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MON 2 JAN 2017


Kerry takes drastic action. Emma meddles . Aaron plays matchmaker.

TUE 3 JAN 2017


Lisa is desperate to save Zak. Paddy looks forward to his date. Tracy worries about Finn.

WED 4 JAN 2017


Pierce has a surprise for Rhona. Will Kerry confess? Aaron feels sidelined.

THURS 5 JAN 2017 1HR


Hour Long Episode : It’s desperate times for Kerry. Aaron confronts Rebecca. Rhona feels guilty.

FRI 6 JAN 2017


Kerry is left heartbroken Cain fights for Moira Megan opens up to Jai

MON 9 JAN 2017


Kyle becomes withdrawn and Lisa and Zak are afraid that being separated from Kerry has had a bad effect on the boy. They try and persuade Cain to let him see her, but he rejects their interference - only to come close to hitting his son. Chas and Rebecca prepare a surprise party for Charity, but no one turns up, Frank leaps to Megan's defence, and Cain demands Chrissie's share in the garage

TUE 10 JAN 2017


Lawrence and Ronnie are concerned that Lachlan has been beaten up in prison again, and suspect Cain is behind it. Their suspicions prove to be accurate when Cain pays Lachlan a visit and issues an ultimatum - if he does not give him what he wants, the next attack will be a fatal one. Zak and Kerry await news of Joanie's sentencing, an unsuccessful night out gives Charity an idea, and Frank asks Jai to help him get on the right side of Megan

WED 11 JAN 2017


Chrissie is devastated to learn that Lachlan has been attacked again, and gives Cain everything he wants - but afterwards, she discovers that things may not be as they seemed. Ronnie is disgusted to discover that Lawrence was involved in framing Andy from the start, while Lachlan is offered a chance to escape from prison. Tracy tries to take Finn's mind of his heartbreak, while Frank hopes to make peace with Vanessa

THURS 12 JAN 2017 PT1


Lawrence is relieved that Ronnie is going to stand by him and promises to confess his guilt in court. However, Ronnie decides to make sure he never gets the chance to ruin his own life by testifying. Jimmy asks Nicola not to look at the books, but she remains determined to have a say in the future of the business. Finn goes on a date, unaware it is with an escort hired by Tracy. Megan is angry when Charity and Chas try to exploit her event for their own profit

THURS 12 JAN 2017 PT2


Ronnie fears that his plan to stop Lawrence from testifying may have caused him to have a heart attack. Finn hopes to make Kasim jealous while on his date with escort Nathan, but Tracy is worried when he declares an interest in seeing him again. Jimmy dreads the thought of Nicola interfering in the business, Rhona worries about her relationship with Pierce, and Charity senses tension between Zak and Lisa

FRI 13 JAN 2017


Pierce repeatedly calls Rhona during her night out, so Vanessa takes her phone away. Feeling angry and insecure, he decides to spy on her and is horrified by what he sees. Chrissie and Rebecca seem to have made peace, but an unexpected encounter threatens to divide them. Carly is embarrassed by Bob's behaviour, and Nicola struggles to gain Robert's respect

MON 16 JAN 2017


Nicola thanks Neville for paying off the insurance, only to discover that he had done no such thing. She seeks Jimmy's help in discovering why Rakesh lied to her. Finn discovers the truth about Nathan, and Chas mistakenly assumes that Bob and Charity have slept together - information she spreads all over the village. Rhona apologises to Pierce, but fears he may not be able to forgive her

TUE 17 JAN 2017


Nicola suspects the truth about the fire, and Rakesh and Priya plead with Ronnie to keep quiet for his own sake - but instead he confirms her suspicions that Rakesh deliberately started the blaze. Finn offers to pay Nathan to help him in his latest desperate attempt to get back together with Kasim, and Chas warns Aaron not to let his jealousy get out of control

WED 18 JAN 2017


Nicola starts work at the factory and lies to Lisa and Kerry about how she desperately needs a job. However, she soon has a shock announcement to make to the rest of the workers. Kasim leaves in disgust after discovering who Nathan really is, Laurel worries that she cannot afford Ashley's care, Marlon plays matchmaker, and Aaron suggests an alternative wedding plan to Robert

THURS 19 JAN 2017 PT1


Robert lies to Aaron about his whereabouts, prompting an angry confrontation as his fiance takes him to task about how much time he is spending with Rebecca. Paddy suffers a painful setback while preparing for a date with Chas, Laurel gets her hopes up about a new job, and Kerry makes a stand after she is fired from the factory - while Lisa also finds herself facing unemployment

THURS 19 JAN 2017 PT2


A public confrontation erupts as Finn tries to stop Kasim leaving, but when Aaron intervenes, his anger over his troubles with Robert explodes and he turns violent. Paddy's date with Chas goes from bad to worse, Nicola makes arrangements for Kerry and Lisa to return to work, and Aaron and Robert try to salvage their relationship - only to be interrupted by the police

FRI 20 JAN 2017


Paddy turns to Rhona for sympathy after an upset Chas is driven into the arms of DS Wise. Pierce is shocked by the development, and resolves to bring Paddy and Chas together by any means. Robert tries to reason with Finn over the attack on Kasim, but finds him unwilling to help Aaron, while Laurel gets offered a job as supervisor at the factory

MON 23 JAN 2017


Gabby offers to mind Dotty to give Laurel a break. When Ashley's carer calls in sick, she finds herself having to look after him as well - and admits she does not want him to leave. Chas is furious when she discovers that Paddy is behind Pierce scaring off DS Wise, Robert tells Aaron that he wants them to be together no matter what happens, and Cain sees something alarming on TV

