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CnemaCentre is your companion in the jungle of TV-Shows. CnemaCentre is the new online home for TV-Shows, it’s the future of TV-Show information. Our vision is to be your go-to place when you want to find out more about your favorite shows, browse thru information regarding seasons or episodes, find out about the latest buzz and join our community with like-minded fans as yourself. Our opinion is that it should be fast and easy to get the information you want about a particular show. You don’t want to much information, you just need the perfect amount and we think we’ve found that balance on CnemaCentre. But we’re never perfect and we’re constantly looking for improvements, if theres anything you’ve found that needs to be changed or something that we could do better please contact us! It will not only help us in the hunt for the ultimate show information experience, it will also help you to get exactly the information you want and look for – all in one place here on CnemaCentre. We provide the information you need in a new, modern and seamless way.

Who are we?

The team behind CnemaCentre consists of television enthusiasts that loves everything from reality shows to Prison Break or Breaking Bad and we are always striving to make the site your number one place to go for everything regarding TV-Shows.

History The idea of CnemaCentre was born in late January 2014. In the beginning of February 2014 the project took it’s first step towards the goal – becoming the new and best resource of TV-Show information online. The service has since then started to grow more and more. Almost every week there are new features added to the webpage and everyday there is new content added to the growing database.

Mission and goal Our aim with this website is to provide a new, modern and seamless way of tv-show information. As CnemaCentre pursues this mission we want all the visitors, members and advertisers to love the service we create.

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DMCA takedown notice

Since the huge amount of content that is processed on CnemaCentre it’s always hard to keep perfect control over all that content. Therefore we reach out to you as a user, if you think an image or video violates the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) please contact us¬†regarding the DMCA violated content. The information we need from you is a link to the page containing the content, if possible a direct link to the content and any other appropriate information so we can take down the content violating the DMCA.

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We would like to thank these sites
  • TheTVDB.com¬†– TVDB provides with some useful information.
  • FANART.TV¬†– Many of all the beautiful pictures you see at CnemaCentre is collected from FANART.TV.