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We're introduced to the new cast- Guys Eic N. from Real World New York Mark from Road Rules 1 David from Real World Los Angeles Puck from Real World San Francisco Antoine from Road Rules Europe Jake from Road Rules Islands Dan from Real World Miami Syrus from Real World Boston Colin from Real World Hawaii Yes from Road Rules Semester at Sea Laterrian from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour David from Real World New Orleans Jamie from Real World New Orleans Blair from Road Rules The Quest Theo from Real World Chicago Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl Eric J from Road Rules Campus Crawl Gals Emily from Road Rules 2 Beth from Real World Los Angeles Anne from Road Rules Northern Trail Christina from Road Rules Australia Genesis from Real World Boston Gladys from Road Rules Latin America Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Ayanna from Road Rules Semester at Sea Ruthie from Real World Hawai



We begin with the ladies in a pow-wow for team unity where Gladys reveals that she's pregnant. She's so happy that she wants to share it with everyone and she says that she'll know when it's time to go home and she'll happily do so because she's so ready to be a mommy. Everyone is happy for her and Rachel from Campus Crawl points out that MTV picked the 18 toughest women to be in Jamaica and that they wouldn't even be having this competition if nobody thought they had a chance to take the Chilis money home. They all believe they can win this thing and they end their meeting with their team chant, ""V*gina, V*gina, V*gina!"" The next morning, a drill sergeant wakes up both houses in the early hours of the morning. Puck, who chosed to stay in the women's villa to keep distance from Dave, is late for roll call. The sergeant reveals that he's the mayor of their first challenge and that everyone needs to split up in their same sex pair that Jon told them to pick the prior evening to get ready



We start off this week with all the ladies having a battle of their own to fight right now and that is not against the guys, but with Mr. Diarrhea. While all the women are trying to gain enough strength for the next competition, the guys are living it up in their now ""peaceful without David"" villa. The mission phone lets them know that they should be ready by 10:30am and wear swimsuits and have plenty of sunblock. On the way to the mission the guys try to form a ""voting-off"" plan to keep their team more organized and civil than the ladies. With David withdrawing himself from competition in the previous episode, the guys have yet to have to vote someone off. The guys finalize a plan to vote off the male player with the lowest commulative score which leaves Latterian the team mascot fearing his departure. The teams arrive to find trapeeze bars hanging above the water. Jon announces ""Dead Man's Drop"", where each team member will have to hand upside-down with their legs over the bars



We start off with the girls so happy about thier winning streke hoping that it doesn't end at the next mission. Dan is hanging out in the girl's villa saying the guys just go back and scream at eachother after every competition they lose. Puck says that his girlfriend and son are coming to visit and he decides what better place then Jamaica to get married. Mark, as the only married male on the cast, takes Puck around to see if they can find a great site for the wedding and give him alittle pointers on how the ceremony should be set up. Puck gives Mark the honor of holding Bogart, his son, during the ceremony. Back at the girl's villa, Puck is talking to the ladies about his wedding and Ellen wonders why he would want to have a wedding and invite all the Real World and Road Rules teammates to it even though he may not get along with most of them. She then claims that Puck is doing it all for show, and Pucks lets her know that she's being rude. She then returns the ""You're rude"" back



We start off finding out that the next mission will be tomorrow and they need to wear swim-suits and sunscreen. We also learn that Puck's son Bogart and future wife Betty will be arriving tomorrow aswell. We then see David and Ayanna talking, sharing everything about eachother, and just growing closer. They both love how they have clicked with eachother and look foward to what the future has for them. Bogart and Betty arrive, they stay up in in a tree-house bedroom above the villas. Puck and Betty go on to tell how they met 6 years ago in a pet store. Puck lets Betty know that Ellen is getting on his nerves and she'd better watch out. The teams all meet Bogart and believe he's the cutest kid around. Tonya and Ellen go off about how disgusted they are with Puck's behavior. The teams are off for their next mission. The girls are up two missions to one and the guys are determined to get this game tied. They learn the next mission is ""Breath-Hold Bungee"". Each team will be lowered



We start right back in with Ellen explaining that when she went to go ask the guys if they can trade scissors with her, Puck told her to get out and that he is gonna kick her a**. Annesa in the middle of showering felt the need to come and listen to the conversation topless. Ellen says that Puck said this to her while Mark and Colin just sat there and listened. She claims Puck has control over the guys house and none of the guys have any guts to stand up to him. Back in the guys villa, they are hanging out while Colin performs some quotes from his soon to be released ""Quote Book"".(Check out his site, link on main page). We then flash back to the girls with Ellen still cryings stating she doesn't think it is fair for Puck to say those things to a girl, especially her. Tonya tries to calm her down but she feels her life has been threatened. In another room, the girls feel that it is very childish how Puck is treating Ellen, but they also believe that Ellen is no 'Angel' and pretty m



