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In Salem's domain, Grimm spawn from pools of a black, viscous substance. From the windows of Salem's castle, Emerald and Mercury watch this process with horror and disgust. A severely weakened Cinder calls them to stand by her side. They all attend a meeting, and three of Salem's other underlings are present: Tyrian, Hazel, and Dr. Watts. Watts and Tyrian belittle Cinder, who lost her left eye in the fight with Ruby on top of Beacon tower, and is barely able to speak. Hazel mentions that they should be able to deal and have dealt with silver-eyed warriors before. Salem enters the room and chastizes Watts. She also praises Cinder for achieving her goals, as Beacon has fallen, Ozpin is apparently dead, and Cinder is the new Fall Maiden. However, her status as a Maiden brings a crippling weakness with it, thus Cinder must remain by Salem's side for her "treatment". Salem then announces the next target: Haven Academy. She orders Watts to take Cinder's place in a meeting with an informant in Mistral. Hazel is told to negotiate with White Fang High Leader Sienna Khan, in a meeting arranged by Adam. Cinder, through her mouthpiece Emerald, inquires about Ruby. In response to her question, Salem changes her order for Tyrian. He was supposed to hunt for the Spring Maiden, but now has to find Ruby and bring her to Salem, alive. Tyrian lets out his manic laugh and declares that he will take "an eye for an eye".A young boy seemingly wakes up from a nightmare. He heads outside, and starts working on the fields of a farm. A barn and a house are seen nearby.Nora and Ren walk through a forest, while debating the name for their new team, which consists of themselves, Ruby, and Jaune. Nora argues in favor of Team JNRR (Junior), Ren likes Team RNJR (Ranger) better, and Jaune, who is kneeling nearby, supports Nora. Suddenly, Ruby and a Geist Grimm, which has taken control of large rocks and formed them into a Golem form, crash through the trees. A fight begins, in which Jaune has to participate without his weapon. He is, however, able to find a counter strategy against the Grimm. Nora and Ruby combine their Semblances to destroy the rock body, and Ruby shoots the true Geist when it tries to escape. The fight is later revealed to be part of a payed Hunter job for a nearby village. The team, after a short exchange with the village's leader, collects its reward for defeating the Grimm: Jaune's armor and sword, upgraded by the village's blacksmith. He used the metal from Pyrrha's shield, sword and armor, the remains of which Jaune had with him. After this, they leave the village and continue their journey to Haven, with Jaune remarking that JNRR "is not sounding cool anymore", and that it doesn't matter what they are called. Ruby looks saddened when Nora briefly mentions the Schnee Dust Company, probably thinking about Weiss. The white-haired girl is back home in Atlas, in her family's manor. Weiss is approached by a butler, Klein Sieben, who tells her that her father wishes to speak to her.



Inside the Schnee manor, Weiss walks towards her father's study. On the way, her younger brother Whitley approaches her. He says that he is glad that Weiss came out of her room for a change, and warns her that their father, Jacques, is currently having an argument with someone. Weiss suspects their mother, but Whitley says that she is "drinking in the garden". The heiress is surprised by Whitley's cheery demeanor, even more so when he mentions their older sister Winter in a positive light, although he admittedly never liked her. Whitley wishes Weiss good luck and walks away. Meanwhile, Team RNJR reach another village on their way to Mistral, Shion. They discover it mostly destroyed and the villagers dead, all cause of a recent attack. A search for survivors follows, but only one deeply wounded Huntsman is still alive. He reveals that the village was attacked by bandits and, later, Grimm, then succumbs to his wounds. Ren acts upset through the whole scene, he even refuses to bury the dead and orders the team to leave the village immediately. While leaving, he and Nora notice a marking on the ground, which they both seem to recognize. In Atlas, Weiss enters the study, revealing General Ironwood as the person that Jacques is arguing with. He is upset with Ironwood's ban on Dust exports from Atlas, as well as another, unnamed recent measure, which both affect the Schnee Dust Company. Ironwood wants to make sure that the other kingdoms, who seem to blame the fall of Beacon on Atlas, hold the peace. Jacques disagrees completely with his policies, but Ironwood reminds him that he holds two seats on the Atlas council. The men then notice Weiss, and the General leaves quickly, but not before offering Weiss the possibility to come study at Atlas Academy. Jacques reprimands his daughter for her lack of manners, complains some more about Ironwood, and orders her to sing at an upcoming charity event, which is mostly being held to boost the image of the company. Weiss reluctantly promises to practice. Outside the study, she runs into Klein, who manages to cheer her up. Somewhere in Anima, Team RNJR are camping outside, and Ruby has nightmares about Pyrrha's death. She awakes and suddenly hears Pyrrha's voice talking to Jaune. Ruby investigates and finds the boy practicing his swordplay. On his scroll, he plays a recording of Pyrrha, which she had made specifically for him. At the end of the video, Pyrrha nearly tells Jaune that she loves him, but cannot bring herself to say it. An emotional but determined Jaune rewinds and replays the video, continuing his training, while Ruby leaves him to it.



