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This season opens up in Maine on two docks by the ocean. One reunites The Real Worlders- -Julie from Real World New Orleans *Using the challenge as a vacation after the RW. -Jamie from Real World New Orleans *Moved to San Francisco, financed some websites and made a name for himself. -Dan from Real World Miami *Been working as a model, and was once a spokesperson for the AIDS walk. -Syrus from Real World Boston *Been living life with no regrets after the RW -Rebecca from Real World Seattle *Went to Europe, cut off her hair off, and ""discovered herself"". -Kameelah from Real World Boston *Learned to be more patient after the RW. And the other reunites the Road Rulers- -Ayanna from Road Rules Semester at Sea *Took care of her mother until she passed away, using the challenge as a escape from regular life. -Laterrian from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour *Learned since his season that he can't make anyone think the sameway he thinks. -Emily from Road Ru



We open the episode with Syrus still hanging on to dear life on the third rope course. Syrus gains his balance back and makes it through the course edging Real World closer to a win. But the Road Rulers came through at the end and won with a 17 to 16 lead. The Road Rulers got to spend the night in the Yacht while the Real Worlders had to spend the night(probably for the first time) outside. They wake up the following day to face their third and last mission on the island. They are told by Ramona to pick the best male and female skier off each team. Real World picks Jamie and Julie while Road Rules picks Emily and Christian. Both pairs go out on seperate boats to practice their sking; Jamie, Emily, and Christian have it down while Julie seems to be struggling alittle bit. The teams then learn that they will have to ski though a slalom course but not by a boat, but by a blimp. The team with the lowest combined time to get through the slalom wins. Julie breaks into tears worrying abo



We start with another clue, this time narrated by Melissa from Real World New Orleans. They are told to go to a Fisherman's Wharf in Boothbay Harbor, Maine and wear bathing suits under their clothes. We start to learn about Rebecca and James past relationship experiences and what their desires are for future romances. We also find out that they think eachother are ""cool"". Fast foward to the mission, the first part consists of a ""Lobster picking and eating"" contest where the team that eats the most lobsters in 5 minutes wins, but the catch is their arms are tied together. Real World takes it with 29 lobsters eaten to the 28 that Road Rules eat. On the next part, ""Lobster Crate Crawing"". The goal is for each team member to put on the oil jacket, sow westo(hat), and hook a fish on their arm and then run across lobster crates that are tied together floating across the water. The team to have all their member to go across the crates and back the fastest wins. Road Rules takes the seco



We start off with James and Rebecca long fest going on more. They both like what it is right nom but don't know what it's going to be in the future. We move on to James complaining more about losing and how he hates it so much. Christian believes that Real World has a better team spirit then the Road Rules team. They receive the next clue narrated by Devin from Road Rules 2. They learn that they're going to have to due standup comedy/skit at a Comedy in Festival in Montreal. On the way there, they start to straganize on how they're gonna crack people up. They are met in Montreal by the stars of the Comedy Central show ""Upright Citizen's Brigade"" where they learn they'll have to learn several improve games and perform them tonight in front of a audience. They split off in different rooms where coaches teach them some hints on better improving. Kameelah feels confidant about the Real World team while Road Rules is freaking out. In the first skit ""Who, What, and Where"" James and Chr



We open up with Real World partying cause of all their wins. They receive the next clue which is narrated by Flora by Real World Miami. They're told that they will need to be rolling well and not drop the ball. Christian and Laterrian have a communication barrier and Christian blames it on Latterian's ""jive"" talking while Laterrain blames Christian for being from Norway. They arrive at a warehouse only to find out it's the movie set for the movie ""Rollerball"" They finally notice that they're standing next to the two stars - LL Cool J and Chris Klein. The two stars take them over to meet with the stunt coordinator to learn how to inline skate on a big ol course. They get all geared up and watch some professional skaters do some impressive stunts, all while hoping they won't have to try any of those stunts. They go out on the track and play out alittle bit trying to perfect their skating. Meanwhile, Christian is doing laps around everybody showing off that he is a skilled skater. T



We start right off with Christian being interviewed by the producer, he's asked if he was ever confronted by Ayanna in a physical manner. And then we flash to Ayanna who is talking to a friend on the cell phone saying that she never just snaps like the way she did for no reason, she is only provoked to do that. We then flash foward to 24 hours prior where we find Ayanna crying to Christian about her mother's loss to cancer several months earlier. Christian comforts her and Ayanna is extremely appreciative. Flash foward to cast mates partying at a bar. Ayanna is back at the bus where she is greeted by Shawn from her season on Road Rules. After catching up with him, Ayanna goes to sleep in the back of the bus. At about 5:30am the guys come back and Ayanna wakes to hear them but tries to fall back asleep. Laterrian says ""Hey white boy"" to Christian and Christian follows back with ""Hey (N-Word)"" All of a sudden Ayanna comes flying from back of the bus and supposedly attacks Christian