TUE 24 JAN 2017 1HR


Debbie flees from the police, and realises that she needs to return to Emmerdale to get help from her family. She leaves her children in Sam's care, but he soon finds himself dealing with some unwanted visitors, who want to use the kids to gain leverage over their mother. Doug and Diane offer to help Laurel look after Ashley, and Paddy is hurt to overhear Chas enjoying a flirtatious phone call

THURS 26 JAN 2017 PT1


Doug and Diane struggle to cope with looking after Ashley, but decide to keep their difficulties a secret from Laurel - however, she soon sees through their story. Debbie explains why she needed money so urgently, Pierce is frustrated by Rhona's rejection, and Ronnie advises Zak to give Lisa some time

THURS 26 JAN 2017 PT2


The police visit Home Farm to investigate the robbery, which they believe Lachlan is responsible for. Cain offers Ross money to stay away from Debbie - and threatens him if he doesn't steer clear. Pierce is aggravated when Rhona rejects his advances, and feels jealous when he discovers she has sexual fantasies about one of their neighbours, while Laurel finally commits to making a difficult decision

FRI 27 JAN 2017


Diane urges the villagers to rally round and help the Dingles. When Debbie challenges Ross about his feelings for Rebecca, he responds by admitting that he still loves her. Sam advises Zak that Lisa will be happier when he has divorced Joanie. Chrissie tries to sabotage Rebecca's business plan, but it still meets with Lawrence's approval, while Pierce tries to make Rhona feel guilty

MON 30 JAN 2017


Debbie is given further bad news and the family tries to rally round and help her. Meanwhile, Lisa gets a big shock when she goes to collect Joanie and she is also left questioning her future with Zak once again.Victoria asks Pete to help a struggling Moira and Lawrence gives Chrissie her mum’s wedding ring.

TUE 31 JAN 2017


Moira discovers that Ross has been keeping stolen cars in her barn but she soon softens when she finds out why. Later, when a meeting with a client goes badly, Moira nabs his car and asks Ross to get rid of it. Cain breaks the news to Kyle and tries to bond with him after admitting to Debbie that his son is scared of him. Frank flirts with Charity but later goes home with Megan.

WED 1 FEB 2017


When Moira’s client re-offers her a contract, she leaps into action when he mentions there was an urn of ashes in the boot of his stolen car. Can Moira get to Ross before he sells the vehicle – and before Patrick calls the police? Charity plans to play dirty when Megan and Leyla turn down the Woolpack as a party venue. Rebecca offers to get the ring engraved but Lawrence is livid when it seems that she has lost the jewellery. Cain gets a call from social services as he bonds with Kyle.

THURS 2 FEB 2017 PT1


Chrissie is in a foul mood after the court rules that Lachlan must stay locked up. Later, Rebecca discovers that Chrissie framed her over the ‘lost’ ring and a tussle leads to Chrissie falling from the balcony and onto a glass table below. When there is a problem at the venue, Megan relents and takes the party to the Woolpack but Frank susses out what is going on. Doug accuses Tracy of not reading enough and Noah and Gabby cause mischief by putting rude notes in Doug’s honesty box. Elsewhere, Emma threatens to call the police on Moira after learning that she stole a car but Moira warns her that she would take Ross down too.

THURS 2 FEB 2017 PT2


Robert urges Rebecca to lie about what happened to Chrissie but Rebecca refuses and calls an ambulance. Charity and Frank join forces and form a plan. David is annoyed after making a discovery.

FRI 3 FEB 2017


Debbie tells Cain that she is moving in with Moira but soon the police come calling with some big questions. Charity spots a man with a flash car and plots to scam him – with Frank’s help. Doug is fuming after discovering the rude notes in his honesty box while Tracy starts her book club. Rebecca visits Lachlan but what is she after?

MON 6 FEB 2017


Charity and Frank use the deserted Home Farm as a venue for a scam, claiming it is their home and inviting a jeweller to show them his wares. However, the plan goes awry when Charity is caught stealing the gems and they are forced to flee - leaving a bemused Chrissie coming home to a house full of police. The Dingles have a mysterious visitor, while Pearl makes an enticing suggestion to Tracey for the book club

TUE 7 FEB 2017


Chrissie confronts Charity over where she got the money for Sarah's treatment, and forces her to confess about the theft. Rebecca and Lawrence try to stop her involving the police - but Frank fears that he is being implicated. Sarah finds a mysterious woman hiding in the Dingles' barn and provides her with food, and Pearl is astounded by Tracy's racy writing

WED 8 FEB 2017


Sarah continues to look after the woman in the barn. She becomes concerned about her deteriorating health, and resorts to stealing money from a charity tin to help. Lawrence is keen to reconcile Chrissie with Charity, who is equally determined to commit another crime with Frank, who has donated his ill-gotten gains to David's charity, claiming to have won them on a horse

THURS 9 FEB 2017 PT1


Sarah gets caught stealing and is forced to confess about the woman living in the barn. The Dingles track the intruder down to the B&B, where her true identity is revealed. Laurel prepares to take Ashley to the care home, but the task is made harder when he forgets that he is leaving. Rakesh gets a new job, while Nicola manages to impress Rishi and annoy Priya

THURS 9 FEB 2017 PT2


Ashley lashes out on the eve of his departure for the care home. A final meal with his family seems to calm him down, but leaves Laurel faced with the reality of sending him away. The new arrival in the village worries Cain, Rakesh gets back on Priya's good side by standing up to Nicola, and Rhona tells Pierce he is too rough with her