Blake is traveling on a passenger boat. She repeatedly jumps at minor noises, for example when the ship's captain approaches her. In their brief talk, he notices that Blake is acting paranoid, which she denies unconvincingly. After the captain departs, Blake states that she doesn't need her bow anymore, and tosses it into the ocean. A hooded figure watches her. Inside her childhood home on Patch, Yang flips through television channels. The news reports give updates on Vale's situation after Beacon's fall: the CCTS is still down, air travel is only used for evacuation, and the Huntsmen have not been able to retake the Beacon grounds. Another report reveals that Vale authorities have singeled out Adam as a main culprit behind the attack, but have not been able to capture him. When his picture is shown, Yang turns off the TV. In this moment, her father Taiyang comes home, surprising Yang with a custom-made bionic arm sent by Ironwood, along with the message that she "fought admirably". Yang, however, is hesitant to try on the arm, and disappears upstairs. She is then shown going through some daily chores. After she accidentally breaks a glass, Yang has a sudden flashback of Adam cutting her arm off. A concerned Taiyang looks on while she tries to calm down. Back on the ocean, Blake notices the cloaked figure, but in this moment, a massive sea dragon Grimm attacks the ship. Blake and the cloaked figure, who reveals himself as Sun, try to fight it off. After a long battle, during which they constantly argue with each other, the two Faunus are able to take down the moster with help from the ship's captain and crew. Afterwards, Blake is furious with Sun for following her. He believes that she is going after the White Fang, and let his team travel home to Mistral alone so that he can follow and help her. Blake can't believe him, but reveals that she is going home, to Menagerie, to "sort some things out". Sun still decides to go with her, because he believes that she will need support. Blake grudgingly allows it. In her castle, Salem is teaching Cinder something. She also asks Cinder if she truly killed Ozpin, even demanding that she say it herself. Cinder weakly replies with a "Yes". A Seer Grimm approaches, frightening Emerald and Mercury, and Salem orders it to send reinforcements to Beacon. She believes that "the relic" is still there, and also ponders what someone else is planning.



Oscar, the young farmboy, is finishing his work for the day. He walks into the barn and looks into a mirror. Suddenly, he hears Professor Ozpin's voice, who introduces himself. Oscar falls down in shock, causing his aunt to call out for him. On Patch, Yang has a nightmare involving Adam. The White Fang member approaches her in the ruins of Beacon, her weapon and right arm appear and disappear randomly, and she can't defend herself until he stands immediately in front of her. Yang wakes abruptly and hears voices downstairs. Professor Port and Dr. Oobleck are visiting Taiyang, who shares a story about Team STRQ's time in Beacon and a prank that he played on Qrow. Yang joins the adults, and father and daughter have a discussion about maturity and the bionic arm. Oobleck thinks that a lot of people must care about Yang, because Atlas technology is normally not given out like this. Yang admits that she is scared of moving on, explains that life with one arm is normal now, and that she hasn't put the bionic arm on because of this. The three men console her, and Port offers advice about fear. Later, Yang goes to her room, but overhears Port and Oobleck leaving. They mention that Glynda Goodwitch is running the Academy now, and also ask Taiyang about Ruby. He reveals that he would go after her, but has to take care of Yang, who looks guilty upon hearing this. Meanwhile, Team RNJR travels to a small town, Higanbana. It is revealed that Qrow has been shadowing them, while also killing most of the Grimm on their path. Ruby, Jaune, Ren, and Nora stay in an inn, and Qrow watches them from a nearby tavern. A barmaid brings him a drink from another woman, who sits upstairs - his sister, Raven. In the conversation between the siblings, it is revealed that Raven is now the leader of a tribe of bandits. This tribe once raised her and Qrow, who, unlike his sister, never returned to the "bunch of murderers". The same tribe also recently attacked Shion village. Raven wants to know if Salem has "the relic", while Qrow asks for information on the Spring Maiden's location. He also criticises her for not caring about her family, especially Yang, although Raven knows what happened to her. His sister replies that Qrow left "their family", the tribe. Qrow's attempts at getting Raven to join his side again fail, and their argument ends with no one getting an answer. Raven leaves through a portal, scaring the approaching waitress. On Patch, Yang comes out of the house with her new arm attached. Taiyang notices her, and says that they "can get started".



