- No you can not. CnemaCentre is not designed to replace your TV or streaming service. Its purpose is to enhance your experience with additional information, latest buzz and other interactive features around the shows.

- If your device has a network connection it should be possible to use CnemaCentre. The webpage is responsive, meaning that the screen size of your device should not be a problem.

Our main goal is to make our service accessible from all your devices with an network connection and a modern browser. But as always with devices – no device is another one alike. Therefore if you experience problems using CnemaCentre on your device, please contact us at E-mail and we will research around the problem and fix it. To help us fix the problem faster we would appreciate if you could take screenshots of the problem or write how to reproduce the problem occurring.

- No, at the moment there is no app available for neither iOS or Android. This is something we have in plans to do though. In the meantime, you can surf into the regular page on your mobile device as the webpage is fully responsive and will work great on your device!

- We are not perfect and of course we make mistakes. If you’ve found something that isn’t right on a show, please use the “report a error” form that is placed at the bottom of each show page. We will then correct the error as soon as possible.

- CnemaCentre can proudly present a feature that lets you know when the next episode of the show is airing. With this function you always know if the show has ended or when the next episode is aired. Please note that there could be shows where the network hasn’t confirmed airing dates. This is beyond our control.

- On your personal calendar, only the shows from your watchlist will be visible. To find all airing shows you can use the community calendar.

- Is there a show that you are missing? Please fill in the form on this page to request a specific show. The show will then be added to the database as soon as possible.

- No, we never share anything to your Facebook wall unless you actively choose to do so yourself.

- Because the overall rating is only calculated and presented after a special amount of votes. We do this to secure a more accurate rate.

- Not on CnemaCentre, we are focusing on TV-shows only.

- Our voting is a great feature where you’re able to let the world know how high, or low, you are rating a particular show. You are giving the show a rating from 1 to 10 and then the results from every user is calculated to give a concluded rating of the show. With this tool you can easily see how good or bad users think shows you haven’t watched is. We can also create top lists, bottom lists and trending lists with this tool.

- CnemaCentre has a great tool to let you keep track of your watching progress. When you have watched an episode, jump in to that season page on that particular show and vote it as either good or bad. When you’ve done that that episode will be considered as watched! You can view your progress on both your profile and on all the show pages around CnemaCentre. Theres even an option to mark entire seasons as watched and entires shows as long as they have finished.

Contact us

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