FRI 10 FEB 2017


Laurel, Sandy and Gabby take Ashley to the care home. He quickly settles into his new environment - but his contentment does not make the separation any easier on his devastated wife. Moira provides the village's latest resident with a place to stay, Pierce tells Rhona he is going away, but may not be telling the truth about where. Chas intervenes in an argument between Robert and Aaron, and Priya tells Rakesh she does not want him to leave

MON 13 FEB 2017


Rhona and Paddy's divorce comes through on the anniversary of Tess's death. Paddy makes a private pilgrimage to the crash site, while Rhona's suspicion that Pierce is having an affair makes her wonder if she has made a mistake ending her marriage. Finn stalks Kasim, who threatens to call the police, and the strain of being separated from Ashley leaves Laurel tempted to start drinking

TUE 14 FEB 2017


Rhona confronts Pierce about lying to her, but feels guilty when he reveals where he has really been. They announce their engagement, and she decides to keep her kiss with Paddy a secret - but Chas finds out and is consumed by jealousy. Emma and Tracy try to help Finn repair the damage he has done, but he soon finds himself in even worse trouble. Laurel receives flowers from an anonymous source

WED 15 FEB 2017


Finn is questioned by the police, and someone sets fire to one of the Bartons' taxis. Evidence found at the scene suggests that Kasim may be responsible - but Ross believes he has been framed by someone closer to home. Vanessa asks Rhona to think carefully before rushing into marriage, unaware Pierce has overheard them. Pearl suggests she and Tracy collaborate on a novel, and Aaron anxiously awaits his sentencing

THURS 16 FEB 2017 PT1


Kasim pleads his innocence to Finn, who starts to realise he did not set fire to the taxi, while Emma faces a crisis of conscience when the police find a new suspect. Vanessa and Rhona worry that Pearl is gambling again when she behaves strangely at work, Liv celebrates her birthday alone, and Marlon asks Carly to move in with him

THURS 16 FEB 2017 PT2


Zak meets the social worker to discuss Kyle's future, and suggests he would be better off living with Kerry and Dan. However, other revelations threaten this plan. Harriet offers Emma a lifeline, Liv storms out after a drunken argument with Chas, Tracy refuses to let David read her novel, and Vanessa tries to change Carly's mind

FRI 17 FEB 2017


The strain of waiting for the sentencing takes its toll on Aaron, who suffers a panic attack. His family fears for his health, but Robert may have a solution to the problem. Zak has second thoughts over who should care for Kyle, but it may be too late. David gets a shock when he sneaks a look at Tracy's novel, and Debbie hides a secret about Sarah's treatment that could cause them trouble

MON 20 FEB 2017


Robert arranges a surprise wedding in the Woolpack with the help of the rest of the village, but getting Aaron to the pub on time proves harder than expected until Cain steps in - while the ceremony is unexpectedly interrupted by the police. David tries to prove to Tracy that he can be as exciting as the men in her novel, and Zak, Lisa and Kerry pay a visit to social services to try and get Kyle back.

TUE 21 FEB 2017


Debbie still wants to go with Sarah when she goes overseas for treatment, but the Dingles try to persuade her that it is dangerous for her to travel due to her criminal record. The possibility of Aaron tying the knot with Robert before getting sent to prison becomes even more unlikely. Laurel confides in Will on the anniversary of Daniel's death, and Paddy discusses his love life with Marlon

THURS 23 FEB 2017 PT1


Aaron attends his sentencing, and his friends and family are devastated to discover he will serve 12 months in prison. Debbie decides she does want to go to Prague with Sarah after all, and asks Ross to provide her with a fake passport. Gabby suspects her mother has a secret admirer, and finds romance of her own with Jacob - leaving Liv out in the cold

THURS 23 FEB 2017 PT2 1HR


Faith realises Debbie is planning to go to Prague with Sarah and tries to steal her boarding passes. However, an encounter with a police officer at the airport gives Debbie second thoughts about accompanying her daughter. Liv is outraged to hear Doug insulting her family, and enlists Gabby's aid to teach him a lesson. Laurel confronts Will, Sandy is uncomfortable about visiting Ashley, and Aaron struggles to cope with life behind bars

FRI 24 FEB 2017


Laurel visits Ashley at the care home, but is devastated to discover he is starting to forget who she is, as well as forming new friendships, and is forced to accept that their relationship will be very different from now on. Debbie worries that she has put Sarah in harm's way, Brenda lets slip that Rakesh and Priya have got back together, and Jacob breaks up with Gabby - but realises he has lost something very precious as a result

MON 27 FEB 2017


Laurel returns home from a distressing visit to the care home, where Ashley has forgotten her completely. She seeks solace in Marlon's arms, but is interrupted by an appalled Sandy. Priya and Rakesh decide they need to tell everyone about their relationship, but worry how Nicola will react. Harriet comes up with a suitable punishment for Liv and Gabby's misdeeds, and Chrissie is curious when she hears that Lawrence has gone away

TUE 28 FEB 2017


Jimmy is furious to hear Rakesh and David discussing a job overseas, and tries to stir up trouble between them by revealing who really started the fire. Later, Rakesh is knocked out and kidnapped by an assailant, but nobody sees who it was. Marlon decides to tell Carly about kissing Laurel, Sandy visits Ashley at the care home, and Chrissie suspects that Ronnie is up to no good after seeing some suspicious CCTV footage

WED 1 MAR 2017


Rakesh regains consciousness to find himself bound and gagged, and is tormented by his mysterious kidnapper. However, he begins to guess at the abductor's identity, and even starts to feel sorry for him. Robert struggles to hide his emotions when he visits Aaron in prison, Chrissie confronts Ronnie, only to find Lawrence taking his side, and Charity plots to use Frank to get revenge on Megan