Blake and Sun arrive on the island continent of Menagerie, home to many Faunus and governed by them since the Great War. They leave the boat and take a walk through the nearby market. Blake explains to Sun that two-thirds of Menagerie are dangerous desert, and although the Faunus try to make the best out of the situation, their "safe haven" still has too little room for too many people. They walk into the city of Kuo Kuana, and although he understands that the Faunus' situation is not the best, Sun states that he feels "pretty at home." Blake shocks Sun by pointing out her home - the biggest house in the city. She nervously approaches it, explaining that she hasn't seen her parents for a long time. However, Blake's parents, mother Kali and father Ghira, are happy and relieved to see her, especially since they heard about the Fall of Beacon. Blake and Sun have tea with the Belladonnas, but a few unfortunate words cause Sun to get on the bad side of Blake's father, while her mother, to Blake's embarrassment, seems to like him. Ghira is then visited by two representatives of the White Fang, Corsac and Fennec Albain. Blake and Sun immediately confront them, and Blake has to inform the Belladonnas about the White Fang's role during the Fall of Beacon. The Albains explain that they wanted to meet with Ghira, the Chieftain of Menagerie and former High Leader of the White Fang, because of the attack on Beacon. They state that a White Fang splinter group under Adam's lead is responsible for said attack, and assure Ghira that the High Council of the White Fang doesn't support these actions. Corsac and Fennec also offer Blake the opportunity to return to the White Fang at any time. Ghira wants to discuss the matter later, and politely has the Albains leave. Blake stomps away from the door, leaving Sun alone with her parents. While they are walking down the stairs from the Chieftain's house, Corsac and Fennec reveal that they are in contact with Adam, and agree to inform him of Blake's homecoming. Meanwhile, in Higanbana, Tyrian arrives at the tavern where Qrow was staying. He asks the barmaid for help to "find someone".



Team RNJR is on the road and comes across an abandoned town, which is not marked on the map and seemingly still under construction. After Nora spots a sign with the town's name, Oniyuri, only Ren has ever heard of its history. He explains that Oniyuri is similar to Vale's Mountain Glenn, although it was never completed. Richer citizens of Mistral, who were disappointed by the kingdom's government, tried to make their own self-governed settlement, hoping to create an own kingdom someday. However, Oniyuri was overrun by Grimm before it was completed. Ren reveals that his parents believed in this new foundation, perhaps implying that they were killed in the attack. Team RNJR agrees on quickly leaving Oniyuri behind. Meanwhile, in Atlas, Weiss sings at the charity concert. Her performance gets her a lot of applause, but Jacques doesn't even clap. He, Whitley, and Weiss later attend the after party in the Schnee manor. During the party, Weiss is approached by a young man, Henry Marigold. He tries to make advances on her, but after he reveals that he doesn't even know that he is attending a fundraiser for Vale, Weiss has him leave the party. She then hears people gossiping about the Fall of Beacon, including a woman whose comment on the topic is "good riddance". The heiress has enough and verbally accuses everyone present of only caring about themselves. Jacques tells Weiss to stop and scolds her for embarrassing the family, but his agitated daughter inadvertently summons a Boarbatusk with her Semblance. The beast tries to attack the gossiper, but is gunned down by General Ironwood. The woman demands Ironwood to arrest Weiss, but he refuses, stating that Weiss is "the only one making sense around here." Ironwood leaves, while Jacques stares furiously at Weiss. Team RNJR still have not left Oniyuri, and Ren stops the team. He somehow senses Tyrian, who, seconds later, ambushes them. Tyrian attacks immediately, pushing the team around, before stopping to declare his mission to capture Ruby. He also takes a brief interest in Jaune, and takes pleasure form the fact that Ruby doesn't know why he is after her. During the continued fight, Tyrian dominates the young Hunters and Huntresses. Ruby even powers Nora up with lightning Dust, but Tyrian blocks her hammer with his stinger, revealing that he is a scorpion Faunus. In short succession, he knocks down his other three opponents, and prepares to sting Ruby, whose Aura is depleted. However, Qrow, who transforms from his crow into his human form, arrives barely in time to block the attack.



