It's November 1963 and Meg Pryors dream is to appear on the Philly Based American Bandstand.Thanks to her best friend Roxanne, Meg finally gets the chance to appear, but her hopes are dashed when at dinner that night, Jack refuses to let her go on. While at the same time J.J. drops a bombshell on his dad and announces he doesn't wanna play football anymore, so he quit the team. Jack blames his girlfriend Beth and she storms out. Defying her father, Meg goes and does the show, in place of seeing Patty's spelling bee. Jack sees her on TV and when she's asked back as a regular, he refuses to let her appear. Meanwhile Helen struggles with her decision to stop having kids, of which Jack doesn't wanna hear,but finally accepts it.J.J. tells his coach he doesn't wanna play fottball, because he's being forced too and that took the fun out of it, but his coach says he should play anyway.Helen tries to talk Jack into letting Meg appear on the show,but he's made his decision. Which surprises and d



Advance Preview It's Thanksgiving week in 1963, but, in the wake of the JFK assassination, no one feels thankful. Even Meg's selection as a Bandstand regular seems hollow to her---especially since best friend Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies) wasn't chosen. And the resentful Roxanne isn't going easy on Meg (Brittany Snow). Meanwhile, East Catholic's football team has a hole at running back without J.J. (Will Estes); and Helen (Gail O'Grady) gets together with the worldly Rebecca Sandstrom (Virginia Madsen) at Temple University.



To Meg's utter amazement she is asked to dance by Bandstand regular Jimmy Riley,before he is whisked away by another regular Teresa. J.J. quietly rejoins the football team. While Henry's son Sam earns a track scholarship to almost-all-white East Catholic. Jack invites Sam to dinner to meet J.J., being that their both now on the track team. Meg is informed by Teresa to be wary of Jimmy Riley. J.J. gets upset when he finds out Beth applied to Stanford. Helen tries to find a class that will fit her busy schedule at Temple. A Rumor starts circulating about Meg and Jimmy Riley ""doing it"",which Roxanne thinks is great,because it means Meg's important now. J.J. hears Beth's father call him a ""Catholic kid from West Philly"" to his country-club friends. Meg is asked out on her first date by Jimmy Riley and she readily accepts. While J.J. dominates the competetion in his return to the gridiron.



Jack surprises Meg with the announcement that Jimmy stopped by the shop and asked to take her out and he is allowing her to go.Patty takes a liking to a new boy who is also a finalist in the spelling bee competetion.She listens in as Roxanne gives Meg some dating tips and takes one to heart,a little to much. Rebecca invites Helen and Jack on a double date with her and her economics-professor husband Leo. Meanwhile J.J. won't take Beth to a mixer, because he can't dance, that is until Meg teaches him. Jack can't stand Rebecca's out spoken boyfriend and wants to end the night early.Meg and Jimmy's first date goes from bad to worse, as she first talks on and on about cars and later accidently bloodies his nose. Beth tells J.J. she would rather go alone to the mixer.Not being able to reach her parents, Meg accepts an offer from Sam to walk her home, only to be stopped by the police. With the family looking on, Patty loses the spelling bee,only to be outed by Roxanne who knows she blew it o



Jimmy (still sporting a shiner from their first date) asks Meg to be his partner on Bandstand. A Notre Dame recruiter is interested in JJ, but when J.J. doesn't show Jack will have to carry the ball for his son. Patty wants a new water heater and goes around timing everyone's showers to show they need one. Beth tries her best to get through to J.J., but he brushes her off and while Jack is meeting with the recruiter, he gets drunk with Tommy. Helen's walks out on the doctor,when she firsts goes about birth control.Megs thinks her and Jimmy are destined to be a real couple,but he says he only wants to be friends. Jack gives J.J. the cold shoulder over his blowing off the Recruiting meeting. Helen returns to the doctor a second time and it goes much smoother. Things change at the big game,when the team needs a big play, J.J. fakes an injury, before scoring the game winning touchdown on the play Jack taught him.



Roxanne is positive Meg is the ""Blurry Girl"" in a teen Magazine dancing with Jimmy Riley. Jack and Helen are in New York for a reunion of Jack's World War II unit. Beth tries in vain to reach J.J. but he cuts her off again. Later Meg meets Jay of Jay and The American's as he performs their hit ""Come a Little Bit Closer"" at a Bandstand rehearsal. He and Meg hit it off as does Roxanne and Carl the drummer. They plan a party for that night at the Pryor's house. Meanwhile in New York, Helen is approached by a man who claims Jack saved his life during the war. Patty finds out about the Party and wants to impress her spelling-bee foe Kevin by inviting him to party with Jay Black. J.J. and Will find Jack's 'Medal of Honor' while moving the last of the stuff from Meg's new room to the garage. Jay suggests to Meg and Roxanne they go some place else instead for the party. Beth and Kevin both show up, while J.J. and Beth have a fight, Patty and Kevin wait awkwardly for Meg to get home, which she never does. Meg realizing too late she hurt her sister's feelings, tries to make amends. Lastly Jack relates the story behind the medal to the whole family.