THURS 2 MAR 2017 PT1


Chrissie is still convinced that Ronnie is up to no good, and proving it becomes even more urgent when a digger goes suspiciously missing and Lawrence decides to change his will. Carly wonders whether she has a future with Marlon in light of recent revelations, so Laurel tries to set her mind at ease. Charity tries to seduce Frank, and Chas worries about how Aaron is coping in prison

THURS 2 MAR 2017 PT2


Ronnie is arrested for stealing the digger, but the truth may not be as straightforward as Chrissie thinks. Charity is convinced she has seduced Frank away from Megan, but he has plans of his own. Laurel's wise words help Carly to make a decision about her relationship with Marlon, and Chas threatens the inmates who have been causing trouble for Aaron - but her interference may do more harm than good

FRI 3 MAR 2017


Charity overhears Debbie criticising her to Megan, and feels guilty over letting Sarah down. Chas tries to snap her out of it by suggesting a visit to Prague, and offers to accompany her, while Diane is suspicious over the B&B's new guest, and recruits Pollard to find out who it is. Aaron gets in trouble when the other inmates find out who his father is, and Rishi invites Priya and Rakesh to return home

MON 6 MAR 2017


A battered and bruised Aaron declines offers of help from his concerned cellmate and the prison chaplain - but a further beating induces a panic attack, leaving him unable to fight back. Victoria notices the strain being separated from his partner is having on Robert, Brenda is harangued by two boys, and Noah becomes smitten with Liv, but also notices how unhappy she is.

TUE 7 MAR 2017


Aaron asks his cellmate to get him some drugs, but this means doing business with Jason. Liv notices he has been using during a visit, and warns him that he could jeopardise his appeal. Chrissie turns to Belle as she tries to patch things up with Lachlan, while Rebecca tries to convince Lawrence of the truth about Ronnie, and Finn decides to go to Australia

WED 8 MAR 2017


Chrissie returns to the family home to collect her things before leaving the village forever. However, Rebecca is determined to get her father and sister talking again, and resorts to handcuffing them to each other. Vanessa challenges Pierce on his controlling behaviour, and Laurel unwittingly encourages Rhona to rush ahead with the wedding plans. Tracy asks David to model for the cover of her book, and Emma tries to make Finn stay

THURS 9 MAR 2017 PT1


Vanessa shares her fears with Rhona about Pierce's controlling behaviour. The next day, Pierce reads a text from her on his fiancee's phone and does not like what he sees. Rebecca and Chrissie fear for Lawrence's future happiness, Jacob frantically searches for the missing lucky coin, and Jai feels miserable as everyone around him seems luckier in love than he is

THURS 9 MAR 2017 PT2


Pierce confronts Vanessa and accuses her of interfering in his relationship with Rhona. The showdown only leaves her more determined to make Rhona see him for what he really is. Emma encourages David to get his test results as soon as possible for the sake of Jacob's peace of mind. Ronnie and Lawrence discuss their future, and Jai opens up to Moira when they visit Holly's grave together

FRI 10 MAR 2017


Pierce tries to drive Vanessa away from Rhona by arranging for her to come across his sex tape, while Jai feels like a fraud while being interviewed by a journalist over Holly's death, an experience that leaves him battling temptation to relapse. Laurel decides to tell gabby and Arthur about Ashley and Maggie, and David plays a prank on Tracy that leaves her more convinced than ever that she is destined for literary success

MON 13 MAR 2017


Paddy is caught in the middle as Rhona and Vanessa continue to argue over the sex tape. Meanwhile, Rhona is pleased when Pierce says that he wants Leo to be best man at the wedding but is he being completely genuine? Laurel visits Ashley and is concerned to discover that he hasn’t been eating. Gabby struggles with what is happening to her dad and decides to bunk off school with Liv. Rakesh reaches out to Jai as he struggles with his drug addiction. Lydia crushes Rishi’s hopes for another day while Faith moves in with Moira after arriving home from Prague.

TUE 14 MAR 2017


Laurel is left heartbroken when Ashley and Maggie don’t notice her at the care home while, back home, Liv and Gabby get drunk and Gabby takes Josh upstairs to Ashley and Laurel’s bedroom. When Robert and laurel arrive at the cottage, will Laurel catch Gabby in the act? Pierce is smug as he witnesses Vanessa telling Rhona that she won’t be her maid of honour. Rhona defends Pierce when Vanessa snaps that he is a control freak. Zak tells Lisa that he wants them to raise Kyle together when he is named as his official guardian. Paddy hits back when Faith winds him up about his relationship status with Chas.

WED 15 MAR 2017


Robert tells Rebecca that he is worried about Aaron as he was turned away from the prison after an incident. Meanwhile, Liv is expelled from school after standing up to Josh when he bullies Gabby. Laurel also defends Gabby when Bernice has a go. Faith takes control at the Woolpack after seeing Victoria and Marlon struggling to cope without Chas and Charity. Lisa tells Zak that things aren’t working out and she can’t see a way to fix things.

THURS 16 MAR 2017 PT1


Zak tries his best to romance Lisa but his attempts to impress her fall flat – especially when he takes her for a meal in the Woolpack where Faith is working. Doug has a go at Bob and Jimmy for not visiting Ashley so they tell Laurel that they will rally round while she has a holiday with the kids. Robert discovers the truth from Liv about Aaron’s drug use and confronts him about it in the visiting toom. Marlon is frustrated with Carly’s messiness in the house.