Oscar is in his room when his aunt calls him for dinner. Suddenly, Ozpin's voice tells him that they must leave the farm for Haven Academy, and that Oscar has an important role to play. The Professor explains that his soul, Aura, and memories are now within Oscar. He proves this by letting Oscar describe the office of Haven Academy's headmaster from their now shared memories, and mentions that he helped build the school. Oscar only wants the voice in his head to go away, although Ozpin states that he had to go through the same process in the past. In Atlas, Weiss and her father are in her room, and Jacques scolds his daughter for her behavior at the party. Their argument escalates after Weiss states that she wants to leave Atlas. Jacques accuses Weiss of hurting the Schnee name and its reputation, to which she responds by stating that the Schnee name is more hers than his, since he only married into the family. Jacques slaps her across the face, and tells Weiss that she has to stay in the manor until she behaves better. He believes that she is siding with his other rebellious daughter, Winter. Lastly, Jacques reveals that Weiss is no longer the heiress to the company, and that he made Whitley the new heir. Weiss's brother has heard the whole conversation from the hallway, and when Jacques leaves, Weiss confronts him. Whitley is happy with the situation, revealing that he still doesn't like his sisters, and believes that it is "foolish not to do as father asks". Weiss goes back into her room and cries, but suddenly gets up with a determined look. She moves the furniture around to create space, and draws her weapon. In Oniyuri, Tyrian seems excited by Qrow's arrival. Qrow doesn't know Tyrian, but soon realizes that he works for Salem. Tyrian initiates the fight by attacking first. Team RNJR tries to help, but Qrow instructs them to stay back. Ruby ignores this order and fires at Tyrian with her sniper rifle. However, Tyrian is able to deflect the shots. The one-on-one fight continues, and the Aura reserves of both combatants deplete at some point. Ruby tries to help again, but gets herself in danger by doing so. Qrow saves her, but Tyrian uses this moment to graze him with his stinger. However, Ruby is able to cut off part of the stinger, causing Tyrian to cry out in pain and retreat. Qrow falls to a knee, and Team RNJR rushes to his side. They want to know what is going on, and Qrow responds with the question Ozpin asked Pyrrha before he told her about the Maidens: "What's your favorite fairytale?"