Meg is angered to hear Luke, the new record shop employee, talking bad about the music she's about to buy. Elsewhere, a sudden cancellation of his deal to supply a hotel with all there new TV's, forces Jack to examine his family's financial outlook and question his own business philosophy. Sam, who is still adapting to life at East Catholic high school deals with a prank gone too far by the football team, while JJ looks on, unable or unwilling to intervene. While Roxanne uses her Bandstand connections to start her own business of selling autographed 45's, starting with Marvin Gaye. Discovering Luke slipped her a Bob Dylan record instead, Meg rushes back to the store to conmfront him. The Prank gets Tommy suspended and he threatens Sam until J.J. intervenes, which draws a nasty response from Sam. Michael shuts down Roxanne's new business, while Jack tries in vain to still make the big Hotel sell, but it's all for not as Mr. Healey refuses to buy them. Lastly, the bitter cold of the nigh



While preparing for the city championships, JJ (Will Estes) discovers some of Philadelphia's police officers have offered his teammates money to throw the game (although Tommy denies it at first), forcing him to question their integrity, as well as that of his police officer uncle Pete who stops by the house for a sudden strategy session. Meanwhile, Meg (Brittany Snow) who shows signs of affection for Luke, a record store clerk at the Vinyl Crocodile and Patty's new piano teacher, is upset with Roxanne's sudden interest in him.Turns out Roxanne was only pretending to like him, long enough so Meg would get jealous and admit she liked him. Elsewhere, Helen leaves the family for a rare girls night out with new age classmate Rebecca. Meanwhile Jack (still saddled with the TV's from the busted hotel deal),prompted by Henry's suggestion, expands his customer base to include a few black customers and Sam deals with backlash from his former friends over the impending game.



As the Christmas season takes hold, Meg decides to spend more time with Luke, venturing to the rough streets of North Philly (with Roxanne) to hear him play with a local Church choir. Meanwhile, JJ catches the eye of a slightly older and more experienced country club employee and sneaks out of the house, just as Meg is sneaking in. Catching on to both of his older children's escapades, Jack implores a slightly uneven standard of discipline, by grounding Meg, but saying virtually nothing to J.J. Angering the family's growing feminist Helen. Patty finds out that Will broke the Virgin Mary, and replaces it with a slightly larger version. Elsewhere, Henry enjoys the recent success his advertising ideas have brought the store, but a few choice words from an over-eager friend leaves Jack concerned he might leave.



Advance Preview With Christmas a day away, Meg (Brittany Snow) and dance partner Jimmy Riley (guest star Jesse Hutch) are voted one of ""Bandstand's"" favorite couples landing them a date under the mistletoe for their first kiss, which hurts her budding relationship with Luke (guest star Jamie Elman). Meanwhile, JJ (Will Estes) receives an early Christmas present with his acceptance into the University of Notre Dame, which prompts him to reconsider his break-up with longtime girlfriend, Beth (Rachel Boston). Elsewhere, Jack's (Tom Verica) military expertise is called upon when a local boy serving in Vietnam goes missing and Henry (Jonathan Adams) looks for a raise during the store's holiday rush. R&B singing star Ashanti (""Foolish"") guest stars as 1960s pop sensation Dionne Warwick singing ""Walk on By"" on ""American Bandstand."" Gail O'Grady, Arlen Escarpeta, Ethan Dampf and Sarah Ramos also star.



The Beatles' arrival in America sends the country and the Pryor household into a frenzy, except for a concerned JJ, who receives word that Notre Dame has denied him a full scholarship. Determined to afford his son's college education, Jack seeks financial help from his successful and slightly distant older brother Ted despite Pete and Helen's concerns. Ted offers to pay for J.J. first year in South Bend in exchange for 50% ownership in the shop. Meanwhile, a confused Meg attempts to classify her relationship with Luke, employing Roxanne's ""perfect plan"", which is to simply have Luke introduce himself as Meg's boyfriend, to determine if the record store clerk is in fact her boyfriend. Patty's put in a tough position when she has to teach Will, the twleve apostles or not get to watch the Beattles on Ed Sullivan that night.