THURS 16 MAR 2017 PT2


Robert hits the bottle after his visit to Aaron goes sour and, after trashing the room, he summons Rebecca round to the cottage and then tries to kiss her but she rejects him. What will he do next? Jimmy and Bob pay a visit to Ashley while Laurel worries about telling her husband that she is going away with the kids. Faith plays games with Rishi and Eric. Carly tries to tidy up the cottage. Relations start to thaw between Zak and Lisa when they have a mud fight.

FRI 17 MAR 2017


Chas is unimpressed to return to find the pub under Faith’s control. Meanwhile, she senses Robert’s guilt and is left furious with him. When she discovers that Aaron has been taking drugs, she is even more upset. Robert begs Rebecca not to tell Aaron about what happened between them. Carly steps in to help Bernice with a hen party she is hosting and ends up receiving a job offer ovewrsears. Zak and Lisa enjoy being back together.

MON 20 MAR 2017


Harriet is heartbroken after a visit to Ashley in the care home reveals his deterioration, while Chas and Robert visit Aaron in prison when news comes through on his appeal

TUE 21 MAR 2017


Faith makes preparations for her psychic readings, April is angry with Carly, and the men in the village plan to smuggle Ashley home to cheer up Sandy for his birthday

WED 22 MAR 2017


Carly says goodbye to Marlon and April, Faith raises money and Laurel arrives home early to find Ashley there celebrating Sandy's birthday, causing her concern

THUR 23 MAR 2017 PT1


Emma goes to church to seek forgiveness for murdering James, Harriet catches Cain red-handed hiding a bag of stolen phones and it is the night of Faith's psychic event

THURS 23 MAR 2017 PT2


Psychic night comes to an abrupt end when a hysterical Emma is ushered out by Pete and Ross, while Harriet threatens to call the police if Cain doesn't return the phones

FRI 24 MAR 2017


Laurel is furious when she overhears a worried Doug talking to Diane about Ashley, while the police ask Harriet about the stolen goods. Marlon wonders why Bernice is acting awkwardly around him

MON 27 MAR 2017


Ashley is relieved to return to the care home, and Laurel enjoys a moment of delight when they dance together. Harriet realises how much pressure Cain is under when she sees him comforting Debbie, and Faith is determined to prove she is a good person

TUE 28 MAR 2017


Harriet catches Cain with a bag of stolen goods, Debbie is saddened by the conflict between Faith and Chas, and Arthur falls ill, which means his family is not able to visit Ashley

WED 29 MAR 2017


Chas and Faith are pushed into having a heart to heart which seems to go well at first, but it seems their relationship may be permanently broken. Arthur lies to Laurel, claiming to feel well enough to visit Ashley - but he ends up being violently sick. Harriet is shocked when Cain offers her a cut of the profits from selling the stolen phones

THURS 30 MAR 2017 PT1


Bob visits Ashley at the care home, and is there when he has a violent coughing fit and finds blood on his hands. Chas expresses her anger to Moira who initially tries to defend Faith. Jai meets a woman at a narcotics anonymous meeting who reminds him of Holly and inspires him to open up about his feelings over her death

THURS 30 MAR 2017 PT2


Laurel learns that Ashley is ill, but is determined not to give up hope. Jai reaches out to Nell and tries to help her turn her life around. David is angry that Tracy has sent out a picture of him without his permission - but changes his mind when he finds out about the reaction she has got

FRI 31 MAR 2017


Liv receives bad news about Sandra, who has been taken seriously ill while on holiday. Chas offers to accompany her on a trip overseas to visit her, and also has a confrontation with her own mother. Tracy decides to break up her writing partnership with Pearl

MON 3 APR 2017


Laurel is hopeful that Ashley will recover but is soon left heartbroken when doctors deliver the terrible news that Ashley won’t discover. Laurel makes the decision to take Ashley home for his final days and worries about how to tell the kids that he hasn’t got long left. Cain can’t believe it when he sees Faith working on the farm but Moira encourages him to see things from her perspective and to try and rebuild his strained relationship with his mum. A guilty Vanessa tries to make amends with Rhona but is hurt to find that Carly is her maid of honour. Pierce spies an opportunity.

TUES 4 APR 2017


Even though Paddy has advised Vanessa to call off her feud with Pierce for the sake of her friendship with Rhona, she later spots Pierce watching the video he said he deleted and decides to expose him. With Ashley home, Laurel tells Gabby that Ashley has only days left and she fears that she won’t get some time alone with her dad. Delighted with the apparent success of her first novel, Tracy starts work on a second.

WED 5 APR 2017


With Ashley back home and visitors coming and going, Gabby opens up about her fears and Bernice assures her that she will get to say a proper goodbye to her dad. Meanwhile, the Thomas family struggle with enormity of the situation. Vanessa makes a big mistake as she takes on Pierce again while Debbie is unsure about Faith’s plans for a surprise party for Aaron and Sarah.

THURS 6 APR 2017 PT1


Robert is concerned that Rebecca will expose their secret to Aaron as the day of his release arrives. Elsewhere, Faith continues to prepare the surprise party but Debbie still has misgivings. Jai continues to help Nell but how will she react to his gestures? Rhona is emotional in the wake of Vanessa’s actions while pressure mounts at the Thomas household.

THURS 6 APR 2017 PT2


Aaron is overwhelmed at the party and needs to head outside where he finds himself suffering an anxiety attack as Robert tries to help him. Later, Robert is worried to see Rebecca talking to Aaron – will she reveal everything?Rakesh has some words of warning for Jai over Nell while Pierce is smug as Vanessa despairs. The end of Ashley’s journey is nigh.

FRI 7 APR 2017


Life for the Thomas family changes forever as Laurel spends a final, touching moment with her beloved husband before Ashley passes away in deeply emotional scenes. Jai’s concern over Nell reaches new heights while Robert continues to be unnerved by Rebecca but what is she up to?