At the Girl's Villa, they learn on their phones that the next competition will be the following day and they must pair up in teams. The rule with the teams as the challenge goes along, is that once two people are teamed together for a challenge, they cannot be teammates again for the rest of the challenge. Immediatly the girls start to pair up, all while Amaya is taking a nap. The pairs end up with Amaya and Veronica left, but the problem is that they have already been paired. Ellen starts to complain about team unity when noone wants to give up their partner to team up with Amaya or Veronica. Rachel believes Ellen is making the situation bigger then it is. Tonya suggests Ellen should just sit back and let them figure it out cause supposedly Ellen is always trying to solve the problems. The following day, Eric makes some potion and rubs it on Colin's ankle in hope to numb it for he can make it through this next mission. Back at the girl's villa, Amaya says Veronica and her need a



We start off with Puck saying goodbye to his new bride Betty and son Bogart. He says he couldn't be any happier with the family he has and she wishes him the best in the rest of the competition as she leaves to go home. Over in the girls villa, Rachel expresses how she believes its selfish for a girl to want to go home halfway through the competition and they could have eliminated themselves earlier and someone that wanted to stay through the competition could still be there. Genesis believes Rachel has made too many negative comments about the team as a whole. It's mission time, they arrive at the mission site, to see a whole circus/carnival setup. They see these wood cut-outs of a rollercoaster car and train. Each car has two blocks of ice, one block about 2 feet higher then the other. Johnny explains that the next mission is ""Freeze your butt off"". Each person will have to sit in one of the cars with their bare butt on one block of ice and their feet on the other, all while ho



Darkness has fallen over the villas and Puck is upset. It seems that Betty (Puck's wife) is not a US citizen and she has forgotten her green card, so Betty and Bogart aere detained in Immigration for a few days. Puck has decided he's done with the challenge and wants to leave, a camera films Puck as he tells the guys and Puck tells them to remove the camera from filming him. Glass is heard breaking and Puck is seen with a machete knife. He packs his bags and leaves. Holes in the walls, broken glass, and a broken guitar are later seen and we are meant to believe this was all cause by Puck on his last night. The following day, Ellen asks some of the guys what they're going to do now that they're down one man. Ellen later talks to Emily and tells her that she thinks the girls should have a meeting and discuss how they feel about the last elimination. Emily states that if the girls don't like what is happening in the Inner Circle, then maybe they should work harder and get in the In



It's Party Time...the cast is all getting drunk, dancing, and just having a good time. Off at their own table, Emily and James are enjoying eachothers company even more. They are both happy to be in Jamaica with eachother and both are just enjoying their relationship. The following morning, they receive their next mission on their phones. It says it will be at 12:30 and they must wear a shirt, shorts, and 2 undergarments. They already put two and two together and know they'll have to take off a article of clothing if they mess up at whatever they have to do. Tonya pulls Ruthie aside and lets her know that she wants the Inner Circle to send her home if she's at the bottom. That way another strange vote-off will not happen and they will be left with the strongest team they can have. They arrive at the mission site to find out they'll be doing ""The Battle of the Opposite Sexes"" game show. The guys will go up against the gals in a trivia like game show where if a person answers a ques



Eric receives a call from home, his sister has been in the hospital for over a week with a horrible fever and the doctors still cannot figure out what is wrong. The following morning, they receive a clue on their phone stating that the next mission will be that day and they need to wear a swim suit, shorts, and bug spray. Ayanna knows she has to do the best she can cause since herself and a few others did not participate in the 'Battle of Opposite Sexes', their score has plummeted and they are in danger of being sent home. Anne, Christina, and Emily have started a group against Veronica. They believe she in nothing but negativity to the girls' team. Veronica believes even though the past several eliminations have been the lowest scoring girl, that won't last too much longer due to several ""alliances"" forming. They arrive at the mission site, Johnny congratulates them for making it through the first half and welcomes them to the second half. The mission is called ""Leaky River"". Each



We start off with Emily commenting on that there is many girls at the challenge walking around in bikini tops and she can't help but feel jealous and vulnerable that James would try to hook up with someone else. We then hear from Melissa and Ayanna that awhile back James helped Veronica move into her apartment and it's rumored that they may have fooled around. They arrive at the mission site to find two sets of about six ladders strung together zigzagged going up to a platform hanging from a crane about 80 feet in the air. The mission is called ""Stairway To Heaven"" Along the ladder path there is different sections painted in different colors. They have a total of 1 minute to climb and for each section the contestant passes they earn 5 points for a total of 80 points possible if they make it to the top. The team that has the most points wins $1,000 for each teammate provided by Atari's Mission Impossible. Also, the person that makes it to the top in the fastest time wins the Ion L