We start off with Julie on the phone with Ayanna while looking at her picture on the Road Rules bus. She says that she feels that she shouldn't be there and that she can't do the challenge without her. Jamie tries to tell her to let it go and enjoy the trip. She tries to go around and get her team to boycott Ayanna leaving, but Road Rules lets her know it's not thier control. The Road Rules team goes on and realizes they need to stay unified as a team and keep Ayanna in their spirit. The next clue arrives narrated by Chris from Road Rules Europe. He explains that they will be sticky and they'll have to pin down the situation, the group believes it has something to do with stripping. They arrive at their mission and the organizers provide them with shoes and wrestling spandex outfits. They find out they will have to spin a wheel which will reveal who they will have to mud wrestle against, whether it's the other team, a Elvis impersonator, a midget, a diva, male models, or a Suma Wr



We dive right back into Jame's struggles with losing and Rebecca losing respect for him and his childish ways. James is still attracted to her but doesn't know if he should go all the way in fear of screwing it up. Since James is so competitive, Dan decides to make a wager. Who can blow a bigger bubble? James attempts and gets not one bubble. Dan goes and ofcourse gets like 10 big bubbles out of one blow. James punishment? To run around the Real World bus naked. Syrus received the next clue in their cellphone, it says something about kicking tricks at a college complex in Conn. Susie is the most excited out of the two teams cause it's her first mission. They arrive to find 4 professional soccer players who help them learn the basic moves of soccer. James and Jamie seem to be the best so far. After practice they arrive at the mission site to find a inflatable ring where they will be playing ""Human Foosball"" where players will be attached to ropes that sting acoss the field and



We go right into Road Rules happy about their winning marathon and Real World hating to lose. The next clue comes narrated by Mssada from the Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. She says that the next mission will be ""Sub-Standard"". They all guess that it will have something to do with Submarines only to find out that they have to go to the Navy's Submarine school. They arrive and are given 15 minutes to change into naval outfits. They gather in a class where they learn they'll how to survive in a submarine compartment while it's flooding. They're given different techniques on how to stop leaks. After the class, they're given 10 minutes to quickly eat. James is already complaining about having a commander barking commands at him. The guys and gals are given seperate rooms to sleep for the night. The guys of Road Rules get in alittle bit of trouble when Christian and James fool around after hours. They are demanded to go into the hallway and since Laterrian was the quiet one he got



A clue arrives narrated by Teck from Real World Hawaii. He asks them a riddle- ""What do egyptians and Football players have in common?"" They both like pryamids. They know right off the bat that it has something to do with cheerleading. Road Rules is already full of them self as Susie did some cheerleading in her highschool days and Michelle was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for two years. Dan is trying to keep the spirit alive on the Real World team as they all think they're gonna get killed by Road Rules in this mission. Emily has flashbacks of her high school days where she tried out for the cheerleading squad and didn't make it. They arrive at the field to find their mayors who state they will perform 3 different cheers, one is a themed competition, second is a sideline cheer, and lastly is a perfect cheer where they get to pick the music and do what they please. They have to pick a leader and ofcourse Road Rules picks Michelle and Real World goes with Dan. They all believe they wi



We start off with Emily telling the story of her accident to Susie. Emily had gone on a vacation to Europe and ofcourse she wanted to visit Christian. They went out and had a few drinks and on the way back their car was hit broad-sided by a tractor trailer. Everyone survived but lots of damage was done. Christian cannot go a day without thinking about the accident and he still has two metal plates in his chin to remind him. Emily has major face scaring which has been fixed by plastic surgery. Their next clue arrives, this time narrated by Christina from Road Rules Australia. She tells them they will need lots of balance and they will be given enough rope to hang themselves. They arrive at their practice site for the mission where they find out that they will be tight rope walking 100 feet in the air over concrete floor. Their mission mayor this time is Jay- a profesional skywalker who doesn't seem so bright but that is only due to a accident on one of his walks where he fell 90



The teams are excited cause they're off to London where the next part of the challenge will take place. Both teams receive new double decker buses with their pictures on the side. They start off by doing some site seeing. At lunch, Susie tells Emily that she really wants the money and she thinks the Road Rules team is more into the challenge for the friendships then the money. They receive their next clue narrated by Timmy from Road Rules 2. He says they need to be pumped up and tough for the next mission. They arrive at the mission site and find out that they're taking part in a ""Tough Guy"" competition obstical course that involves about everything that a body can handle including climbing, swimming, crawling, etc. They start- Obstacal 1 - The Tiger Tail They have to climb up a net ladder and then go through a electrical fence that actually shocks James. Real World in the lead. Obstacal 2 - The Behemoth They have to climb up a tire ladder to a top of the tower and then c