MON 10 APR 2017


Victoria feels unwell, and begins to hope she might be pregnant. She seeks advice, but in the process, she accidentally gives away someone else's secret. Gabby struggles to cope with her father's death and lashes out, while Robert feels under pressure from Ross

TUE 11 APR 2017


Adam finds Victoria's pregnancy test and jumps to conclusions, immediately telling Moira that he is going to be a father. Bernice feels that she is responsible for Gabby's misery at not getting to say goodbye to her father properly, and Rebecca receives news that leaves her reeling

WED 12 APR 2017


Faith goes on a date with Rishi that seems to be going well when they go back to the farm together. However, he leaves hastily after she tells him about her double mastectomy, leaving her feeling rejected. Ross sees he has an opportunity to blackmail Robert, while Adam comes up with an idea

THURS 13 APR 2017 PT1


Gabby refuses to forgive Bernice for preventing her from saying goodbye to her father. Robert realises he must act quickly, and suggests to Aaron that they go on a trip to visit Liv. An emotional Faith tries to prove her suspicions over Rishi's reasons for running out on her

THURS 13 APR 2017 PT2


Harriet feels guilty for making mistakes during Ashley's funeral. She receives some moral support from Cain, who visits the church with some brandy, but may have an ulterior motive for helping her. Laurel goes home for some much-needed rest, and Sarah worries about Faith

FRI 14 APR 2017


Harriet is suspicious of Cain's motives for comforting her - and is soon proved right when she catches him using the church to conceal stolen goods. Bernice comes up with a plan to put things right, and Adam and Victoria receive some news

MON 17 APR 2017


Rhona and Vanessa continue to argue about work, and Pierce tries to hurry his fiancee's departure along by suggesting she take a job in Scotland. Finn asks Rebecca to invest in the taxi business, but Ross refuses to accept her help. Cain is furious at Harriet for betraying him and leaving him to spend a night behind bars

TUE 18 APR 2017


Diane arranges for Adam and Victoria to undergo tests at a fertility clinic - but they are not happy about the results. Rhona is torn as she considers her future, and Ross and Finn turn to Moira for help in saving their ailing business

WED 19 APR 2017


Rhona becomes suspicious of Pierce's behaviour, and tries to find out what he has planned for the future - leading her to uncover a secret meeting with an old friend and arrangements to move house. Adam drowns his sorrows as the bad news places a strain on his relationship with Victoria, and Tracy wonders what is going on

THURS 20 APR 2017 PT1


Rhona's hen night is far from a happy occasion as she dwells on what she has learned. She confides in Nicola that she has misgivings about going through with the wedding. Ronnie tries to support a distraught Adam, who lashes out with unfortunate results. Chrissie gets a surprise

THURS 20 APR 2017 PT2


Vanessa takes a risk to expose Pierce's deceit by contacting a mysterious number. Ronnie offers Adam some words of advice, and Tracy is left feeling humiliated as she discovers the positive reviews for her book were all written by David and Leyla - so plots to get her reveng

FRI 21 APR 2017


Chrissie feels hurt by Lachlan's dismissive attitude towards her, and tries to improve their relationship by bribing Leyla to include him in a business deal. Adam and Victoria struggle to cope with recent developments, while Rhona is overcome with emotion

MON 24 APR 2017


Rhona and Pierce prepare to tie the knot, and Paddy gives the bride his mother's necklace as a gesture of support. While everything seems to go well, things take a darker turn immediately following the ceremony. Belle and Lachlan spend more time together, to Zak's concern, and Jai goes to the Narcotics Anonymous meeting in search of Nell

TUE 25 APR 2017


Rhona is left in a state of complete shock having seen a dark side to her new husband - which he succeeds in concealing from everyone else as he returns to the wedding party. Victoria tries to take control when it appears Adam has given up on their relationship altogether, and Jai is in for a surprise

WED 26 APR 2017


Priya has reservations about Jai offering Nell a place to live and a job, fearing she cannot be trusted - and she is quick to assume the worst when the police pay a visit. Vanessa tries to help Adam get over his relationship issues over drinks and video games, but the evening soon turns in an unexpected direction they could both regret. Marlon senses something is wrong

THURS 27 APR 2017 PT1


Megan makes a mistake that results in Eliza going missing. Adam makes a decision, and Lachlan tries to make amends

THURS 27 APR 2017 PT2


Megan fears the worst about Eliza, and calls the police. Marlon is curious, and Sam goes on a date with Lydia

FRI 28 APR 2017


Moira is fuming to realise that some of her cattle have been stolen and so decides to set off on a night patrol. But what will she discover? Elsewhere, Megan is terrified over what social services will say about Eliza while Nell unburdens herself to Jai over her tragic past. Sam makes a decision but will he sacrifice his own chance of happiness?

MON 1 MAY 2017


Jai is feeling concerned about how far things will go with his custody battle with Megan and as he opens up to Nell about his previous fight with Rachel, Nell soothes him – but the pair are unaware that Frank is nearby and armed with a camera. Moira has slept by the cattle overnight and is determined that Debbie shouldn’t find out. Later, she hears an intruder and opens fire – but who has she hit? Debbie is confused over why Cain is so keen to help Harriet.

TUE 2 MAY 2017


Emma’s enthusiasm continues to exhaust Harriet, who is trying to plan her night away with Cain. Cain has some fun by locking Emma in the cupboard and Harriet struggles to contain herself after freeing her and apologising. Later, laughter turns to passion – but who catches Cain and Harriet in the act? Charity joins forces with Ross as he launches another bid to steal Moira’s herd but the plan is de-railed when Ross spots an injured Sarah in a ditch as he makes his getaway. Will he expose his part in the theft by helping the youngster? Jai keeps his cool while Megan gets wound up in the netting with social services. Meanwhile, David arranges a book launch for Tracy.

