. As they pass David, Sarah blows him a triumphant kiss. Jim and Liz reminisce about a past holiday but the look in Jim's eye makes Liz nervous. Sarah proudly tells Jason how she planted the drugs on David and conned Stephen into giving her David's job in Milan. Jason's appalled and refuses to board the train. Tearful Sarah leaves with Bethany whilst Jason stays behind. Rosie tries to apologise to Fiz, telling her how John was just a bit of fun. Fiz is distraught as she tells Rosie she's ruined her life. Jason arrives back at the Platts' house and tells Gail how Sarah planted the drugs on David and deceived everyone else. David's delighted. Jim playfully smacks Liz's bum, the air is charged with sexual tension. Vernon's oblivious whilst Liz is worried by her feelings for her ex-husband.



Eileen tries to get Jason to see sense and phone Sarah. David makes poisonous jibes at Gail intent on punishing her for disbelieving him over the drugs and losing him the chance of going to Italy. Gail feels terrible. Liz confesses to Deirdre that Vernon doesn't excite her in the way Jim does and says that she's calling the wedding off. She asks Deirdre to break the news to the guests. Becky's pleased to see Jason back and secretly pleased that Sarah's gone to Italy. Jim corners Liz in the ginnel and tells her how they were always meant to be together and how Vernon isn't good enough for her. Liz is furious with him. Rosie's angry when Sally bars her from attending Liz and Vernon's wedding for fear of upsetting Fiz. Vernon hears a commotion in the Rovers' backyard and goes to investigate. He finds Jim and Liz arguing. Vernon tries to intervene and Jim punches him to the ground and then decks Bob, the best man. Steve has to restrain Jim whilst Liz looks on horrified. Steve's disgusted with his dad realising that he hasn't changed at all. As Liz nurses Vernon she changes her mind and realises she does want to marry him after all. She tells Steve to get hold of Deirdre and stop her from sending the guests home.



Deirdre announces that the wedding's off at a packed registry office. Everyone starts to shuffle out shocked at the news. Steve arrives in a panic and quickly announces the wedding's back on. The bemused guests file back inside. Jason's pleased when Bill gives him his job back. Liz and Vernon arrive for their wedding battered and bruised. The guests are shocked at the state of Vernon and assume that was the cause of the hiccup. Darryl helps Lauren prepare the wedding reception at the Rovers. Liz and Vernon are married. Deirdre and Dev are witnesses. At the wedding reception Liz assures Deirdre and Steve she did the right thing - Jim's violence made her appreciate Vernon's gentle nature. Eileen forces Jason out for a New Year's Eve drink. Carla's back from Paris and shows off to Liam saying how Tony's taking her to the Maldives. Liam sees the New Year in outside home with Maria. He suggests taking Maria on a romantic break. Maria's touched. Fiz gets totally sloshed and ends up snogging Dev as the clock strikes twelve and Becky ignores Kirk's attempt to kiss her and plants a big smacker on Jason. Fireworks light up the skies over the Street.

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