We go right in with the teams receiving their next clue narrated by Amaya from Real World Hawaii. She tells them that their world will be turned upside down. Amaya also makes a comment about Julie staying strong, in a interview Emily tells everybody that Julie and her don't get along at all and they just try to stay away from each other. On their phones, it tells them that they will be going to Germany. They arrive at the next mission site. The new mission mayor does not speak english well, but she tries to tell them that she works for a bungee/extreme sports company. Todays mission will consist of three different challenges, the team with the most points after the three challenges wins $10,000 dollars. Challenge 1 is a 'Vertical Bike System'. Each team will pick a guy and girl to compete, they will have to bike as fast as they can. The faster they go, the faster the bike climbs the wire. Once at top, they have to ring a bell, the team to do this the fastest wins 50



Note: Some consider this episode the ""Lost Mission"" episode. It only aired the first time and has never aired in reruns or in any Extreme Challenge marathons. The teams receive another clue to be at the world-famous Kit Kat Club in Berlin. They arrive to find Gloria Viagra, a tall blue wigged tranvestite who will be their mission mayor. She tells them that each team must pair up in three teams and do a Famous Couples Fashion show. There's a catch through, they won't be just wearing what their famous couple wore, they must transform their characters into a fetish theme. Julie being the downhome Mormon that she is freaks out. She knows her parents especially her Dad will be watching the challenge and she is afraid of what they'll think. James tries to comfort her the best he can aswell as Syrus letting her know she can just do it and never have to worry about doing it again. Road Rules knowing that Julie is having problems with this mission see a brighter hope of taking their first



Emily invites Julie out for a shopping trip around Germany in hopes that they can get along better. Julie says they are alright together now but 'The trip is not over yet'! They receive their next clue narrated by Gladys from Road Rules Latin America. She says that they will be going ""medieval"". They receive another clue on their cell phones saying to meet their torture master at a castle. They arrive at the castle and meet their mission mayor who is in cloaks aswell as his assistants. They find out their mission will be ""The Grossout Games"". They are told there will be 4 challenges - Scrap Eating Contest, Eel Bath, Needle in a Haystack, and Bug Spitting Contest. The bonus is the teams get to pick who they want on the other team to compete in which mission. Event 1: Scrap Eating Each team is given a basket full of meat of some animal that is not recognizable. The basket includes meat covered bones, livers, and brains. The team that finishes the whole basket first wins. Real



We continue right back in with Syrus holding James shirt up around his neck, Kameelah runs in and breaks them apart. We find out that after all the fighting, noone was awarded the $10,000. That night, Susie admits that she is bitter and speaks for the Road Rules team that they are tired of losing, tired of the challenge, and ready to go home. Laterrian tries to keep the positive attitude but it is even getting hard for him to do that after all the losing. The following morning, they receive a clue on their phones saying to take a bite of the Big Apple and that they will be going to New York and there will be a mission the following morning. They are head to the airport and arrive in New York. They receive another clue, it says they will have to fight a legal battle in court. They head to the municipal court in New York meet Michael who is the assistant to Judge Mills Lane. He tells them that Judge Mills Lane will be doing a hearing to determine who deserve the $10,000 Monster.Com c



We start off with James and Rebecca on a walk. Rebecca mentions that she loved James at the beginning of the challenge and now that the Road Rules team continously loses, she finds his hard to be around. James mentions that he is tired of losing and doesn't want to be around anyone, Rebecca or his team. They receive a clue on their phones that they're heading to California. On the van ride to the next mission, both teams are playing with eachother. Road Rules is bound to take this last mission while Syrus says that he is leading the Real World team to victory. They arrive at a race track out in the desert to find ""Raced-Up"" Toyota Celicas for each of them. Their mission mayor arrives and announces that their last mission will be ""Toyota Motorsports"". There will be two events, the team with the best times overall wins the last $10,000 Monster.Com paycheck. Event #1: Skid Pad Four people from each team are chosen to race their car into a wet area of the track and then skid the ca



It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.



Reunion Special featuring the whole cast even Ayanna who was sent home from the challenge mid-way through the season. Highlights: *Dan worked out every day for a month prior to the challenge with a Marine to prepare. *Kameelah claims the Real World girls are tougher then the Road Rules girls. *James claims Real World paid more attention to what wasn't in the rules then what was. *Road Rules admits that Ayanna would have been a better asset to the team then Susie. *Ayanna is still not sorry for her reaction to Christian's comment. *Christian wishes he could take the whole Ayanna incident night away. *James admits that being 3000 miles from Rebecca doesn't help take their relationship to the next step. *Dan admits that he had a crush on James. *Susie says she wasn't crying over being in the bath with eels, she was actually hit in the head with the mission mayor's weapon and was in pain. *Kameelah says the last two weeks of the trip both teams would not even look at ea

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