WED 3 MAY 2017


Moira agrees not to call the police on Ross in exchange for Ross signing over his share of the farm but this suggestion leaves Emma infuriated and she, Ross and Pete hatch a new plan to steal the cows. Josh and Jamie wind Jacob up with a copy of Tracy’s explicit book.

THURS 4 MAY 2017 PT1


After Jacob stands up to Josh and Jamie, they hatch a new plan and head into the shop with a baseball bat. As Dan watches in terror, Eric is assaulted with the bat when he refuses to hand over any cash – will he be okay? Lydia offers to help Arthur with some grief counselling but chaos reigns when the hamster escapes and an upset Arthur worries that he will lose someone else he loves. Meanwhile, Emma plots against Moira.

THURS 4 MAY 2017 PT2


Arthur continues his search for Rattles as he despairs that he has gone for good so Laurel tries to calm him down by playing home videos. Before long, the footage of Emma intimidating Ashley is played but will the reappearance of Rattles distract Laurel from learning the truth? In the wake of the robbery, Dan is kicking himself for not helping Eric and is questioned by police while Emma makes it clear that her grudge against Moira is far from over.

FRI 5 MAY 2017


Will Emma’s killer secret be revealed in the wake of the video being played? Elsewhere, Emma’s focus continues to be on Moira as she seethes at her while Moira spends time with Adam. Dan is uncomfortable over what happened but will he come clean to the police? Samson feels bad when Sam discovers that he has been scamming cash from him after being pressured by Noah.

MON 8 MAY 2017


Josh and Jamie are released by the police, and return to the village, but their aggressive behaviour grows worse as they take to threatening people with knives. Dan feels intimidated, and after Amelia is threatened, he decides to withdraw his statement to the police. Moira is furious when Adam admits to kissing Vanessa, and Samson is racked with guilt

TUE 9 MAY 2017


Pollard is threatened in the shop by Josh and Jamie, but instead of backing down as they expect, he reaches for a cricket bat to defend himself. The tension grows for Adam, and he takes it out on Emma - which does not please Ross, who ends up punching him. Sam comes up with a plan to get Lydia a job

WED 10 MAY 2017


Rhona returns to the village with some shocking news for Paddy - she confirms that her marriage to Pierce is over and reveals how her husband found out about their kiss. Emma tries to make peace with Moira, but begins hatching her own schemes after overhearing a surprising conversation. David and Tracy visit Pollard, who is clearly traumatised by his recent experiences

THURS 11 MAY 2017 PT1


Carly stumbles on the social media profile of an old friend and experiences a rush of nostalgia - but the memories also leave her with mixed emotions. Adam makes his feelings clear, while Vanessa is left feeling frustrated

THURS 11 MAY 2017 PT2


As Megan clashes with Jai again, he is hit with some home truths and he ends up pushing Nell away again as she is left heartbroken when he tells her what he wants. But where will she go from here? Rhona continues to struggle, leaving her friends worried while Harriet tries to calm Emma down.

FRI 12 MAY 2017


Rhona’s odd behaviour continues to cause concern but will they get to the bottom of her agony? Meanwhile, Lydia finds Nell sleeping in the factory and covers for her while an old face turns up in the village

MON 15 MAY 2017


Carly has a surprise reunion with her ex, who is angry that she did not tell him about Billy's death. Marlon arrives intending to propose, but ends up violently intervening in their confrontation, causing further distress for everyone. Vanessa offers Rhona her support as she seeks professional help, and Nell gets a shock

TUE 16 MAY 2017


Nell tries to make a good impression at Amba's party. However, she finds herself under suspicion from a horrified Priya when the birthday girl is found with pills in her hand. Carly feels guilty over the altercation between Marlon and Matt, and a struggling Zak is determined to prove he can still provide for his family

WED 17 MAY 2017


Dan steps in to take responsibility after Jacob damages Josh and Jamie's bikes in retaliation for their bullying - but he soon finds himself backed into a corner, and is forced to contemplate desperate measures. Jai has to decide whether he should stand by Nell, while Sam suggests that Zak could solve his financial problems by helping Victoria at Chrissie's vegan festival

THURS 18 MAY 2017 1HR


Zak fills in for Victoria at the vegan market, but struggles to make any sales. Not realising the rules of the event, he resorts to mixing in some beef burgers among the meat-free food to drum up some business. Dan struggles to conceal his anxiety over confronting Josh and Jamie, and an irritable Debbie decides to get her own back on Chrissie.

FRI 19 MAY 2017


Belle finds herself confused by her developing feelings for Lachlan while Chrissie and Victoria are furious at Zak for his actions and the bad PR that it has created. Meanwhile, Rebecca notices a foul smell in Chrissie’s car. Eric discovers who Josh’s attacker is.

