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It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.



We start off this season with the cast diving into Caba San Lucas...literally! Each of the castmates sky dive onto a beach where they greet their seasons partner. We have on Road Rules- *Timmy and Emily from Road Rules 2 *Chris and Belou from Road Rules Europe *Dan and Tara from Road Rules Northern Trail *Chadwick and Piggy from Road Rules Australia *Josh and Holly S. from Road Rules Latin America *Yes and Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea *Theo and Holly M. from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour *Adam and Jisela from Road Rules The Quest On Real World, we have- *Norman and Becky from Real World New York *Jon and Beth from Real World Los Angeles *Mike and Sharon from Real World London *Mike and Flora from Real World Miami *Sean and Elka from Real World Boston *Stephen and Lindsey from Real World Seattle *Danny and Kelley from Real World New Orleans *Mike and Coral from Real World Back 2 New York After all teams landed safely at the beach and chan



We start off with some clouds coming in and the wind getting alittle stronger by the minute. Theres talk of a Hurricane coming but they all hear that it's just suppose to swing past them and head east. But the waves continue to get bigger and it gets uglier and uglier outside. Jisela goes off about Chadwick and Holly, saying that if she gets the chance to get in the Inner Circle, one of them are going home. The Road Rulers are tired of the villa saying that the tone set in the first Inner Circle has ruined the team, even Belou is crying to the Real World team beging to stay in their Villa. At Breakfast, darker clouds continue to roll in. Mark and Eric come in and say that rain is on the way, and the next mission doesn't work well in the rain, so it has been cancelled and they just get to hang out for the rest of the day. Mike decides to be a Jack-A** and play in the 20 feet high waves, which scared Kelley to death and they scream for him to come out. Some of the team members decid



We start off with shots of Cabo San Lucas and how Hurricane Juliette has destroyed alot of it. The teams go back to visit the villas to find everything including the beach has been destroyed. Kelley says ""Thank-God"" that Hurricane came cause it really brought everybody closer together. The Real World team is kinda stressed on how or who they will vote next. So, they decide, If Real World wins, to have the winning team kick back some of the money to the previous teams that were booted and then just get rid of the weakest team each elimination round. That way Real World will have the strongest team. Stephen suggests that they all put a signature down on paper, but the team says they all trust eachother. Sean is on a porch stating their stagedy is to vote off the lowest scoring team but there is alot of people who want to get rid of Stephen, allwhile Stephen is peaking around from the other porch listening. Jisela and Piggy play a game of Scrabble and Jisela decides to ask Piggy what



We start right back in with the Inner-Tube Tango! People are going crazy, several people yell at Stephen cause he's hitting to get to the tubes, even getting to the point where noone want to stand next to him in the dance line. Piggy and Chadwick were the first eliminated followed by- *Becky and Norman *Danny and Kelley *Mike & Coral, and Adam & Jisela are disqualified, due to the men holding onto another tube for their teammate. *Chris and Belou *Holly and Josh *Theo and Holly, Holly had a innertube and Stephen ripped it out of her hands and threw it away from her. *Timmy and Emily *Mike and Sharon are disqualified since Mike held onto a tube for Lindsey. *Dan and Tara *Mike and Flora We're down to Sean & Elka and Stephen & Lindsey. Lindsey says she would be happy for Sean & Elka to take the guitar package, but Stephen wants it for himself. Elka said she would love the guitar for the love of her life- Walter. Stephen & Lindsey end up winning the competition and



At Breakfast, they are told to pack up their bags cause they are moving back to the villas and the next mission will be at 5pm that evening. They are told to wear sneakers, no bare-feet or sandals. Each team has one cell phone to share and finally the service has gone back up since the Hurricane. They all fight to see who could take turns calling back to civilization first. Holly says that even though her team believed she would crumble without Chadwick, het determination has only doubled since his eviction. Stephen confronts Coral to let her know there will be no more effort on his half to try and be friends with her, but all he asks is that he'll be civil with her aslong as shes civil with him to make it through the final 3 weeks. Coral tells him that she doesn't understand him and doesn't like him and if he'll just leave her alone, she'll be happy. Coral says she feels sorry for Lindsey to have to be paired up with this weirdo. Road Rules tries to make a pack like the Real Worl



