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Olivia gets promoted to be the new face of ELLE.com. Meanwhile, Whitney gets a once in lifetime chance to show her line at New York Fashion Week when one of Kelly's designers drops out....



Whitney has no time to rest after her first big fashion show, when Kelly pushes her to market her line. Olivia however, refuses to support Whitney Eve at ELLE Magazine.



Roxy has a date-like meeting with Zach. Meanwhile, Whitney and Olivia go head-to-head after Olivia decides to interview her friend for ELLE, instead of covering Whitney's line.



Erin and Olivia bump heads on how to dress Fergie for an ELLE cover shoot. Meanwhile, Whitney is torn when a French photographer wants to take the relationship to the next level.



Roxy's bad judgement at Whitney's Glamour magazine meeting threatens Whitney's reputation. Meanwhile, Olivia plays the role of party socialite with Joe Zee....



Olivia goes against her boss and refuses to wear a designer to their joint party with ELLE while Whitney receives harsh criticism of her line from Joe Zee.



It's almost time for (another) New York Fashion Week! Although Whitney doesn't have a show this time, she decided to update her line (based on Anne Slowey's advice). While she shows Roxy some new sketches at People's Revolution, Kelly walks in and announces she needs help on the David Delfin show. Roxy immediately volunteers herself, prompting Kelly to issue a stern warning: if you screw this up, "I will fire you."Meanwhile, Joe Zee is going over the Fashion Week calendar to make sure ELLE gets as much coverage as possible. Zoning in on the Marc Jacobs show, Joe asks Olivia to use her connections with the designer to score an exclusive backstage interview. "We'll definitely get an interview," she promises him. Of course, it never hurts to have a backup plan. When it's her turn to speak, Erin tells everyone about her exciting new prospect - fashion reporter Louise Roe, who Erin wants to start doing on-air coverage for ELLE.com.Over at People's Revolution, Roxy is putting together a seating chart for David Delfin when Samantha drops by to take Whitney to the Charlotte Ronson show. Whitney tells Kelly about their front-row seats (courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman), and Kelly encourages her to bring her Look Book to network as much as she can.Soon after, Whitney and Roxy take their seats at the Charlotte Ronson show (in Bryant Park), when they spot Louise Roe. Turns out, in addition to being a fashion writer (and ELLE UK vet), she is also Freddie Fackelmayer's ex-girlfriend! After the show, Samantha introduces Whitney and herself to Louise, and the girls immediately hit it off. "Freddie has good taste!" Whitney laughingly admits. "Well, duh!" Samantha replies.That afternoon, Whitney arrives at Maybelline's offices (book in hand!) to meet with makeup bigwigs Denise Quattrochi and Charlotte Willer. Whitney enthusiastically describes her target demographic, a career gal who can go from day to night, and then wows the women with pictures of her collection. Impressed, they invite Whitney to show her line at Miami Fashion Week (which the two co-sponsor) and Whit immediately agrees.Later that night, Joe joins Olivia for the Marc Jacobs show at The Armory, and re-minds her how important it is that she come through on her promise of a backstage interview. Of course, access shouldn't really be a problem, given Olivia's close relationship with the designer. Joe warns Olivia that he will have to rush out immediately after the show, but she promises to follow through. Unfortunately, getting backstage with a camera crew proves difficult -- and Olivia goes in alone, leaving Kevin (her camera man/an ELLE.com senior producer) standing on the sidelines.Over at Bryant Park, Kelly and Roxy are in a rush, trying to get everything ready for the David Delfin show. While Kelly barks orders backstage, Joe rushes in (from the Marc Jacobs show) and takes his seat next to Erin and Seth. All three agree that Olivia's friendship with Marc should be enough to secure her an exclusive interview. "If there's a time to use your connections," says Erin, "now's the time". Just then, Louise arrives and Erin excitedly introduces her to Joe. After hearing about her extensive on-camera background, Joe invites Louise to the Badgley Mischka show the next day and murmurs that she must be "sent from heaven."Up in the director's booth, Kelly goes over some last-minute instructions before the show. At first Roxy looks nervous, but as soon as the lights dim she runs the booth like a pro, and the Delfin show is a smashing success.Meanwhile, things aren't going as well for Olivia over at Marc Jacobs. When Olivia finally checks in with Kevin, she tells him Marc isn't doing any press. "It's fine," she says, after waving off his protests and telling him to go home. "I'll speak to Joe."The next morning Joe and Erin arrive early for the Badgley Mischka show, but Olivia is nowhere to be found. Joe panics when he receives a text from Olivia saying she overslept (she was supposed to be doing interviews on the red carpet!), and tells Erin how Olivia dropped the ball with Marc Jacobs. Fortunately, Louise (who arrives just in time) agrees to take Olivia's place and steps up big by nailing the exclusive interview. Afterward, Erin tells Louise she'd love to work with her again, though Louise says she is hesitant to "push anyone out of a job." In this case, Erin tells her, "That person needs to be pushed."Fortunately, things are looking much brighter over at People's Revolution. An (un-characteristically) happy Kelly calls Whitney and Roxy to congratulate them on their successes. In fact, Roxy did such a great job putting together the David Delfin show that Kelly wants her to produce Whitney's upcoming show in Miami! "You're both ready," she tells the girls, before rattling off a list of instructions for Roxy. (Easy, Kelly! No need to overwhelm the girl before she even books her flight!)



