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Welcome to the Real World / Road Rules Challenge 2000, we start off with helicopters arriving with cast members blindfolded. They are dropped off atop a parking garage in Vegas. When all have arrived, they take off their blindfolds and meet their teammates. On the Real World Team- Amaya from Real World Hawaii Kat from Real World London Heather from Real World New York David from Real World Seattle Teck from Real World Hawaii Mike from Real World Miami On the Road Rules Team- Holly from Road Rules Latin America Piggy from Road Rules Australia Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Yes from Road Rules Semester at Sea Dan from Road Rules Northern Trail Carlos from Road Rules 1 They are met by this season's Ms. Big- Gladys from Road Rules Latin America She then shows them that they're next to the tallest tower in North America, the Stratosphere. Their mission? To bungee off a platform extended off the tower. If a whole team jumps , their team will win $10,000



To get thier next clue they went to Nike Town in Vegas. They are greeted by Roy Jones Jr.(professional boxer) who tells them that one of them will have to fight him to get the clue. Noone on either team didn't feel like getting beat up but finally David decided to take the challenge only to find out he only has to play a kid's toy boxing game with him. David lost after several rounds but Roy felt sorry for the team anyways and gave them their clue. They're off to Nashville, on the way we see Real World living it up in their bus while the Road Rulers and more quiet and low key. When they arrive, they're given their next mission which is entitled ""Bumper Cars"" which is just another name for Demolition Derby. There will be 6 teams of two members. One being the driver and the other a passenger equipted with a super soaker filled with paint to shoot at the opposing team's driver. The teams are- Real World-Amaya & Kat, David & Mike, Heather & Teck. Road Rules-Yes & Veronica, Los & Pig



We start off with Piggy still upset about being caught smoking and losing the money for her team. They arrive at their next mission where they find out they will be wrestling, either eachother or professional wrestlers(guys, gals, ad midgets) depending on what they spin on a wrestling wheel. Heather and Piggy go first, spinning the wheel to discover they have to wrestle each other. Piggy is determined to beat Heather cause Heather caught her smoking but ofcourse Heather is quite a bit larger and just kills Piggy. On to Dan and Mike who spin the wheel and discover they have to wrestle female wrestlers. The guys take advantage of the situation and play with the girls abit but obviously each of them easily wins the match. Next is Amaya and Veronica who spin the wheel to find out they have to wrestle midgets. Veronica goes first and after a good few battles gets pinned by the midget. Amaya goes next and after running around the ring like a girl, gets caught by the midget and pinned ve



We start off with both teams heading to Lexington Kentucky for their next mission. At the mission they are greeted by Keefla from Road Rules Australia. They are told they are gonna participate in a challenge that Keefla hated the most during his Road Rules taping. They have to deal with snakes, actually they have to go in a cage filled with hundreds of different kinds of snakes and wrangle out the particular ones their team is assigned. Amaya continues to aggrivate the Road Rules team, this time she admits to kicking their snakes into bushes. But the Road Rules team overcomes Amaya's attacks and wins the mission anyways! Back in the bus, the teams find their second ""Bonus $6,000"" challenge. The challenge gives both teams a list of six different tasks where they can pick 3 to complete. The first team to complete the 3 tasks wins the bonus $6,000. Both teams start off with the same first task, to find someone that will allow two team members of their team to skinny dip in their poo



We head into this episode with Amaya flirting to a truck driver over the busses CB radio. He tells her that he loves big ol' boobies and she said she has plenty of those. He tells her to meet him at the next truck stop only to see him drive by and honk, she waves as he drives away. They head off to Dublin Georgia to battle the next mission which they find out will be the Redneck Games. Both teams crack up as they hear the competitions and both are confidant that they will win. Round 1- ""Greasy Pig Catch"" In which the team that catches a greased up pig out of a pin first wins. Winners=Real World Round 2- ""Pie Eating"" The team that has the most members eat their whole pie in 5 minutes wins. Road Rules decides to make as much off a mess as possible and push as much of the pie on the floor as possible without being noticed. Road Rulers ""supposedly"" finshed all their pies first but the Real World team states that most of their pie is all over the floor and on the table. Winners=Roa