We start off with Real World still in their Inner Circle, debating on who to vote off. Becky is busy talking to Lindsey, cause Lindsey knows it's her going. Becky says 'no' cause the agreement is to get rid of the lowest scoring team which would be Mike & Flora. Coral wants Stephen gone due to his moral and unsportsmanship affecting the team. They all decide against Kelley's wishes to vote off Stephen & Lindsey. Kelley just asks that they each go up and tell Lindsey how much she rocks and it's not cause of her that they are eliminating that team. The elimination proceedings begin and Mike speaks on behalf of the Real World Inner Circle declaring that Stephen and Lindsey are eliminated. Stephen says that the Real World team is dishonest and rotten at the heart, while Flora believes the decision was wacked cause her team was the lowest scoring and deserved to go home. The Road Rules Inner Circle goes up next and Emily makes the announcement that Chris & Belou will be going home that



It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.



We start off with sounds of vomit in a toliet. It seems several of our cast has caught the good ol' classic Montezuma's Revenge. Becky goes to the hospital to come back with tons of medication. Norman hopes a good night of sleep will help Becky get better for the next mission, since this is their only chance of getting in the Inner Circle and staying to compete for the final Handsome Reward. Meanwhile, Mike and Tara grow closer. Mike explains ""The Miz"" to Tara. Tara explains to Mike that she just broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years only a week before coming to the challenge. Mike and Tara continue to flirt and play around outside where Tara pushes Mike into the pool and Mike picks up Tara and launches her into the pool. Mike doesn't understand the attraction cause they're complete opposits but they click. We then see two of them in the kitched trying to be secretive but the camera catches Mike doing a slick little hand across the breast move on Tara. The following morning a c



We start right back in with Elka, Kelley, and Coral descending the Ladder of Doom. Each contestant completes the ladder, times go as- 1)RR-Holly= 3:20 Theo= 3:01 Total= 6:21 2)RR-Holly= 3:40 Josh= 3:14 Total= 6:54 3)RW-Elka= 4:03 Sean= 3:30 Total= 7:33 4)RW-Coral= 3:41 Mike= 4:02 Total= 7:43 5)RW-Kelley= 3:33 Danny= 5:08 Total= 8:41 6)RR-Tara= 6:21 Dan= 3:10 Total= 9:31 7)RW-Becky= 5:57 Norman= 3:42 Total= 9:39 8)RR-Emily= 4:20 Timmy= 5:25 Total= 9:45 With the shortest time, Theo & Holly from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour win the Vail Ski Equipment and Trip. Sean and Mike make Theo feel bad by saying he should share the prizes with the poor kids. Holly lets him know he shouldn't have to appologize for playing the game well. Holly S. walks off to the beach front to watch the sunset and cry, she's not use to failing and it aggrivates her that they didn't make it in the final Inner Circle. Josh tells her that they made it, they didn't get voted off, they lived thro



Now...The Real Challenge Begins!!! In the Real World villa, the team is starting to stress out knowing they are now only fighting to win the $$$. Over in the Road Rules villa, the team is finally starting to have fun and smiling, which shocks Theo when Holly smiles. Holly says she's no longer mad at Emily since the whole conspiring against Chadwick leading to his elimination. They get the clue for the next mission. It states they will need to be wearing jeans. Right away, they know they will be riding something, they just don't know if it's a bull, horse, etc. The Real World team, now that the elimination process is off their shoulders, feel they can beat the Road Rules team. They arrive at their mission site and find out their next mission will be ""Round 'Em Up"". The team will be riding horses and will be timed on who can get a calf in their pin first. The team with the lowest score wins a $2,000 shopping spree to Urban Outfitters. Each team is given two hours to pick a horse and



We start off with Sean talking about how he met his wife Rachel on the first challenge- Road Rules: All Stars. He says they got married and have a beautiful daughter named Evita and another one on the way. He says he has huge debts with law school, and their bank account is pretty much running low. We also see Elka talking to her now fiance Walter. She says she loves him so much and can't wait to start her life with him. At dinner, each team is given a kid's puzzle called Rush Hour. This puzzle is the clue for their next mission. In the puzzle, there are cars lined up vertically and horizontal in a grid. The goal of the puzzle is to move the cars until you can get the specific colored car outta of the grid. Emily and Timmy feel they can kick butt at this competition. Playing the game, they get the car out first before everybody else. The following morning both teams are all still playing with the kids game. They receive a message on their phones that they'll be picked up at 9:



We start off with Coral & Mike, Timmy & Emily, and Dan & Tara upset cause they have yet to win a prize. They are pumped to win the next mission. It's 11:59pm and only one minute to Mike's 21st Birthday. Mike is all excited to be turning 21 while the rest of the teammates are happy for him. Mike wants to party, but the rest of the team all want to rest for the following day's mission. The following morning, the teams get a message on their phone saying the next mission will be at 9:45am. They are told to wear their uniforms, sandals, and plenty of sunblock. Emily & Timmy are upset cause they were in second place out of all the teams and now they're in dead last. Coral wants to kick butt on the next mission and win Mike a birthday gift. They arrive at the mission site to find three cars under silk tarps and a bar with lots of chairs set up around it. They learn the next mission will be ""Hands on Saturn"". All teams will put a hand on a car made of Ice. After 2 hours, they will ha



We start back in with Mike as 'The Miz' screaming. He says to Coral that he thought she was the weak link, but he has only proved to himself that he's the weak link. Coral tells Mike that he is capable of doing anything he wants, she gets him to settle down and come to dinner. After dinner, Mike appologizes to each of the teams. Tara understands his anger and his reaction, but is still alittle scared of the new side she saw. The following morning, they received the next clue for their message on their phone. It says that the next mission will be that night and they need to wear something ""dressy"". Mike woke up the following very energized and relaxed. Tara thought there would be weirdness between them after what happened the prior evening, but there wasn't! The Road Rules team is jealous of Real World's togetherness. They decide from now on to work together. After dinner, they head down to find out their mission is ""Sidekick Showdown"". This is just a form of the Newlywed Game w



We start off with the Real World team at breakfast. When they first started the challenge, they all thought they had no chance at all to win. But now that they're getting close to the end, they believe they can take it home! Sean comes up with the idea of a Real World person will team up with a Road Rules person, so that way if one team wins, they will share the chili's money with their partner. That way everyone will walk home with something. Since Sean is a lawyer, the teams have picked him to draft up a contract. Tara says she's so sure they're gonna win that she doesn't know if she wants to give up any of her money. That night, they get a message that their next mission will be at 10am tomorrow and they need to wear bathing suits, shorts, and sunscreen. We then see Emily talking on the phone with James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. She says after the last challenge they hooked up and been with eachother ever since. The following day, they arrive at the beach to find t



We start off with Mike acting like 'The Miz' and Timmy and Theo just making fun of him. At breakfast, they are told their next mission will be that night and they will be given their outfits shortly. They're also told they will need to be weighed in. From that, they already know that involves some sorta battle, either boxing or wrestling. They are then given their outfits which lets them know that they will be wrestling. Mike is excited saying this is the mission he's been waiting for. They receive a message saying the mission will be at 6pm. They arrive at the mission and discover that they will be doing ""Siamese Wrestling"" where teams will be tied back to back with a corset and then have to wrestle the opposite team in a ring covered in bubbles. A match will have a winner when they can get one of the opposing team member's shoulders down on the mat for 3 seconds. The team that can pin the other team the fastest will win a ""Mild n Wild"" White Water Rafting trip, bikes, cameras,



The day has arrived...tis the day of the Final Mission. Each of the teams wake up nervous yet excited to win the handsome reward. The Road Rules team wonders what the last mission will be, Emily hopes it has nothing to do with luck, cause she doesn't believe it's fair to win $300,000 off luck. They discuss the deals they have, we learn there is a deal between- Emily & Elka Theo & Mike Tara & Danny Timmy & Kelley Dan & Sean The only two not to reach a agreement is Holly & Coral. Coral has tried, but Holly denied cause she believes she'll put 100% in this final mission and take the money home. The vans pick them up bright and early and they arrive at the final mission site. As the Ultimate Teams, Sean & Elka and Theo & Holly must deligate the rest of their teams during each part of the final mission. They also learn that the Ultimate Team that wins the final mission will not just get the $50,000 each but they also will each get a 2002 Saturn Vue SUV. They are given their f

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