MON 22 MAY 2017


Tracy feels guilty and decides to accept the consequences of her actions. However, Pollard will do whatever it takes to stop her from turning herself in to the police - including destroying evidence. Rebecca is conflicted over whether or not to go through with having an abortion, while Charity sees an opportunity to stir up trouble

TUE 23 MAY 2017


Moira confides in Faith that she fears the attacks on her farm are about to begin again, and is disturbed by a strange noise as she checks up on the cows. Ross is feeling smug, while Charity proves something of a liability as she gets involved in the car business with Debbie

WED 24 MAY 2017


Robert feels under pressure to reveal his secrets as he and Aaron prepare to start their new life together, and decides to cancel the housewarming party. Rebecca comes to a decision over her baby, and Lawrence demands answers

THURS 25 MAY 2017 PT1


Robert is overcome with emotion, and decides to tell Aaron about what happened while he was in prison. Rebecca confesses to Victoria that she has changed her mind and decided to keep the baby. Lydia is overcome with emotion, and Sam provides a shoulder to cry on

THURS 25 MAY 2017 PT2


Sam helps Lydia to come up with a plan to solve her problems, and they decide to turn to Laurel for help. Chrissie provides a friend with a much-needed confidante, and Adam gets a surprise

FRI 26 MAY 2017


Laurel is startled by Sam's suggestion that she takes in Lydia as a lodger, but reluctantly finds herself agreeing. Meanwhile, Marlon takes action, and Emma is comforted

MON 29 MAY 2017


Rebecca makes a big decision about her future after being rushed to hospital and facing the prospect of losing the baby. Marlon steels himself after seeing Carly and Matt together, and Kerry prepares to face the consequences of her actions

TUE 30 MAY 2017


Jai is delighted to see that Nell is trying to get her life in order, having arranged a meeting with social services to discuss finding Rosie. Marlon becomes increasingly worried about how close Carly is to Matt, while Lawrence receives a surprise

WED 31 MAY 2017


Carly is shocked when Matt tells her that he loves her, and asks her to run away with him. Nell misunderstands a snatch of a conversation she overhears between Jai and Moira, which leaves her feeling devastated. Nicola and Jimmy get carried away while alone in the chocolate factory, but end up causing a disastrous accident



Nicola fails to undo the damage she and Jimmy have done despite working through the night - but she comes up with an idea to shift the blame on to a far-from-happy workforce. Carly takes spontaneous action, and Belle does not feel her best

FRI 2 JUNE 2017


Marlon and Calry have an important heart to heart over their relationship – but will it be a case of make or break for them? Elsewhere, Lachlan continues to play Belle. Charity turns up in a flash car for her and Debbie’s business.

MON 5 JUNE 2017


Marlon wakes up in Lydia's bedroom wearing a nightdress, and is baffled over how he got there and what happened the night before. Finn becomes frustrated as the Bartons struggle with money worries, while Kerry is in her element

TUE 6 JUNE 2017


Nicola finds herself the victim of a series of practical jokes after the staff at the factory find out about her phobia. However, a prank involving someone in a costume pushes her too far. Finn decides that the only way to solve his family's financial problems is to become an escort, and Charity has her suspicions

WED 7 JUNE 2017


The Sharmas try to hush up gossip about the mill fire, Leyla decides she has had all she can take, and Marlon gets a surprise



Finn goes on his first job as an escort, but panics and ends up trying to steal the client's money and run away - then resorts to threats when he gets caught. Rakesh is unnerved as word spreads about what really happened at the mill, while Belle is devastated to discover that Lachlan is more interested in Sookie than her



Ross catches up with Finn at Wylie's farm, and is distressed by his brother's situation. He offers to find a way to resolve the family's financial crisis, and almost immediately discovers one, when the brothers stumble on a large-scale cannabis growing operation. Priya gets found out, and Charity confronts Faith

FRI 9 JUNE 2017


Ronnie advises Lachlan to reach out to Belle but can he put things right? Priya finds a shoulder to cry on as Rakesh’s situation continues to cause her despair. Meanwhile, Laurel finds a new resolve.

MON 12 JUNE 2017


Priya feels guilty but pressured to accept Leyla's invitation to move in with her and Pete, while Lachlan frets when he discovers Gerry has brought him a prostitute to Home Farm. Finn and Ross cover the purpose of their allotment

TUE 13 JUNE 2017


Rakesh tries to gain revenge on Priya and steals her notebook containing passwords to the factory's bank accounts, while Doug becomes secretive and Lachlan reluctantly tells Gerry he is yet to lose his virginity

WED 14 JUNE 2017


Rakesh is humiliated when he pays a visit to the factory to collect his money, and then calls at Home Farm to demand £50,000 from Lawrence and Ronnie to keep quiet about their part in the fire. Diane becomes suspicious and Rhona tries to move forward

THURS 15 JUNE 2017 PT1


Rhona receives a shock when she finds Pierce in her living room, while Priya stands her ground and tells Rakesh to leave. Adam is spurred into action

THURS 15 JUNE 2017 PT2


Rhona makes a big decision regarding Pierce, and Rebecca contemplates her future, leaving Robert feeling uneasy. Pete feels the pressure

FRI 16 JUNE 2017


Lawrence tries to remain calm about a shock allegation, while Robert is feeling irritable and vows to Aaron he will take his revenge on Ross. Rhona is anxious after going to the police

MON 19 JUNE 2017


Robert comes up with a plan to get even with Ross by stealing his brother's taxi and feeding it into a crusher. Lawrence behaves suspiciously around Chrissie, who sneaks a look at his phone to find out who he has been in touch with. Lydia and Laurel suggest to Doug that he give dance lessons in the village hall

TUE 20 JUNE 2017 1HR


Ross finds that all the cannabis has disappeared, and heads off to find out what has happened. He leaves Finn behind at the farm, unaware the dealers who own the drugs are watching. Lawrence tells Chrissie who the mysterious man he has been searching for really is, and Lachlan worries that Belle is going to break up with him

WED 21 JUNE 2017


Finn is unable to reach Ross by phone, so the drug dealers take him hostage as they search for his brother. They eventually spot Emma's car, force it off the road and attack the driver - but it is not who they think it is. Chrissie demands answers, while Doug is distracted

THURS 22 JUNE 2017 PT1