The girls are coming to a conclusion that most of the past challenges have been male oriented. They don't believe it's fair and the believe that is the reason why they keep losing. Ellen and Ruthie know they are the two strongest competitors on the female team and they know they have to start showing that this is the Battle of the Sexes. Ayanna has found herself drifting away from her team, she is not happy with the performances and attitudes of everyone on the women's team. It's the following day and it's mission day. They receive a clue on their phones telling them to wear boots and shorts and be well hydrated. The guys just believe the women should quit, they are in too deep and the guys just got it together. They arrive at their mission site, where they see a line of laser vests and gun. Ofcourse, they all realize they will be playing laser tag. Johnny explains the mission is called ""Collision Course"" where each team member will earn points by shooting and elminating people of



We start off with the remaining cast partying hard at a local nightclub. They're shots of drinking, dancing, and even Blair going down a waterslide naked. Back at the villas, we see Shane who is growing sick of the ""Frat-Circle"" that he calls the remaining male team. He just doesn't fit in and he's growing home sick. He says that no matter if he wins tomorrows mission he is ready and will be going home. The following day Shane sits down with Ruthie and Genesis and has a three hour discussion about their lives in general. He has now realized that he has a place in these peoples lives. They head to the next mission which is taking place at a nearby hotel. They arrive to find a huge net drawn up between the two hotel towers. Johnney announces that this next mission is called ""Spider Mon"". One guy and one girl will be drawn out on a wire hung off the 15th floor of the two hotel towers in front of this huge net. They will then be released where they'll swing into the large net and t



It's mission morning, James and Shane know they have a fight today to make sure that they don't end up in last place after the mission. Emily comments about how James was born for competition. They receive their next mission clue on their phone, it says the girls must wear a two piece bathing suit and the guys must wear their speedos. The girls believe it will be something humiliating. They arrive at the mission site to find a big tank of water. Johnny announces that the next mission will be Human Aquarium. Everybody will be given a snorkel and will have to lay in a 2 foot deep pool of water. They must stay submerged under the water, only their knees and one hand may come above the water. The catch is every 5 minutes, they will dump buckets of different sea creatures on them and around the pool. The person to stay completely submerged while holding a cup of water with a fish in it upright the whole time wins a Vail Ski Trip for their team and ofcourse the Ion Lifesaver. They all g



TV Guide Listing: The loss of a team member leaves the girls feeling weakened and abandoned.



TV Guide Listing: The girls find out the grand prize and try to redeem themselves.



After a month in Jamaica, it is all down to the final challenge for the $150,000 Chili's dollars! Mark, Colin, and Jamie are going head to head with Lori, Ruthie and Ellen to see whose going to win the Battle of the Sexes. With their losing streak over, the ladies are confident that they have a chance to win... Each team is given a block puzzle as a clue for the mission that is to come. The ladies figure out the puzzle but the guys can't and Mark hopes this isn't a bad sign. After they receive the phone call with details, the teams arrive at the competition course. The game is called ""It Takes 3"" and will require each trio to work as a team in order to win. The first part of the course is the tri ski slalom, followed by the block-by-block brainteaser, and then the ropes course. No member can advance to the next phase without every person on his or her team completing the obstacle. The horn blows and the mission begins... The guys quickly get in a groove and finish the ski-slalom first.



It looks like we don't yet have a storyline for this episode.



Battle of the Sexes Reunion that featured- Genesis from Real World Boston Ellen + Blair from Road Rules The Quest Melissa + Jamie from Real World New Orleans Lori from Real World Back 2 New York Mark from Road Rules 1 Shane from Road Rules Campus Crawl Antoine from Road Rules Europe Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Colin + Ruthie from Real World Hawaii Highlights include- *Guys had naked water sking *Veronica and Eric made out *Ellen believed the mission weren't fair *Veronica claimed nothing ever happened between her and James *Ruthie appologized to Veronica for the time she voted her off, Ruthie regrets it. *Veronica tells Ellen and Ruthie that she has no hard feelings. Jonny gives the girls one last chance. Both sexes pick one person to compete. They choose Veronica against Antoine. The competition is one of those knock-em sock-em games where you press the button as fast as you can to knock the opponents head off. The winner takes a Game Boy

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