At a campfire in the woods, Qrow has explained the existence of the Maidens and the truth behind the attack on Beacon to Team RNJR. While they ask questions, Jaune seems deeply upset and accuses Ozpin and Qrow of forcing Pyrrha to become a Maiden. Qrow reminds him that she chose the role. The Huntsman explains that Ruby's silver eyes are very rare and probably drew Tyrian's attention towards her. He also confesses that he shadowed the team to protect them. Ruby questions why he didn't travel with them, and Jaune suspects that he tried to use them as bait. Qrow answers that the reason is more "complicated", and decides to tell the team the legend of the creation of Remnant, like Ozpin once told it to him. Two brothers, the older "god of light" and the younger "god of darkness", made forces of life and destruction, respectively. Their rivalry shaped the world of Remnant. At some point, the younger brother created the creatures of Grimm, who shared his desire for destruction. The older brother eventually asked to end their rivalry and to make one final creation together, to which the younger brother agreed. Humanity was formed as a result. Humans received the power to create and destroy, the gift of knowledge to learn about themselves and the world, and the power to choose if they want to follow the path of light or darkness. Qrow also reveals that the four gifts, knowledge, creation, destruction, and choice, also exist in a physical form, left behind by the gods before they abandoned Remnant. Their combined powers would allow anyone who wields them to change the world itself. The four Huntsmen Academies were built around one relic each, by orders of Ozpin's predecessor, with the Huntsmen and Huntresses acting as defensive forces. Hiding the relics was supposed to keep mankind from fighting over them, and to keep them out of Salem's reach.In Menagerie, Blake is hesitant to enter her father's room. Kali convinces her to do so. Ghira is happy to talk to his daughter, but their conversation starts off very awkwardly. After some time, Blake confesses that she doesn't understand how her parents can still love her. She reveals that she fought with them when they left the White Fang, even calling them cowards, and admits that she made a mistake by staying with the White Fang. Ghira tries to reassure her of their love. He stresses that Blake was able to leave the dark path she went down, and that she was even strong enough to confront her past. His daughter says that she didn't confront the White Fang alone, and Ghira then asks why she left her friends behind. In this moment, Sun interrupts, which upsets both father and daughter.Meanwhile, Qrow states that he believes Haven Academy to be Salem's next target. His goal is to talk to the headmaster, with whom they lost contact even before the Fall of Beacon. He also explains that the world doesn't know about the relics because the knowledge could cause "another Great War", and that Salem's goal is to divide humanity by pitting humans against each other. Ruby again questions why he hid himself from them, and Qrow answers by explaining his Semblance: he brings misfortune to those around him, which is good for fighting enemies, but bad for his friends and family. He then goes off to "take a walk", and notices a raven on a nearby tree.Blake confronts Sun for interrupting her talk with Ghira. Sun explains he noticed a masked White Fang member in the marketplace, becoming suspicious after Kali stated that members don't wear masks in Menagerie. Blake, however, is determined not to fight anymore, and refuses to listen. Suddenly, the two notice a masked person watching them. Blake immediately pursues the alleged "spy", and Sun follows her, leaving a confused Kali behind.In the morning, Team RNJR wakes up to discover that Qrow is sick - Tyrian's venom shows its effect now, and he passes out.



On Patch, several weeks have passed, and Taiyang has helped Yang get back in form by training with her. Yang states that she is getting more used to her new arm, but she is still knocked down in combat by her father, while Zwei watches them. Taiyang explains to his daughter that she relies too much on her Semblance during combat, and that she needs to change that, implying that Yang's emotions getting the better of her already cost her an arm. He advises her to look for a way around obstacles instead of running into them head first. Taiyang mentions that Yang reminds him of Raven a lot, but mostly of her stubbornness and dedication, and not the faults that caused Team STRQ and their family to fall apart. They proceed to spar one more time, and Yang actually catches her father off guard.Inside her room in the Schnee manor, Weiss practices her Summoning ability, before she is interrupted by Whitley. He wants to find out what Weiss is planning, and calls her and Winter's Huntsman training "barbaric". Weiss believes that he is jealous of their abilities, and forcefully locks Whitley out. She returns to her training and manages to fully summon a White Knight, the force of the successful process shattering the window. Klein rushes into the room, and Weiss asks him to do her "a favor".Blake and Sun pursue the White Fang spy and eventually corner her on a rooftop. Sun holds her off while Blake takes the spy's scroll. During the fight, the spy's mask is shattered. Blake recognizes her as Ilia Amitola, a chameleon Faunus and old acquaintance of hers. Ilia injures Sun, warns Blake that she "should not have returned", and ultimately flees. A horrified Blake rushes to Sun's side and calls for help.Elsewhere, Team RNJR carries a weakened Qrow on a makeshift stretcher. They come across a forked road: one path leads to Mistral, the other to a destroyed village called Kuroyuri. However, the shorter path to Mistral is the one through the mountains, and Jaune thinks it might be too much for Qrow to handle. Ren seems anxious and determined to press on, which causes Nora to suggest that the team should split up: she and Ren could rush ahead on the path to Mistral to find help, while Ruby and Jaune could carry Qrow down the other path, around the mountains. They eventually agree on Nora's proposal and emotionally part ways for the time being. Ruby and Jaune walk on, not noticing the large hoofprint on the ground pointing in the same direction.