We start off with the teams finding out that their next mission will be a football game. David immediatly goes out and teaches Kat and Amaya some tips since they have no football experience at all. The Road Rulers are in their bus cracking up at Kat and Amaya dropping the ball every 2 seconds and they know they got this mission nailed. We then see Piggy on the phone with her boyfriend from home, they have a argument and she hangs up the phone crying. Holly takes her back to the bus but Piggy stops at the tent Teck had set up and climbs in. We hear her pour out to him about her jerky boyfriend and how much she wants to find the right man. The camera pulls away which makes viewers wonder if they messed around in the tent. On the Real World bus, Amaya makes sure that her team is not that hard on Kat and her since they've never played football. While on the Road Rules bus, they want to see Amaya leave the game on a stretcher. After some practice with the NFL football player mission



We start off with Holly and Dan hanging out with each other. Holly calls her mom and tells her how great he is, we also learn that Dan has a girlfriend at home who he's been with for a year and a half. Holly admits she has never gotten close to anyone as she has with Dan in a time-span of 5 weeks. We move foward to the mission ""Swamp Buggy Racing"". The teams learn they will have to be driving stick shift buggys around a two feet deep muddy water track. Heather quickly tries to learn how to drive a stick getting barked orders by David which only aggrivates her. Heather and Kat are both sick and tired of David's competitive attitude. Round 1- Road Rules wins it as Amaya and Heather both have trouble catching on to driving a stick. Winners=Road Rules Round 2- They have to drive the buggies around the track while catching inflatable animals through the way. Holly and Yes get stuck and then David and Kat get stuck and David continues to yell at Kat which causes Kat to forcefully hol



Finally receiving a day off from missions, the Real World team decides to pull a prank on the Road Rules team as revenge for their constant winning. They decide to come up with a fake scavenger mission. Since they're down in Miami, Mike still had his connections from his Real World days. They went to Ocean Drive Magazine where they use the magazine's resources to make a whole mission package up for the Road Rules team look as official as possible. We go to the Road Rules bus where Holly and Piggy discuss how fed up with Los they are. They believe he's rude and the whole team is just getting sick of him. The Road Rules are delived the fake mission and at first they do not want to do the scavenger hunt, they thought they finally get a day off and just wanted to keep the day free instead of having to work. So, they decide to just let Real World have the prize, but then their greediness rose and they don't want to just hand the money to Real World, so they decide to go for it. While R



We start off with the Real World having a meeting, they're all sick of Amaya's complaining. They feel they could have won more missions had it not been for her. Over on the Road Rules bus, tension is higher then ever with Los. They get their next mission which involves making home-made bathing suits, nothing can be part of a store-bought swimsuit. They each have to be paired up and do themed suits between the two person teams. Amaya is overwhelmed with excitement stating that this mission could give the team more respect for her since she can excel at this kinda stuff. Over on the Road Rules bus, Piggy is upset that she has to be paired up with Los. Holly and Los get into a fight and Holly says she's just going to stop being nice. The following morning, the Real World girls get to work on their costumes while the guys took off to go play all day. When they return that night, the girls go off. They finally all complete their costumes, the show is ready to begin. Amaya and Mike, th



We start off with Piggy still mad at Los. We hear about how much she hates him. Dan steps in and decides he wants a peaceful last five days, so he goes to the hotel to talk with Los. Dan tries to see if he'll just try to cooperate for the last five days, but Los says he couldn't do that cause he would feel like he's lying to the group and to himself. Dan finally gets him to go back to the bus where Piggy and him completely ignore eachother. Dan lets the group know that they don't have to kiss Los's butt but just try not to upset him. Dan's actions only makes Holly love him more and in a interview she states that he's the greatest guy she has ever met. With Los back, they head off to the next mission. The teams are given money and told to get food for all them that will last 48 hours. They arrive at the site of a college where they are blindfolded and told to take off any watches and that they're not allowed to have anything on them at all. Each team is led up in a chain to the



We start off the the final episode with both teams at dinner playing the question game. We see only 5 of the questions. Yes is asked how big his member is, Dan is asked who out of both teams he would like to go out with and he refuses to answer, Veronica is asked if she would be Amaya for a day and she quickly replies no, and lastly Amaya is asked if she would do the wrestling match over again and would she win. She basically said she'd kick Veronica's butt!!! The following day the teams are off to meet Gladys. She tells them their final mission would be skydiving, and reveals their handsome reward will not be money but brand new 2000 Nissan Xteras. The teams are excited and both want to win. They later find out they won't be diving tandem and they have to sign releases that warn them that they could be killed. They get to the field where they see they won't just have to skydive, but they have to skydive, manuever themselves to land in a huge dartboard-like scoring table that was

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