Meg gets two Cs on her report card and Helen, more concerned about it than Jack is, thinks it would be a good idea for Meg to accompany her to her Temple class. Meg dislikes the idea, but not as much as she dislikes the fact that Luke agrees with her mother. Roxanne is also at odds with her mother, so she stays with the Pryors. Meanwhile, Beth notices JJ talking to Colleen; Jack hires Henry's nephew, Nathan; and it seems that there's a bullying problem in Will's third-grade class.



In the aftermath of his confession to Beth, JJ struggles to put their relationship back together again, but quickly realizes that it might be too little too late. Elsewhere, Meg strikes up a musical friendship with Sam as they decide to save money by sharing records - causing problems with JJ who quickly reminds his sister about the trouble she faced after her previous interactions with Sam. Meanwhile, Jack entrusts his new employee -- Nathan, the nephew of Henry with delivery duty, but later questions his decision when Nathan fails to return. Helen volunteers to baby-sit for her professor and gets to know him better while Roxanne fights for a coveted position writing the ""Backstage on Bandstand"" column for Teenzine magazine.



Preparing for the East Catholic Valentine's Day dance, Meg tries to convince boyfriend Luke of the importance of the holiday, while Roxanne waits for a brave boy to ask her to the dance. Meanwhile, Jack, prompted by his doctor, seeks a second opinion regarding his lingering sickness, while JJ searches for forgiveness from Beth. Elsewhere, Patty braces for her own Valentine's Day festivities as she makes arrangements for her first coed party.



In the first track meet of the season, JJ and Sam square off to determine who will race one of the fastest runners in the city, creating a new-found relationship between this unlikely pair. Meanwhile, after their break-up, Meg and Luke try to figure out exactly what to call their relationship with the help of confidents Roxanne and record storeowner Mr. Greenwood. Elsewhere, Helen's classmates lead her to believe that their professor, Mr. Witt, has a crush on her. Musical guest star India.Arie portrays Nina Simone performing at the Vinyl Crocodile record store.



In the first track meet of the season, JJ (Will Estes) and Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) square off to determine who will race one of the fastest runners in the city, creating a new-found relationship between this unlikely pair. Meanwhile, after their break-up, Meg (Brittany Snow) and Luke (Jamie Elman) try to figure out exactly what to call their relationship with the help of confidents Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies) and record storeowner Mr. Greenwood (guest star Art Garfunkel). Elsewhere, Helen's (Gail O'Grady) classmates lead her to believe that their professor, Mr. Witt (guest star Robby Benson), has a crush on her. Musical guest star India.Arie portrays Nina Simone performing at the Vinyl Crocodile record store. Tom Verica, Sarah Ramos and Ethan Dampf also star.



Celebrating a Pryor family tradition, Jack and Uncle Pete make their annual trip to the cemetery to tend to their father's grave only to be joined by an unexpected visitor - their brother Ted. After impressing him with her musical knowledge, Bandstand producer Michael Brooks asks Meg to help him put together an upcoming special. However, when she is drafted as part of the cemetery expedition, Meg asks Roxanne to fill in, offering her best friend a chance to spend time with her latest crush. Elsewhere, JJ receives some disturbing news from the doctor regarding his broken leg. Helen volunteers to help register voters for the upcoming election, working closely with Professor Witt, while Sam decides to join his cousin Nathan at a local rally.



MEG STRUGGLES WITH HER FEELINGS FOR BOTH HER EX-BOYFRIEND AND FAKE ONE ; WAYNE BRADY GUEST STARS AS JACKIE WILSON -- Making an appearance to sign autographs at the Vinyl Crocodile, Meg (Brittany Snow) struggles with her lingering feelings for ex-boyfriend Luke (guest star Jamie Elman) and rekindled interest in ""Bandstand"" partner Jimmy Riley (guest star Jesse Hutch). Meanwhile, Jack (Tom Verica) moves forward with Henry's (Jonathan Adams) suggestion as he investigates the possibility of opening a second store. Prompted by interest from his brother Ted (guest star Christopher Cousins), he decides to make this a family venture enlisting the help of younger brother Pete (guest star Matthew John Armstrong), thus leaving Henry out of the deal. Elsewhere, JJ (Will Estes) pushes Sam (Arlen Escarpeta) to forget about the former teammate's accident and run his best for the rest of the year. Jackie Wilson (Wayne Brady) performs ""Baby Work Out"" on ""American Bandstand."" Vanessa Lengies, Gail O'Gra