Oscar still has problems dealing with the changes within him, but nonetheless leaves his aunt's farm. He reaches a train station, where he has a brief encounter with Hazel. Ozpin alerts Oscar that Hazel is someone from his past of whom he should be wary of. However, Hazel doesn't seem to notice who the boy is and walks away.Ruby and Jaune carry Qrow through Kuroyuri and also look for medicine that may help Qrow. Jaune remarks that he has an idea on why Ren didn't want to come to the village with them. Later on, Jaune has to reassure Ruby, who blames herself for dragging him and the others into this situation. He reminds her that she, like them, lost a lot of people in the past, and that they came with her of their own accord, partly because she gave them the courage to do so.In a flashback, Kuroyuri is shown before its destruction. A young Lie Ren and his mother, An, await the return of his father, Li, who is a hunter. At his mother's request, Ren wanders through the town to get his father a gift. On his way, he notices three boys picking on a girl, who is covered in dirt and clings to a single loaf of bread: a young Nora. Ren approaches, but panics when the boys notice him. He turns around and runs into his father. Li's arrival causes the boys and Nora to run away. Li lectures his son and tells him that not taking action is sometimes the worst action of all. Later, Ren awakes at night, and An rushes into his room to get him to safety, as Kuroyuri is under attack from Grimm. An injured Li arrives and tells them about the monster leading the attack, which needs to be dealt with by a Huntsman. Suddenly, the roof collapses and buries An. Ren blacks out, and wakes when Li carries him through the burning village. Numerous Nevermores and a Nuckelavee-like Grimm are shown to be the attackers. Li is severely weakened and collapses on the street. He gives Ren a dagger and tells him to be brave, "take action" and save himself. Li then turns to attack the approaching Nuckelavee-like Grimm with his bow. A crying Ren hides, and then notices Nora, who is also hiding and crying. Ren seemingly activates his Semblance, immediately calms down and runs towards Nora. The frightened girl embraces him, and the Semblance extends to her. None of the Grimm notice the children hiding under a house, and the monsters eventually leave. Ren picks up a small wooden hammer, hands it to Nora and promises that they will "keep each other safe".In the present day, Ren and Nora come across a cave on their way through the mountains. They find a flag with the symbol of the destroyed Shion, which confuses them because the village is "weeks away". The inside of the cave is littered with weapons and black goo, as well as hoofprints that lead through an exit on the other side of the cave. Ren and Nora are shocked, especially when Ren picks up an arrow similar to those which his father used. They proceed to the end of the cave and spot Kuroyuri in the distance, realizing to their horror that the Nuckelavee-like Grimm (which leaves the hoofprints), is headed towards the town.



In Salem's castle, Cinder has difficulty defeating a horde of Grimm during her training. Salem criticizes her for holding back her new powers, but she is interrupted by the arrival of Tyrian. He hopes for forgiveness when he confesses his failure to capture Ruby, mentioning that he managed to poison Qrow. Salem voices her disappointment and leaves, while Tyrian cries out, laughs like a maniac and brutally takes out his anger on a Beowolf.On Patch, Yang spray paints her bionic arm and prepares her motorcycle, seemingly ready to leave. Taiyang appears behind her and asks where she is going. He reveals that he knows that Qrow has told Yang about Raven's possible location, something he specifically asked him not to do. Taiyang now wants to know if Yang will search for her mother, or go to Mistral to find her sister Ruby. Yang looks back at him, but doesn't give an answer.In the Schnee manor, Weiss sneaks out of her room, suitcase and weapon in hand, and meets with Klein. He leads her through the castle, but they have to split up briefly. Weiss sneaks by her father's study, where she overhears another argument between Jacques and Ironwood. The general reveals that he sent Winter to Mistral to investigate possible enemy activities, and a report from her suggests that something is in motion. Ironwood reveals to Jacques that he will be closing Atlas's border in a week to ensure the safety of its citizens. Nobody will be able to enter or leave without his permission. He also doesn't trust the people responsible for Mistral's safety to take care of the situation. As he turns to leave, Weiss quickly locks the door with a glyph, locking the men in the study. She hurries to the library, where Klein opens a secret passage for her. They share a heartfelt goodbye, and Weiss says that she will go to Mistral and find her sister.Sun wakes up in Ghira's study, while Blake is sitting nearby. She reveals to him that what happened is exactly what she didn't want to happen. She ran away from her team because she didn't want her friends to get hurt because of her. Blake admits that she loves them dearly, but also hopes that they will hate her for leaving them. She is willing to accept the consequences of her actions. However, Sun argues back that Blake is not being selfless, and that her friends fight for her because they want to. He further argues that shutting her friends out of her life has hurt them more than what their enemies can do to them. Suddenly, Kali and Ghira interrupt them. The latter is embarrassed that they got caught eavesdropping. Ghira has also looked through Ilia's scroll, and found out that Adam is planning to overthrow the White Fang leaders and start a full scale attack on Haven Academy. Blake says that they should try to take the White Fang back.Meanwhile, Ren and Nora rush towards Kuroyuri. They find Ruby and Jaune unharmed, but Ren's relief is short-lived, as the Nuckelavee Grimm emerges.