After getting the go-ahead from Kelly, Whitney and Roxy fly down to Miami to get everything ready for the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion show. Whitney quickly sizes up the competition (one of the other designers worked at Vogue!), but Roxy refuses to feel intimidated. "You worked at Teen Vogue!" she points out, reassuringly. Although Whit warns this could be "competitive," Roxy encourages her friend to embrace the challenge. This is a chance to separate ourselves from Kelly, she tells Whitney. But are they ready to step out on their own?Back in New York, Joe Zee gives Olivia one last opportunity to prove herself to the magazine. Her mission? Score an exclusive interview with Zac Posen at the premiere party of his new Target collection. Olivia promises to get the goods this time (after all, she and Zac are friends!) but not before Joe reminds her what's at stake: "You gotta deliver if you wanna keep your job," he warns. Otherwise, Louise Roe (Erin's impressive new find) is ready to "take your place."Over in Miami, Whitney and Roxy (and the other Gen Art designers) gather at the Catalina Hotel for a model casting. After a quick meeting with the event producers, it's time to pick models for the Unveiled cocktail party the following night. Whitney chooses Erica, a pretty brunette, to represent her line, but then spies another designer trying to move in on her model! Whit and Roxy immediately jump into action, staking their claim on Erica -- and telling the designer, Romina, she'd better find someone else. Looks like these girls can take care of themselves!Later that night, Olivia, Joe and Erin attend the Zac Posen Target Collection Party at the New Yorker Hotel. While Joe stresses about the interview, Olivia mingles with the crowd, posing for photographers and socializing with fellow guests. Fortunately, she knows how to mix business with pleasure. Before the end of the night, Olivia pulls Zac aside for a quick on-camera chat. Delighted, Joe showers Olivia with praise, telling her "this is why I hired you!"Back in Florida, Whitney and Roxy head to Koko & Palenki, a chic Miami boutique that's sponsoring the Gen Art show. After a quick look around the store, Roxy and Whitney tell the staffers they think Whitney Eve would be a perfect fit! Impressed by what they hear, Pamela (the owner) and Shari (the stylist) agree to check out Whitney's clothes that night at the cocktail party. ("Nailed it!" Roxy whispers on her way out.)Meanwhile at ELLE, Erin is watching a tape of Olivia's Zac Posen interview with ELLE's editor-in-chief, Robbie Myers, and editorial director Keith Pollock. Unlike Joe, Robbie's not exactly blown away by Olivia's on-camera presence, hinting it's all flash, no substance. (There are two kinds of people in business, she tells her staffers. "Work horses and show ponies.") Erin then shows Louise's interview tape from the Badgley Mischka show ("She's great," Keith admits) and asks whether Louise might have a future at ELLE.com. Robbie tells her it's ultimately up to Joe -- "I trust Joe," she says. "I stand behind him."That night, Whitney and Roxy join the other designers at the Shore Club for the Unite Unveiled Party. Pamela and Shari are there, as promised, but another designer (Romina!) is competing for their attention. Once again, Whit takes charge, walking over to greet the ladies (and offering to put them in touch with her showroom). Watch out, Romina -- Whitney's not going down without a fight!The next night, Whit and Roxy arrive backstage for the Gen Art Fresh Faces show -- and find everything in complete chaos. Missing models, clueless event planners ... what would Kelly do?? Fortunately, Roxy and Whit scramble to get everything ready -- and, somehow, the show goes off without a hitch. In the audience, K&J reps Pamela and Shari are very impressed -- by Whitney AND Romina's lines.Back in New York, Louise Roe swings by Erin's desk at ELLE after a chat with EIC Robbie Myers. Erin's thrilled (but not surprised) to learn Louise and Robbie hit it off -- but her happy reverie is interrupted by Olivia, who cuts in to introduce herself. To Erin's surprise, the girls immediately get along -- Olivia turns on the charm, offering to show Louise around and even agreeing to meet her for lunch. (You know what they say -- keep your friends close ... and your competition closer!)Over in Miami, Whitney watches the K&P staffers congratulate Romina -- and decides to march over and join the conversation. Pamela and Shari admit they liked both lines -- but, in the end, they decide to purchase some looks from Whitney Eve! Congratulations, girls! Kelly Cutrone couldn't have planned it better herself.



Erin and Olivia get into an argument at work and Whitney pushes her line to fashion trade show buyers and blames Roxy for a failed sale.



Roxy and Whitney's relationship is put to the test and Olivia helps Erin with a segment for the Martha Stewart Show.



Tension with Whitney leads Roxy to look for her own place, plus Olivia reluctantly styles a celebrity in Whitney Eve.



When Olivia travels to Japan, Erin tries to permanently replace her with Louise. Plus, Whitney must decide between her loyalty to Kelly and a rival PR firm that wants to represent her.

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