In the midst of a special memory lane ""Bandstand,"" Meg (Brittany Snow) copes with a hostile Bobby Darin (guest star Duncan Sheik) while attempting to help roving columnist Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies) land an interview with the hit singer. In the midst of the chaos, Jimmy Riley (guest star Jesse Hutch ) surprises his dance partner when he shares the big news that he joined the marines. Elsewhere, Jack (Tom Verica), Henry (Jonathan Adams), Nathan (guest star Keith Robinson ) and Pete (guest star Matthew John Armstrong ) spend a rainy day playing an allegedly friendly game of poker. Helen (Gail O'Grady) receives a friendly ride home from her professor (guest star Robby Benson ) while JJ (Will Estes) spends a rainy afternoon drowning his sorrows in beer. Country music sensation LeAnn Rimes guest stars as Connie Francis singing ""Where the Boys Are"" on ""American Bandstand"" and Duncan Sheik portrays Bobby Darin singing ""Beyond the Sea."" Sarah Ramos and Ethan Dampf also star..



As Meg's (Brittany Snow) recently rekindled romance with Luke (guest star Jamie Elman) begins to heat up, she grows concerned over his level of ""experience"" in matters of love. Prompted by some sagely wisdom from Roxanne (Vanessa Lengies), she attempts to broaden her sex appeal with shocking results. Elsewhere, Jack (Tom Verica) decides to rethink Nathan's (guest star Keith Robinson) employment status after learning of Helen's (Gail O'Grady) brush with danger, and his involvement in her defense during the recent voter registration drive. Meanwhile, JJ (Will Estes) re-ignites his romance with Colleen (guest star Jessica Collins) as he prepares to celebrate his 18th birthday and Helen agonizes over her own secret from that fateful day with Professor Wit (guest star Robby Benson).



Meg and Roxanne are chosen for East Catholic's Prom Committee. Their assignment: get ""cool"" seniors onto the ""Bandstand"" set so they can take candid photos known as ""senior snaps."" Success, Roxanne gushes, will make them ""the coolest sophomores in history."" But they don't have permission from ""Bandstand"" to do it. Meanwhile, Will's Soap Box Derby is coming up, but he's afraid of the hills, and JJ's afraid of testing his newly healed leg; Patty has joined the Robins, and is very competitive about earning badges; and Jack hires Sam to do a job at the Girard Avenue store.



JJ's senior prom is coming up but he's not going because Colleen has made him another offer. Then he hears from Beth. In other prom-related doings, Meg's new friend Carol invites her---but not Roxanne---to a pre-prom sleep-over at her house. Meanwhile, Patty's afraid that no one likes her (there's some reason for this: she has a reputation as being a ""know-it-all""); Natha puts Henry in another delicate situation at the Girard Avenue store; and Jack runs into Professor Witt near the store and senses that there might be something between him and Helen.



June 19, 1964: Jim Bunning's on the mound for the Phils and the Pryors have just begun their annual Wildwood vacation. Roxanne isn't with them because she's still mad at a still-distressed Meg. But her rich new friend Carol has invited her to her beach club at ""the Crest."" And Meg returns the favor, getting Carol and her friends into a Bandstand beach ""hop"" featuring the Kinks (Third Eye Blind does the impersonation). Meanwhile, Helen finally tells Jack about Professor Witt's advance. Back in town, JJ's at home---with Beth while Henry's minding the North Philly store. The neighborhood is steaming and the city pool hasn't opened yet.



JJ, tender ankle and all, arrives at Lehigh to begin football practice. And Roxanne, who's still on the outs with Meg, meets someone she has been on the outs with for eight years: her father. Meanwhile, Meg gets her learner's permit and wants Luke to teach her to drive. And the Girard Avenue store is about to open, but the timing could be better: riots in Harlem have prompted the Philadelphia police to consider a curfew for North Philly.



In the season finale, racial tensions begin to flare in North Philly sparking a massive riot, while an oblivious Meg (Brittany Snow) makes final preparations for her sweet sixteen birthday party. Unaware of the violent situation building around her, Meg attempts to save her friendship with Sam (Arlen Escarpeta), visiting him at the new store, and finds herself in the middle of the urban chaos. Elsewhere, an angry Nathan (guest star Keith Robinson) who helped incite the violence, urges the enraged rioters forward, while Pete (guest star Matthew John Armstrong) and the rest of Philadelphia's finest race to quell the disturbance. Meanwhile, a defeated JJ (Will Estes) returns from Lehigh after being kicked off the football team and makes a surprising announcement to Jack (Tom Verica) and Helen (Gail O'Grady) about his future, while Michael Brooks (Joe Lawrence) reveals the possibility he might be leaving ""Bandstand"" for a new record-producing gig in California. R&B sensation Kelly Rowland

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