In Kuroyuri, Team RNJR fights and struggles against the Nuckelavee Grimm, as they are pushed back by its extending arms, as well as its powerful screams. Jaune rushes to the still weakened Qrow's side and gets him to safety - thanks to Ren's Semblance, which seems to disguise them from the Grimm for a small amount of time. The fight continues, and both Ren and Nora are pinned to a wall by the Grimm's arms. Eventually, they manage to break free, but both of them are later knocked to the ground and run out of Aura. Ren has been fighting completely recklessly, and Nora pushes him under a building to save him from another attack. While Ruby and Jaune distract the Grimm, Nora stops Ren's next advance, stating that she won't let him get himself killed over this. They both touch the dagger that Ren's father gave to him, and vow to take the Grimm down together. Ruby comes up with a plan: she and Jaune pin down the Grimm's arms, Nora takes out the horse body, leaving Ren to deal the finishing blows. The plan succeeds, and Ren executes the Grimm, avenging his parents and the Grimm's other victims. Suddenly, two airships from Mistral arrive. They were on patrol and noticed the smoke and noise of the battle. The ships fly Team RNJR and Qrow to Mistral, while Ren and Nora hold hands and lean into each other. Later on, Qrow seems to be on the path to recovery. Ruby watches over him, and writes a letter to Yang.In her letter, Ruby writes about her journey to Mistral, but also apologizes for leaving her family, talks about her changing view of the world, and states that she misses her father, sister, and team. While Ruby writes the letter, multiple scenes from other characters all around the world are shown. Weiss manages to bribe the pilot of a cargo ship to fly her out of Atlas and starts her journey to Mistral. Blake looks through a box of old mementos and muses over banners with the new and old symbol of the White Fang, while Sun watches her. Yang dons a new outfit and travels to Anima by boat, while looking at a photo of Team STRQ. She arrives later on and rides her motorcycle, Bumblebee, until she comes across the forked road with signs pointing towards Kuroyuri and Mistral. "Kuroyuri" has been overwritten with the word "bandits". Yang smiles, says that somebody is "in so much trouble when I find you", and continues her journey on the path to Mistral. Taiyang sits at home on Patch and looks at pictures of both Team STRQ and Team RWBY. Jaune sits in front of a bed and looks at his weapon, probably remembering Pyrrha. Nora and Ren arrive and join him. Oscar's train arrives in Mistral. On Menagerie, Ilia meets up with Corsac and Fennec Albain. Cinder continues her training, and Emerald creates an image of Ruby, which Cinder then attacks. Mercury and a smiling Salem also watch her. During the writing process, Qrow wakes up and remarks that normally he should be the one saving Ruby. His niece concludes her letter by stating that Qrow will take them to see Professor Lionheart, the headmaster of Haven Academy. Meanwhile, Lionheart meets with Watts, who mentions that Salem has told him a lot about Lionheart's hospitality.In a post-credits scene, a fully-recovered Qrow sits alone in a bar. Oscar arrives and, after hesitating shortly, tells him that he would like to have his cane back. Qrow does not seem to be surprised, offers a smile, and hands the cane to Oscar. He answers with: "It's good to see you again, Oz."

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